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20170315 Economic integration of refugees


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Economic integration of refugees. Do refugees find a job?

Published in: News & Politics
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20170315 Economic integration of refugees

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  6. 6. 21/03/17 Partial data – Employment participation AVAILABLE DATA 3/4 refugees has no reported highereducation 1/5 is illiterate = worst group profile on Belgian labourmarket BEYONDDATA Formal qualifications & theirrecognition Mobility Language, culture, networks, psychology Labourmarket integration of refugees p.6
  7. 7. 21/03/17 Illusion, as faras we can tell Caveat: no systematic tracking of recognized refugees Of all refugees registered in centres & allowed to work, only 3% has actually worked (a bit) in 2016 Only 1 in 4 of officially ‘highly qualified’ recognized refugees has taken steps fordegree recognition  Riskof total loss Labourmarket integration of refugees p.7
  8. 8. 21/03/17 Why?? Time & the asylumprocess Usual phases forintegration of migrants have perverse effects forrefugees Sense of urgency /collective will No competitive advantage Labourmarket integration of refugees p.8
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  10. 10. 21/03/17 Lessons learned: Policy Integration/activation services in sync with process of asylum application, as much as possible Match housing/education with employment opportunity: ‘labour’ > labour Facilitate labourmarket access: transition support services, as personalized as possibile Alternatives forregularemployment /flexibility Labourmarket integration of refugees p.10
  11. 11. 21/03/17 Lessons learned: Beyond Policy A collective effort: civil society, social partners, companies, media, … Services require access to services Refugee networks forrefugees Communicate success stories p.11Labourmarket integration of refugees
  12. 12. 21/03/17 Get real Refugee integration is hard and takes time – ‘time2employment’ Collective sense of responsibility is needed Political courage to make it a priority The clockticks: targeted and temporary support measures? Labourmarket integration of refugees p.12
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