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MBSE meets Industrial IoT: Introducing the New MagicDraw Plug-in for RTI Connext DDS

Slides of the talk at the MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium 2019 (

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MBSE meets Industrial IoT: Introducing the New MagicDraw Plug-in for RTI Connext DDS

  1. 1. MBSE meets Industrial IoT: Introducing the New MagicDraw Plug-in for RTI Connext DDS István Ráth, CEO IncQuery Labs Ltd
  2. 2. Topics • RTI Connext DDS Overview • MagicDraw Plug-in for Connext DDS
  3. 3. About us • IncQuery Labs • Innovation consultancy company focused on high-tech software engineering around modeling and MBSE • Based in Budapest, Hungary • University spinoff: 7 PhDs and 20 engineers • Systems Engineering Solutions • Custom development, toolchain integration, certification, consulting • Deep tech enablers for MBSE • Commercial support for open source software (Eclipse Modeling, OpenMBEE, …)
  4. 4. Our network
  5. 5. RTI Connext DDS Content by Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, RTI ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Confidential.
  6. 6. Edge Autonomy ©2017 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Confidential. Mainframe Centralized 1960-1970 Mobile Centralized 2005-2020 Client-Server Distributed 1980-2000 Edge Intelligence Distributed 2020-
  7. 7. How to deploy, connect, integrate the components? • Performance • Scalability • Reliability • Security • Heterogeneity ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Confidential.
  8. 8. DDS and the Industrial Internet of Things • Reliability: Severe consequences if offline for 5ms (or 5 min) • Real-time: measure in ms or µs • Interface scale: 10+ applications/teams • Dataflow complexity: data has many destinations • Architecture: Next generation IIoT Deployed in 1000s of Systems Industrial IoT Systems Industries: Energy, Industrial Control, Transportation, Healthcare, Defense 3+ Yes?
  9. 9. Industrial Internet Consortium: 270+ Companies, 30+ Countries IIC Founding and Contributing Members The World’s Largest IoT Consortium The IIC created the IIoT market
  10. 10. Industrial Internet Connectivity Stack Information (Data in Context) Participant X Connectivity Information Transport Link Framework Distributed Data Interoperability and Management Physical Network Participant Y Data (State, Events, Streams) Messages Packets Frames Bits Transport Link Framework Distributed Data Interoperability and Management Physical Network Networking
  11. 11. Typical Deployment Sensing Planning Vehicle Control Logging CONNEXT DDS DATABUS Traffic Maps Error Management Situation Awareness Situation Awareness Cameras, LIDAR, Radar… Cameras, LIDAR, Radar… Cameras, LIDAR, Radar… Data Fusion Cameras, LIDAR, Radar… Localization Vehicle Platform Visualization Navigation CONNEXT DDS DATABUS ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  12. 12. DDS Concepts Topic A QoS Topic C QoS Topic D QoS DDS DOMAIN Persistence Service Recording Service CRUD operations Topic B : “Turbine State” Source (Key) Speed Power Phase WPT1 37.4 122.0 -12.20 WPT2 10.7 74.0 -12.23 WPTN 50.2 150.07 -11.98 QoS
  13. 13. Siemens Wind Power Distributed Control • Wind turbine farms can include 500 turbines, 100m blades • Gust control across the array requires fast communications with dynamic, selective filtering • DDS enables large, distributed intelligent machines
  14. 14. Grand Coulee Dam • DDS controls the 6.8 GW Grand Coulee Dam –Largest power plant in North America –Fastest-responding major power source on the Western Grid • RTI system live since Jan 2014 ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  15. 15. Audi Hardware-in-the-loop simulation • Audi hardware-in-the-loop simulation feeds realistic data to components for testing • The system offers plug-n-play between simulation vendor solutions • RTI software enables a modular test environment that scales to work with hundreds of devices
  16. 16. RTI Connext DDS deployed across Navy Systems • Most US and NATO Navy systems –Lockheed Aegis –Raytheon DDG 1000 –Raytheon SSDS –LCS (Lockheed and GDAIS) –Raytheon LPD-17 –Many more, US and allies • Highly distributed systems include radar, weapons, displays, controls • Standards-based, high-performance middleware breaks vendor lock-in, drives interoperability ,and future- proofs the architectural design ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  17. 17. GE Transportation ©2017 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. GE Transportation freight and passenger locomotives require safe and reliable control, signaling, and communications The system is being developed using SysML, Simulink, and DDS
  18. 18. MagicDraw Plug-in for Connext DDS
  19. 19. DDS development with OMG standards DDS-XTYPES and IDL4 • Logical Data Model and Service Interfaces • Portable: Language-Independent Type System • Safe: Rules for Type Compatibility • Flexible: Types/Interfaces expressed in IDL or XML • Dynamic API’s to access data and types • Systems that adapt at run-time • Efficient binary serialization @mutable struct TemperatureType { @key string name; @range(-50, 50) float currTemp; }; /* Service definition */ enum TemperatureScale { CELSIUS, FAHRENHEIT }; @service interface Thermostat { float setCutoff(float temp) raises (TooFast); float getCutoff(); };
  20. 20. DDS development with OMG standards DDS-XML • Complements IDL specifications with configuration and deployment concepts • Defines • Types, Topics, • Writers, Readers, • Applications • QoS profiles • Standard and vendor-specific flavors
  21. 21. DDS Toolchain IDL DDS- XML RTI SDK C / C++ / Java / … System Designer
  22. 22. Extended DDS Toolchain DDS- XML RTI SDK C / C++ / Java / … Automatically generate DDS-XML configuration • Integrated system communication architecture • The power of SysML: modeling and validation
  23. 23. SysML Profile for Connext DDS •Interface definitions • Data Types • DDS Topics •Application Definition • DDS Domains, Participants • Writers, Readers •Quality of Service Definitions • DDS QoS Profiles
  24. 24. Designing Applications (Domains and Participants) DDS Domains DDS Domain Participant Custom types DDS- XTYPES Complex types DDS Topics • Readers and Writers as ports • Type compatibility validation and QoS profile usage
  25. 25. Extended DDS Toolchain DDS- XML RTI SDK C / C++ / Java / … Generate Simulink skeleton (DDS Blockset) System Designer IDL Import QoS profile definitions
  26. 26. Screenshots System Designer • Automatic layout • Custom mapping rules • Domain-specific editor • Active validation rules • Browser-based UI • Supports both DDS-XML and IDL
  27. 27. Takeaways • Use of proven, standard DDS connectivity databus enables robust and secure deployment of distributed applications and components • New MagicDraw Plugin for Connext DDS integrates SysML and DDS • Plugin enables going from SysML design to implementation and deployment on a distributed system, including support for Matlab Simulink
  28. 28. More information • Further information • Visit the Demo Theater Monday at 3.30pm to learn more • Visit the IncQuery Labs booth for discussions any time • Roadmap • Demo available now for evaluation • First public release Q4 2019, with support for RTI Connext DDS 6 • Pointers • • •
  29. 29. Thank you! @IncQueryLabs