Planning and Research


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This is my powerpoint showing my steps to making my magazine cover.

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Planning and Research

  1. 1. With the first image, I used the spot healing brush tool and went over her skin and on top of and used it on top of to make it look smoother
  2. 2. I then went to filter, blur and then gaussion blur and put it on number 2. This made her skin look very smooth and it blended in all together. I then took the easer and went over the eyes, lips and ears so they wouldn’t also be blurred.
  3. 3. To die her hair, I picked which colour I wanted her hair to be and used the brush tool and picked a soft round and covered her hair with that colour. I then turned the opasity down to make the change more sutble.
  4. 4. In this power point i am going to be comparing these two school magazine covers. This will include comparing their pictures, left third and how appealing it comes across to the viewer. Example One The Loyolite Example Two College
  5. 5. Example one uses the conventions of a Left Third. This is effective as David Whitebread proved the theory of ‘ The Design Manual’ which shows that the human eye reads from left to right, top to bottom. The use of clear, black font and the white background makes the writing stand out which will attractive readers. This magazine follows all the main convections of a Magazine cover by also including a date line, main cover line ( kicker and explanitary text ) selling line and also a right third. College magazine uses heavy font to draw the readers in and to stand out. On the right third College magazine uses the kicker line ‘ Tattoos’. This will attract a younger audience to read the magazine and find out how it will link to collage.
  6. 6. Example two for ‘ The loyolite ‘ defines the convention of a magazine cover which i don’t believe was successful or work effectively. It uses *** font. I think this has less of a bold effect and won’t draw readers as much compared to a magazine with a heavy, bold font. The font does give a ‘ home made ‘ kind of effect which works quite well but with including the colours, pictures and back ground with the font, it comes across very plain. The magazine doesn’t follow the conventions of the uses of left third, right third, date line or selling line. It only includes three pictures which do give us an understanding of where the school is and its surroundings but doesn’t tell any information that would draw us into reading the magazine. It also uses very basic colours which can be successful but with the lack of information and no main cover line it just come across as boring.
  7. 7. First steps for own Magazine 1. Before I edited my picture to make it lighter, I dragged the image to the left and then pulled it back so the image would be mirrored as my text would go on the left hand side and wouldn’t be clear if I had kept my original image. I used the move and resized tool. 1 2 3 To make image 2 lighter I went it New adjustment layer, then brightness/ contrast and made it brighter so the cover lines would be seen. Image 3 is after I made the image brighter.
  8. 8. Kicker and explanatory line Selling line Masthead and Date line I then added
  9. 9. We then got into partners and looked at each others work and did a constructive feedback exercise. This included writing two points in which we thought worked well and followed the conventions clearly and two points which we thought would help the magazine look more attractive.
  10. 10. I followed my partners advice and decided to add in another Kicker and explanatory cover line I also used the grid tool ( going to view and then grid ) to make sure all the text was lined up as actuality as possible. I also shortened the explanatory text on my main cover line and brought the kicker and explanatory text closer together to make it clear that they are a pair.
  11. 11. This is my final magazine cover