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Requirements Bazaar FOSDEM 2015 Lightning Talk

  1. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐  h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Learning Layers Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters Requirements Bazaar How to encourage users to tell us what they really need! István Koren, Kristjan Liiva, Ádám Gavronek Advanced Community Information Systems (ACIS) RWTH Aachen University, Germany {koren | liiva | gavronek} 1  
  2. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   User Feedback 2  
  3. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   DevOpsUse Life Cycle 3  
  4. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Continuous Innovation 4  
  5. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Requirements Bazaar 1.0 5   h"p://www.requirements-­‐  
  6. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Requirements Bazaar 2.0 •  Web  applicaJon   – Responsive   – Mobile  first   – OpenID  Connect   •  REST  backend   – Microservice  architecture   6  
  7. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Development Details •  Java  based  microservices   •  AngularJS  with   Polymer  Web  Components   •  Source  is  on  GitHub   •  Issues  with  JIRA   •  Jenkins   •  Docker  images  available   7  
  8. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Demo 8  
  9. h"p://Learning-­‐Layers-­‐eu    –  Scaling  up  Technologies  for  Informal  Learning  in  SME  Clusters  –  layers@learning-­‐   Questions? reqbaz@dbis.rwth-­‐   h"ps://­‐acis   h"ps://   9   This  project  has  received  funding  from  the  European   Union’s  Seventh  Framework  Programme  for  research,   technological  development  and  demonstraJon  under   grant  agreement  no  318209