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Birth pangs of moshiach - advanced slides


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Birth pangs of moshiach - advanced slides

  1. 1. Birth Pangs of Moshiach 4 Advanced Insights Behind the Pain 1/4 introductions to our next product: SIGNS of Moshiach A Jewish (Torah) Perspective
  2. 2. Which Pangs are Birth-Pangs • We can count 9 months with a normal pregnancy. • That’s a helpful gauge to ascertain if labor is near (although sometimes we even get that wrong). • But with the unknown span of Gola, we’ll be really struggling to discern the final pangs of Geula from other pains along the way. • That’s why the Prophets have spoken, and our Sages have defined, the actual signs indicating we’re going into the labor of Geula. • Once the baby is engaged in position, there’s no way back.
  3. 3. The Cause – Not the Symptoms • Birth-pangs are no good. • Let’s pray for them to go away! • No, silly. The contractions are there because something (wonderful) is coming out. Why don’t you pray for the birth to happen?! • Then (and only then) will she – please G-d – be well again. • No one enjoys the pains that mark the end of Gola. • But the only way to cure them is to treat their underlying cause – the coming of Moshiach – not to fight the symptoms as if they were a separate problem.
  4. 4. Gola is Unbearable • The baby will need to come out one day – yeah, we know that. • Already?? (See, you did need reminders!) • Ok, but why unfriendly reminders? And why so tormenting? • Because the baby needs to come out now, you get it? We don’t want you to bear it any longer. Now, push! • The end of Gola is its ugliest. Extremely unfriendly. • It should be unbearable. We need you to want to come out of it. To help push the Geula through. • BTW this overpowering feeling need not be a result of personal misfortune. It’s the mental state of frustration with Gola that we’re after.
  5. 5. Prolonged Labor Pains • The baby is about to come out – how exciting! • Why is it taking so long now?! How frustrating! • Wait a minute – why the sudden excitement and frustration? Isn’t birth a gradual process? • Yeah but before, birth was a thing of the future (and there was no pain). • Now the baby is ready to come out (and every moment is terrible)! • Pleasure (excitement) and anguish (frustration) are anonyms. • Geula, its long-awaited coming, is the biggest pleasure. • For us, and for On-High. • Before, when it wasn’t time, delays were “deemed” acceptable. • As the Geula is finally eventuating, nothing should be standing in its way now. • So any delay of the Geula then, results in much more anguish than ever before. • Hence the uniquely extreme Birth Pangs of Moshiach.
  6. 6. Further Learning • What are those unpleasant signs of Moshiach’s coming? • Another 3 introductions to understand the Signs of Moshiach: o The biblical ailment of Tzaraat and how it’s so applicable today o Deep Evil – an analysis of Daniel 12:10 o Generational Decline – our Pre-Moshiach dilemma from a historical context • Soon to be available, by the Grace of G-d. • Register your email or follow via Twitter Please tell us How were these slides?