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Le smart technologies per le città del futuro

  1. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat Srl Le Smart Technologies per le citta’ del futuro Internet of Things, efficienza energetica e mobilita’ innovativa Marco Boero Head of Division Research & Innovation Softeco Sismat Srl SMARTER SOLUTIONS FOR TOMORROW Friday, November 4, 2016 Borsa Italiana, Milano
  2. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft the smart city ecosystem challange A city can be defined as ‘smart’ when investments in human and social capital, traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement (Caragliu et al. 2009) ECONOMY ENERGY MOBILITY LIVING PEOPLE GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENT
  3. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft 0 Digitizing the physical world through collecting sensor data and translating it into actionable insights One of the biggest mega-trends for the next 5-10 years (1) Will impact every Smart City sector o Energy o Transport o Health care o Safety & security o Utilities (oli & gas, water) o Industry enabling technologies: internet of things (1) The Internet of Things: the Next Mega Trend, Goldman Sachs, 2014
  4. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft enabling technologies: addressing the «smart wheel» We deliver technologies, applications and knowledge for the enabling ICT infrastructure and the data analytics and application layers of the SMART CITY Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) o Internet of Things o Future Internet (of Services) o New Generation TLC Networks and services From separated verticals/silos to an integrated approach
  5. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft enabling technoogies: a layered view ENERGY EFFICIENCY SMART LIGHTING SMART MOBILITY INFRASTRUCTURE SAFETY SENSING & DETECTING TECHNOLOGIES o Proximity/long-range detection, TVCCs o UWB, BLE, RFID, NFC, magnetic, biometry, etc. o Positioning: GNSS-based + MEMS sensors (high accuracy) COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE o wireless, wired, hybrid o Ethernet, 3G, 4G/LTE o Ad-hoc mesh networks: WSN, M2M IoT (MQTT, etc.) SERVICEINFRASTRUCTURE o Operation centre, cloud-based, end-to-end service provisioning o Multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-application o Application logic: event-driven processing, geo-located services, video processing, big data processing, analytics, etc. dataservices Information, knowledge application verticals enablers, platforms protocols, connectivity physical devices (things)
  6. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft Real-time data collection & consumptions’ metering o Data collection (wired, wireless, IP), storage, analytics o Data display, consumptions’ monitoring KPIs computation o Consumption intensity over areas, time periods, occupants, etc. o Custom/self defined Benchmarking o Comparison with standard benchmarks o Self defined benchmarks (reference periods, reference building type, etc.) Multi asset / multi temporal analysis and decision support o Multiple assets performance comparison over different periods o Control rules operation vertical applications: energy efficiency energy efficiency performance analysis for buildings /districts data,information,knowledge,action
  7. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft vertical applications: energy efficiency Algo, the Smart Thermostat o HVAC & light control o Envoronmental monitoring o Easy expandability (building, clusterof buildings) o Low installation and O&M costs > 20% thermal energy saving
  8. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft vertical applications: energy efficiency o IoT-enabled o Wireless device networks (zwave) o M2M capabilities o Cloud-based control logic and services o Web and mobile App user interface o Easy expandability (buldiing, clusterof build.) o Low installation and O&M costs
  9. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft Service Platform o Cloud-based integration of local systems’ info and services o Location-Based Service (LBS) delivery o Multiple standards compliance (ITS, W3C) o Multiple distribution channels (web, App, social media) Multiple mobility domains coverage o Traffic, public transport, parking, vehicle-sharing (bikes, cars, …) Multiple service types o Mobility information o Trip planning o Booking o Payment o Users feedbacks, notifications vertical applications: smart mobility integrated multi-modal mobility information & services
  10. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft Real-time parking availability information o Occupancy sensors (street, closed areas, parkhouses) o Cloud-based information collection and services o Sustainable parking services Location Based Services (LBS) for road users o Nearest free parking o Routing and navigation o Payment o Users’ feedbacks and notification Operation centre o Service monitoring o Historic data, analytics o Full integration, Park+Ride vertical applications: smart parking dynamic parking information and services parking parking
  11. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft Fully dynamic, personalised trip arrangement o No pre-defined routes and schedule o Dynamically determined by user demand Multiple service models o Low-demand, low-density areas (peri-urban, rural, week-end, night, etc.) o Corridor services, area services, door-to-door, feeder to trunk haul, etc. o General public, special categories (e.g. D&E, tourists, students, etc.) Clean fleet services o Zero-/low-emission vehicles (fully electric, CNG, hybrid) Technology-enabled o Travel Dispatch Centre o Optimising models o Fleet operation o End-user access services vertical applications: smart transport flexible (demand responsive) transport
  12. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft City Distribution Terminal operations o Load conslidation, mission planning o Optimisation: delivery plans, routes o Delivery operation: vehicle dispatching, vehicle location, fleet monitoring, track and trace B2B / B2C services o B2B: cooperative logistics, last mile services in restricted areas (e.g. LTZ, eco-zones, historic centres, etc.) o B2C: home deliveries, Ho.Re.Ca, Pick-Up stations, etc. o Reverse logistics, 3rd-party logistics (e.g. temporary wharehousing, etc.) Clean delivery fleets o Fully electric Energy management o Consumption monitoring o Optimised recharge plans o Energy-aware mission operation vertical applications: smart logistics city distribution and ‘last mile’ logistics services Courtesy Luccaport, Lucca (IT)
  13. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft smart mobility integration is the key, towards mobility as a service
  14. All rights reserved | Softeco Sismat | Selesoft Genova Via De Marini, 1 - Torre WTC 16149 GENOVA Milano Via Gattamelata, 38 20149 MILANO Napoli Cantro Direzionale Isola F/3, 80143 NAPOLI Catania stradale V.Lancia 57 z.i. Blocco Palma, 1 95121 CATANIA 14 Contacts GE MI NA CT Roma Via Giacomo Peroni 400 00131 ROMA Bologna Piazza Roosevelt 4 40123 BOLOGNA Roma BO