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Website comparison


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Website comparison

  1. 1. Comparisons of Existing Revision Sites Issy Brown IE Award
  2. 2. Availability
  3. 3.  I decided to only compare the first 4 searches, and it also shows what is most readily available to IGCSE students. ev.html gcsebiology/
  4. 4. 1) Question Bank
  5. 5. Pros & ConsPros: Cons:•Good use of tabs tabs •Tabs are a bit to specificEasy to quickly find specificparts of topic •Some topics are not cover in•Good use of diagrams our syllabus •Disengaging/doesn’t draw you in •Not focused enough •Not enough information to accompany the diagrams
  6. 6. 2) S-cool
  7. 7. S Cool
  8. 8. Pros & ConsPros Cons•Some relevant topics •Not aimed towards IGCSE Biologye.g.. Homeostasis Not all topics are included•Good use of bright colour •Distracting AdsEngaging/interesting •Self Promotion•Good structure of revisionRevise, Test, Pass, Remember•Exam style questions•Good use of diagrams
  9. 9. 3) Cambridge 37
  10. 10. Pros & ConsPros Cons•Model Answers •No way to actually revise Something for students to •No revision materialcompare them selves too and see  No information/diagrams/pictureswhat is relevant•Past Papers with Mark Schemes An effective way to testyourselves, gives you an idea of thesort of questions asked•Syllabus Statements Revision checklist
  11. 11. 4) Revision Checklist
  12. 12. Revision Checklist
  13. 13. Pros & ConsPros Cons•Extremely through run-through of •A lot of irrelevant informationentire GCSE •Not aimed at IGCSE students •Disengaging  No pictures/diagrams/pictures
  14. 14. Conclusion Not an easy accessible website for IGCSE Biology students at Island School Need to find a balance between relevant and irrelevant information. Make the website interesting and engaging, whilst also being easy to use