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  1. 1. Pixorial – Video Safety Saver AyshaAlhammadi Turkeya Almarri
  2. 2. Outline1. Introduction  What is Pixorial  What is Video2. Pixorial  Who can use Pixorial  How to use Pixorial  how to upload video  how to edit video  how to share your video3. Pixorial- The feature of pixorial on Ipad and Iphone4. Pixorial- How can we install the application on Ipad and Iphone5. What are the benefits from using Pixorial.6. How this website is safe to upload your video.7. Comparing between Pixorial and YouTube.
  3. 3. Introduction  What is Pixorial•Web Application that allow you to upload, captureedit and share your Videos• A safe web application to store yourvaluable videos• Easily access to your library through theWebsite, Smart Phones, Ipad or FaceBook• Personalize your videos in a few clicks. Simplytrim, add music and post, or make productions withtransitions, titles, and more.
  4. 4. Introduction  What is Video• The system of recording, reproducing, orbroadcasting moving visual images on or fromvideotape.• In 1951 the first video tape recorded captured•The video is a Latin word that means I see
  5. 5. Pixorial  Who can use Pixorial Pixorial is for everyone especially the ones :  who loves to create and edit videos  who would like to store his/her Valuable Video safely and it knows as “a home for all your videos”  who want to share their videos with their Family and close Friends
  6. 6. Pixorial  How to use Pixorial Pixorial is a free web application that anyone can use by registering, either using their own Emails account or their account in FaceBook• Also, you can register withoutaccessing to the website, byusing your smart phones, IPodand Ipad, By installing PixorialApp
  7. 7. Pixorial  How to upload video After creating account in Pixorial, you will have a library where you can Upload your Videos.• You can Upload 10 Videos a time• Click the button to view a video about howto upload your video
  8. 8. Pixorial  How to edit video Pixorial allows the users to edit their videos.• User can edit their videos by adding music,sounds and pictures for example.•You can select music from the list that the siteprovides• Click the button to view a video about howto edit your video
  9. 9. Pixorial How to share your video You can share your precious videos via Email, Social Networking such as Twitter, facebook.
  10. 10. Pixorial  The Feature of Pixorial on Ipad and Iphone You can capture videos using the Iphone and Ipad cameras Share video moments as they happen Via Email or to you Social network account or to your Apple TV Revamped Upload tap with video sharing and viewing option Searching and sorting options
  11. 11. Pixorial How can we install the application on Ipad andIphone You can install Pixorial Application on your Smart Phone, IPad and IPod. If you wanted to download it to your Ipad or IPhone you have to follow these steps :- 1. Access to APP store 2. Search for Pixorial Application 3. Download it For free
  12. 12. What are the benefits of Pixorial Pixorial is a web application that will help you to benefit from it by creating your own video. It will help you edit your video and shows the ways to for editing the video It is a safe application to save and store your videos You will never lose your video if you save it in Pixorial it is a safe web applications for publishing your videos and sharing it with family and friends.
  13. 13. How this website is safe to upload your video. This web application allow you to upload, capture, edit and share your video by getting a username and password or accessing using your facebook account, which will make it safer for the user, in which you can’t check any video without getting a username and password in the account .
  14. 14. Comparing between Pixorial and YouTube In pixorial you can edit from the web application, but in YouTube you cant. You can manage pixorial from your mobile while for YouTube you cant. In pixorial you don’t have a limit for the video you upload