Infrastructure & Network (click on the company name to go to the profile)Advanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage Solu...
AMOS-SpacecomWebsite: www.amos-spacecom.comContact Name: Eyal CopittTitle: Sr. Vice President Sales Africa, Asia & Marketi...
Cellex NetworksWebsite: www.cellexnetworks.comContact Name: Israel AbramovichTitle: VP of Sales and Business DevelopmentMo...
Comarcom Ltd.Website: www.comarcom.bizContact Name: Gideon ArgamanTitle: CEO and PresidentMobile Phone: +972-52-2971448E-m...
ComigoWebsite: www.comigo.comContact Name: Ori LavieTitle: VP SalesMobile Phone: +972-54-6625626E-mail:
Craze DigitalWebsite: www.crazedigital.comContact Name: Rachel HappyTitle: Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +1-718-701-29...
cVidya NetworksWebsite: www.cvidya.comContact Name: Osnat FridmanTitle: Marcom ManagerMobile Phone: +972-52-5092497E-mail:...
Ethrix Ltd.Website: www.ethrix.comContact Name: Avey GabrielliTitle: Executive VPMobile Phone: +972-50-5754111E-mail: avey...
FibroLAN Ltd.Website: www.fibrolan.comContact Name: Israel SteinTitle: DirectorMobile Phone: +972-525-993001E-mail: stein@...
Friendly TechnologiesWebsite: www.friendly-tech.comContact Name: Efrat HabaTitle: Marketing ManagerMobile Phone: + 972-54-...
IPgalleryWebsite: www. ipgallery.comContact Name: Michelle Degani SpecktorTitle: EVP Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +97...
LogNet SystemsWebsite: www.lognet-systems.comContact Name: Yair LezerTitle: VP SalesMobile Phone: +972-54-4930 161E-mail: ...
mce Systems LtdWebsite: www.mce-sys.comContact Name: Gil KdoshimTitle: Sales Operations DirectorMobile Phone: +972-54-5651...
Mobile TornadoWebsite: www.mobiletornado.comContact Name: Claudio PinievskyTitle: Business Development ManagerMobile Phone...
Runcom Technologies Ltd.Website: www.runcom.comContact Name: Israel KoffmanTitle: VP Marketing & SalesMobile Phone: +972-5...
Surf Communication SolutionsWebsite: www.surfsolutions.comContact Name: Niv KaganTitle: VP MarketingMobile Phone: +972-54-...
Telco Systems PTE Ltd.Website: www.telco.comContact Name: Irit GillathTitle: Director of Global MarketingMobile Phone: +1-...
TriPlay Inc.Website: www.triplay-inc.comContact Name: Tamir KochTitle: CEOMobile Phone: +1-917-463-6330E-mail: tamir@tripl...
TvinciWebsite: www.tvinci.comContact Name: Ido WiesenbergTitle: Co-Founder & VP Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +972-54-...
VascoDe Technologies Ltd.Website: www.vasco-de.comContact Name: Dorron MottesTitle: CEOMobile Phone: +972-54-4203695E-mail...
 CommunicAsia 2013; and that 19 Israeli Hi-tech company will be exhibiting under the Israel pavilion this year
 CommunicAsia 2013; and that 19 Israeli Hi-tech company will be exhibiting under the Israel pavilion this year
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CommunicAsia 2013; and that 19 Israeli Hi-tech company will be exhibiting under the Israel pavilion this year


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CommunicAsia 2013; and that 19 Israeli Hi-tech company will be exhibiting under the Israel pavilion this year

  1. 1. Infrastructure & Network (click on the company name to go to the profile)Advanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage SolutionsCellular Network – 4GLTE Comarcom, Runcom, TelcoWi-Max AMOS, RuncomSatellite Broadcasting AMOS, RuncomBackhaul, Broadcast, Coverage AMOS, FibroLAN, Runcom, TelcoFiber FibroLAN, TelcoMicrowave Comarcom, FibroLAN, RuncomRural Coverage AMOS, Comarcom, RuncomBroadband AMOS, FibroLAN, RuncomIP Infrastructure Telco, FibroLANP2P / P2M FibroLAN, Runcom, TelcoUrban/Indoor Coverage Comarcom, FibroLAN, RuncomService Delivery Platform AMOS, Craze, Ethrix, IPgallery, Mobile Tornado, Runcom, Surf,TriPlay, Tvinci, VascoDeTV/IPTV, Video Broadcasting AMOS, Comigo, Runcom, TvinciNetwork Management & Offload Solutions, QOSNetwork Monitoring & Optimization Cellex, FibroLAN, Friendly, TelcoNetwork Maintenance & Assurance Friendly, TelcoWi-Fi My-Fi RuncomVAS and Core ServicesMessaging IPgallery, TriPlay, VascoDeBilling, Customer Care Friendly, LogNetMobile Money, Mobile Banking VascoDeRevenue Assurance Cellex, cVidyaConverged Communications & IMS Ethrix, IPgallery, Mobile Tornado, SurfBusiness Applications cVidya, Ethrix, IPgallery, Mobile Tornado, SurfMobile Content Distribution Craze, Ethrix, mce Systems, TriPlay, TvinciVoIP IPgallery, Mobile Tornado, SurfContent Delivery and Adaptation TriPlay, Tvinci, VascoDeCloud Computing & Storage Cellex, Ethrix, Mobile Tornado, TriPlay, Tvinci, VascoDeOTT & IPTV Comigo, Craze, IPgallery, TriPlay, TvinciApplicationsMultimedia, Video & Content Comigo, Craze, Ethrix, Surf, TriPlay, TvinciMusic & Games TriPlaySocial Networking Ethrix, IPgallery, VascoDeSecurity and Law Enforcement Mobile TornadoFinance VascoDeAutomotive & Vehicle Connectivity Mobile TornadoRetail Solutions mce Systems, VascoDeHandsets and DevicesMobile Devices Mobile TornadoComponents, Embedded Software, Pre-Loaded Comigo, Mobile Tornado, TriPlayRemote Maintenance, OTA Friendly, mce SystemsMDM & Backup Friendly, mce SystemsApps mce Systems, Mobile Tornado, VascoDe
  2. 2. AMOS-SpacecomWebsite: www.amos-spacecom.comContact Name: Eyal CopittTitle: Sr. Vice President Sales Africa, Asia & MarketingMobile Phone: +972-52-3338033E-mail: Eyal.copitt@amos-spacecom.comCategoriesInfrastructure & NetworkAdvanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage SolutionsWi-MaxSatellite BroadcastingBackhaul, Broadcast, CoverageRural CoverageBroadbandService Delivery PlatformTV/IPTV, VideoBroadcastingSolution at a GlanceSpacecom provides broadcasting and communications services to DTH operators, TV broadcasters, government andcorporate organizations, and VSAT network operators. The AMOS fleet offers a 4˚W orbital ”hot-spot” for the MiddleEast and Central & Eastern Europe, services over Africa from the 17°E orbital location and soon services over Asia andRussia from the 65°E.Customers ChallengesThe AMOS platform delivers superior G/T and EIRP over Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and soon –Asia. The satellite constellation’s performance and orbital position make it ideally suited for reception of DTH TV withthe smallest antennas throughout their coverage regions, as well as 2-way communications delivering the highest bit-rates to remote locations, where terminals are limited in size, power, and sometimes require mobility. The co-location ofthe AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 satellites also enables back-up capabilities over the Middle East, Europe, and the East Coastof the U.S.Our OfferingAMOS platform suitable for DTH operators, TV broadcasters, ISPs, Government organizations, VSAT operators andnetwork integrators with Internet, voice, data and digital TV services.Spacecom is offering a wide range of satellite services, including:Cellular backhaulBroadband Internet and VSAT networksVideo Distribution & ContributionDirect To Home (DTH) Multi-channel platformsDSNG and Occasional UseData TrunkingProfessional ServicesGround System Design & Project ManagementUnique DifferentiatorsHigh quality reception using small antennas, High elevation angle, strong EIRP, flexibility when dealing withcustomers. Great customer service.Business Benefits for the ClientPerfect coverage, High power, Growth capabilities.References and Strategic PartnersSpacecoms partners include a variety of leading broadcasters and service providers, such as HBO (Central and EasternEurope), MTV (Ukraine and Adriatic countries), Antenna-Hungaria, HDT and Telespazio (Hungary), U.A. Inter MediaGroup, IMC and RRT (Ukraine), DRS Technologies (U.S.), Orange France-Telecom (France) and many othersthroughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  3. 3. Cellex NetworksWebsite: www.cellexnetworks.comContact Name: Israel AbramovichTitle: VP of Sales and Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +972-54-2200944E-mail: israel.abramovich@cellexnetworks.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core ServicesNetwork Management & Offload Solutions, QOS Revenue AssuranceCloud Computing & StorageNetwork Monitoring & OptimizationSolution at a GlanceCellex provides Network Operators with a window into their subscriber’s experience. The Virtual Subscriber usesservices constantly, presenting operators with direct and immediate information about services availability and quality.By emulating subscribers’ activities, the Virtual Subscriber detects and reports service problems before they affectactual subscribers. The virtual subscriber helps operators monitor the full subscriber experience: from Voice, Data &Video services that a subscriber uses, through through e-Mail, ftp, customer care and self service.Cellex can analyze, monitor and report availability and quality for video, voice, data and content services and cancompare the SLA provided by different ISPs.Customers ChallengesQuality translates into revenues - increasing service usage and loyalty through early detection and resolution offailures before customer complaints are receivedMaximizes revenues through lowering service down-time, enhanced service quality and lower billing impairmentsEnables quick rollout of new services and rate plans and guarantees smooth network upgrades without impact ondeployed servicesOur Offering Cellex can analyze, monitor and report video availability, voice services, charging of a pre-paid card and much more. By using services constantly, the Virtual Subscriber presents operators with direct and immediate information aboutservices’ availability and quality. Cellex is there throughout your service life cycle: From pre-launch lab testing, through NoC monitoring to service andnetwork upgrades.Unique Differentiators Adding services to the Virtual Subscriber is quick and simple, allowing operators to use it as part of any servicelaunch. The Virtual Subscriber can be set to use any type of network, anywhere. Network upgrades and architecturechanges do not require changes in the service scenario scripts and monitoring plan of the Virtual Subscriber. The virtual subscriber can use fixed, mobile or converged networks, providing information services using either,some or all networks. Extensive drill down information provides root cause analysis and shortens Time to Repair Cutting edge Service Modeling tool, provides an easy-to-use intuitive graphical environment for the creation of newservices and scenarios SW based solution with of the shelve HW components for quick and easy assimilation in the operator OSS andnetwork environmentBusiness Benefits for the Client Increasing service usage and loyalty through early detection and resolution of failures before customer complaints arereceived Maximizes revenues through lowering service down-time. Enables quick rollout of new services and rate plans and guarantees smooth network upgrades without impact ondeployed services
  4. 4. Comarcom Ltd.Website: www.comarcom.bizContact Name: Gideon ArgamanTitle: CEO and PresidentMobile Phone: +972-52-2971448E-mail: gargaman@comarcom.bizCategoriesInfrastructure & NetworkAdvanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage SolutionsCellular Network – 4GLTEMicrowaveRural CoverageUrban/Indoor CoverageSolution at a GlanceEstablished back in 2003, Comarcom Ltd. is a privately owned firm which offers a one-of-a-kind (patented) family ofvery high gain, narrow beam, dual polarization antennas called "VEGA". The VEGA is designed and proven to enablethe Cellular Operator to extend and improve coverage to difficult to service areas.The VEGA solutions save the Operator extensive investments when compared to any other available solution. This isachieved with minimal CAPEX and short ROI.VEGA antennas enable coverage of remote villages, long highways, Indoor coverage from a nearby BTS, Dominantsignal to high buildings, 3G Signal/Interference improvement and repeaters performance improvement.Customers Challenges Remote villages and campuses coverage Long stretches of Highways and railroads coverage at minimum CAPEX. High Indoor penetration without expensive indoor systems Dominant signal to upper floors of high buildings that suffer from dropped calls. 3G cell shrinkage, limited capacity due to EIRP limits and spatial Pilot Pollution interference. Broadband coverage to remote islands, resorts and ferries.Our OfferingVery High gain narrow beam dual polarization antennas for all cellular applications including LTE at 700 – 800 MHz,iDEN, GSM, GSM-R and CDMA at 800/900MHz. GSM, CDMA and DECT over 1800-1900MHz. 3G-UMTS over2.1GHz and 4G/LTE at 2.3 – 2.8.GHz.Unique Differentiators There is no other such product on the world market. VEGA is not just an antenna- it represents an inexpensive solutions to existing coverage difficulties. ROI is almost immediate. By Implementing the VEGA solutions Cellular Operators can quickly & easily solve previously difficult and costlycoverage situations. Improving & extending coverage enables the Operator to reduce churn & provide service to new customers inunderserved areas. Operator save CAPEX and OPEX when using the VEGA solutions compared to the same challenging coveragesituations alternative solutions.Business Benefits for the ClientBy implementing the VEGA coverage solutions the operator saves huge percentage of his CAPEX and OPEX andguarantees low churn when using the focused narrow beam of the VEGA antenna model for rural remote targetscoverage, long railroads and highways or maritime ferries coverage up to 30km from an existing BTSReferences and Strategic PartnersLeading Operators in over 35 Countries world wide including tier 1 carriers like Vodafone, Turkcell, MTS Russia,America Moviles-AMX, Telefonica, Orange, Viettel Vietnam, RosTelekom Russia, Vimpelcom Beeline & others
  5. 5. ComigoWebsite: www.comigo.comContact Name: Ori LavieTitle: VP SalesMobile Phone: +972-54-6625626E-mail: ori.laviecomigo.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services Applications Handsets and DevicesAdvanced Networking, Transmission& Coverage SolutionsOTT & IPTV Multimedia,Video & ContentComponents, EmbeddedSoftware, Pre-LoadedTV/IPTV, Video BroadcastingSolution at a GlanceWe offer a reliable, feature rich Android based Smart TV platform, that enhances the TV experience by uniquelyextending viewing across all types of handheld devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. –opening up revolutionarypersonalization and interactive socialization capabilities.Our Smart TV platform includes:- SW Stack and application layer running on Comigo’s Android based Set-Top-Box and TV sets- Clients for handheld devices (iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets)- Back-end servers that gather and analyze data to enable personalization of the user experience and support socialinteractive capabilities- Operator/Broadcaster’s interface that enables to keep track of the devices, manage the content interactions in realtime, control and inject VOD recommendations and other items to main user flows, manage EPG, VOD and othermedia itemsOur solution has customized 10 foot UI with unique social interactive features (with Patent pending on key elements).Customers ChallengesOur solution target companies who are looking for smart TV solution. These companies can be:- new IPTV/OTT operators- STB/TV set manufacturers/brands- Retail chains that want to distribute smart STB with their own brandOur OfferingComigo brings innovation to its business model as well as its product line. Our business model consists of standardhardware and software licensing in combination with and innovative rev share model on our unique features- microtargeted advertising campaigns, “WatchApps” that generate additional revenue streams and more.Unique Differentiators- Advanced personalized viewing experience- The most advanced social TV capabilities- Revolutionary contextual applications (WatchApps) integrated to the viewed contentBusiness Benefits for the ClientBuilt on extensive experience in consumer electronics devices and mobile platforms, Comigo makes it easier foroperators to maximize business opportunities in the Smart TV market: we help them get new customers, boosting ARPUand increasing customer loyalty. User management and analytics tools enable operators and broadcasters to developmicro-targeted campaigns, supporting the social interactions and generating viral marketing promotions. They can offercontent-related applications, enabling on-screen purchasing and interaction between viewers.References and Strategic PartnersComigo has several existing global customers, across varied geographies, and more customers in negotiation phases.Comigo also has number of very high profile companies as partners.
  6. 6. Craze DigitalWebsite: www.crazedigital.comContact Name: Rachel HappyTitle: Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +1-718-701-2942E-mail: rachel.crazeproductions@gmail.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services ApplicationsAdvanced Networking, Transmission & CoverageSolutionsService Delivery PlatformOTT & IPTVMobile Content DistributionMultimedia, Video & ContentSolution at a GlanceCraze Digital has rights to over 10,000 movie titles: www.corp.flixuniverse.comCraze sells our videos and movies via all of the world’s main streaming platforms, as well as innovating in-house inIsrael to create new technologies to facilitate increased movie/video monetization. Our main technical solutions are :The Craze Box (TV Set Top Box), our white label movie site solution and our Windows 8 VOD Movies App.Customers ChallengesTo see movies and TV content on any TV and/or device without the need for an expensive monthly subscription tocable/satellite providersOur OfferingOur revolutionary “Cable TV in a Box” solution offers diverse content at a much lower price.Craze also has a white label movie site offering for licensing to those who want to be aDigital Hollywood Movie Mogul.Our Windows 8 VOD Movies App is live at Differentiators One of the largest content holders in the world (apart from broadcast Offers the new “crazebox” the super solution to video and movies at home and hotels and travel Offers other technological models for monetizing videos Offer “Be a Hollywood mogul” program whereby in minutes a company can have craze movies online cloned to anyother company or individual, sell our movies within 60 seconds under your own name and logo.Business Benefits for the ClientTo have entertainment systems for movies and videos on TV and other devices for a fraction of the price ofcable/satellite.References and Strategic PartnersCraze works with the largest companies in the world such as: Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft and many other largecompanies/major streaming platforms/Technology houses.
  7. 7. cVidya NetworksWebsite: www.cvidya.comContact Name: Osnat FridmanTitle: Marcom ManagerMobile Phone: +972-52-5092497E-mail: osnat.fridman@cvidya.comCategoriesVAS and Core ServicesRevenue AssuranceBusiness ApplicationsSolution at a GlancecVidya Networks is a global leader of Revenue Intelligence Analytics solutions for communications service providers,enabling Business Protection and Business Growth by supporting intelligent, strategic decisions.Leveraging cross-organizational data, cVidya allows service providers to quickly identify Fraud and Revenue Assurancerisks, analyze business status and margins, and target customers with the right offerings and actions.cVidya provides Risk Management, Revenue Assurance, and Fraud Management as well as Marketing Analytics andSales Performance Management solutions.cVidya has achieved rapid ROI and lower TCO for over 150 customers around the world.Customers ChallengesRecent technological and business developments have made Revenue Intelligence a greater priority amongcommunications service providers. They now offer a variety of innovative products and services and operate withinextremely complex value chains like revenue sharing or triple-play bundling. These new technological and businessdevelopments require transparency, monitoring and control across all revenue chains.Our OfferingBusiness Protection ProactiV™ – a cloud-based Risk Management solution MoneyMap® – a market-leading Revenue Assurancesolution FraudView®– a robust fraud and risk preventionmanagement solutionBusiness Growth Impact™ – an accurate analytics solution that supportson-time pricing decisions Advisor™ – an innovative and accurate “Next BestAction” solution Prospero™ – sales performance management solutionUnique Differentiators More than 150 Customers The largest live projects processingmore than 12 Billions CDRs a day Successful deployment with tier-1operators The largest group-widedeployments TM Forum committees leadershipand standards compliance Enhanced analysis capabilitiesbased on OLAP technology Domain expertise - utilizing provenmethodologies and best practices inproduct development, projectdeployment and consulting Consulting practice based on fieldexpertise and TM Forumstandardization On-line eLearning training courses Cloud deploymentsBusiness Benefits for the Client Improve bottom line Reduce revenue leakage Cost & Margin Assurance Improve Risk Management & visibility Reduce reputation risks Detect and prevent Fraud Reduce churn & increase ARPU Improve operational efficiency Assure business processesReferences and Strategic PartnersCustomers (partial list): Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, BT, DT, MTN, AT&T, Sprint, Bell Canada, Vivo, Telecom ItaliaPartners: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Amdocs, Ericsson, Huawei, Atos, Deloitte, Dominion, BullOrganizations: TM Forum, GSMA, CFCA, FIINA, TUFF
  8. 8. Ethrix Ltd.Website: www.ethrix.comContact Name: Avey GabrielliTitle: Executive VPMobile Phone: +972-50-5754111E-mail: avey@ethrix.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services ApplicationsAdvanced Networking, Transmission &Coverage SolutionsService Delivery PlatformConverged Communications & IMSBusiness ApplicationsMobile Content DistributionCloud Computing & StorageMultimedia, Video & ContentSocial NetworkingCloud Computing & StorageSolution at a GlanceEthrix’s market leading EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform is a software based Unified Communication Platformdesigned to operate in private or public cloud environment, enabling significant saving. EVoIP® allows the simpledevelopment and deployment of multiple VAS solutions on the same robust infrastructure: A single EVoIP® VAS overCloud platform can host multiple VAS applications i.e.: Voicemail, CRBT, IVR etc. Services can be easily createdusing the EVoIP® toolkit running on industry standard tools (such as Microsoft Visual Studio). It’s ideal forreplacement of legacy Value Added Services and for deployment of next generation voice and video services.Customers ChallengesAgeing VAS platforms cost more to maintain while providing very limited and inflexible services. Modern VASplatforms must be easy to maintain, must run multiple applications on same platform and have low CapEx & OpExcosts. It should be cloud and hardware agnostic to take advantage of the Telco-IT Convergence.Our OfferingEthrix offers comprehensive Software based VAS Platform - The EVoIP®. It’s ideal for replacement of legacy servicessuch as Voicemail, CRBT and IVR, and for deployment of next generation voice and video services. The EVoIP®offers saving in OPEX by running on standard IT computing platforms or in Cloud environment, smooth migration andhigh flexibility.Unique Differentiators Hardware agnostic for deployment in Cloudenvironment Standard APIs Running on the operator’s private cloud or on itsstandard IT computing platforms Easy creation of services using the EVoIP® toolkitrunning on industry standard tools Very low footprint Open System – native IP. Compatible to IP, TDM andHybrid networksBusiness Benefits for the Client Reduced footprint and Maintenance costs: The platform is part of the operator’s IT solution (from the operator’s ITvendor of choice or on its cloud environment) Attractive CapEx investment driven by a simplified licensing and system sizing and redundancy modelsReferences and Strategic PartnersStrategic partner: HP
  9. 9. FibroLAN Ltd.Website: www.fibrolan.comContact Name: Israel SteinTitle: DirectorMobile Phone: +972-525-993001E-mail: stein@fibrolan.comCategoriesInfrastructure & NetworkAdvanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage Solutions Network Management & Offload Solutions, QOSBackhaul, Broadcast, CoverageFiberBroadbandIP InfrastructureP2P / P2MUrban/Indoor CoverageNetwork Monitoring & OptimizationSolution at a GlanceFibrolan offers a complete Small Cell backhaul solution, for indoor and outdoor applications, based on the uFalcon-S,Falcon-M (1G) and the Falcon-X (10G) product families.These interwork together to deliver access and aggregation, with robust performance, flexible architecture, content andapplication awareness and acceleration, advanced SLA monitoring and enforcement capabilities, as well as LTE-Asuited synchronization performance (via SyncE and 1588v2). They can be connected in most common topologies (ring,star, chain, multi-ring, etc), while providing high speed protection for network resilience.High end SLA management of these systems is performed by the market leading EchoVault platform.Customers ChallengesThe upcoming LTE clearly leads to extensive use of small cells in dense areas, thus increasing the number of sitestenfold or more. This alone may dramatically increase both the CAPEX and OPEX of the deployment. Then –increasing burden on the backhaul network further increasing CAPEX (or OPEX if third party network).Our OfferingA highly integrated system for backhauling of small cells (indoor and outdoor) featuring extremely high capacity (up to10G to eNodeB and 20G in the ring) and a series of functionalities that decrease the cost of deployment either directly orvia increasing the effective bandwidth of a given networkUnique Differentiators Centralized, accurate and independent clockdistribution PoE to minimize infrastructure cost and simplifydeployment Content acceleration (Caching) Distributedarchitecture increases effective bandwidth andimproves user experience SLA management- essential in case of third party accessinfrastructure High resilience, ultra-fast ring protection Dry Contact alarm inputs/outputs, eliminate externalcontrollers Small footprint saves real-estate Low power consumptionBusiness Benefits for the ClientLower CAPEX via eliminating power circuits and most of GPS antennas, cluster controller reduces number ofexpensive (synchronization!) units, lower cost aggregators.Lower OPEX – smaller real-estate, lower energy costs, lower third party bandwidth requirementsEnhanced user experience via content/DNS distributed edge caching and powerful SLA management increases qualityof service thus providing carrier with a competitive edgeReferences and Strategic PartnersTier 1/2/3 carriers, utilities, large enterprise, transportation, utilities.Two global leading vendors/SIsParticular references available upon request under appropriate NDAs
  10. 10. Friendly TechnologiesWebsite: www.friendly-tech.comContact Name: Efrat HabaTitle: Marketing ManagerMobile Phone: + 972-54-4446210E-mail: efrat.haba@friendly-tech.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services Handsets and DevicesNetwork Management & Offload Solutions, QOS Billing, Customer Care Remote Maintenance, OTAMDM & BackupNetwork Monitoring & OptimizationNetwork Maintenance & AssuranceSolution at a GlanceFriendly Technologies provides optimized device management and customer experience solutions for fixed and mobileoperators. Friendly’s solutions streamline and simplify the deployment, management and monitoring of Data, Voice,Video & Smart Home services, enabling operators to increase customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.Our innovative products are built on industry TR-069 and OMA-DM standards supporting various device types, such asxDSL Routers, Home Gateway, Set-top Box, VoIP Phone, WiFi, Femto, M2M, ONT, WiMAX and 4G LTE.Customers ChallengesThe growing demand for broadband services is a challenge to xSPs, who need to provide an ever-growing range ofservices while simultaneously increasing revenues and reducing support costs. Friendly solutions address thosechallenges.Our OfferingFriendly’s Device Management Platform supports various mobile and fixed devices over TR-069 and OMA-DMProtocols. Friendly’s platform covers the entire service lifecycle, from auto-provisioning to inventory management,group updates, monitoring, event triggering and support automation.Unique Differentiators Unified Device Management solution - Optimized for Fixed and Mobile devices. Built on industry standards - TR-069, OMA-DM and SNMP. Quality of Experience - reduce churn rate and ensure customer satisfaction. 4G Mobile Device Management – fast and reliable 4G LTE & WiMAX service deployment. Improve call handling and call resolution for Support Centers.Business Benefits for the ClientFriendly Technologies provides optimized device and customer experience management solutions for fixed and mobileoperators. Our Friendly solutions streamline and simplify the entire broadband service life cycle, enabling operators toincrease customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.References and Strategic PartnersMTN, StarHub, Plusnet, BSNL, eTb
  11. 11. IPgalleryWebsite: www. ipgallery.comContact Name: Michelle Degani SpecktorTitle: EVP Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +972-54-2021001E-mail: michelle.specktor@g-ipt.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services ApplicationsAdvanced Networking, Transmission& Coverage SolutionsMessaging ConvergedCommunications & IMSBusiness ApplicationsVoIPOTT & IPTVSocial NetworkingService Delivery PlatformSolution at a GlanceIPgallery provides a unique cloud-based intuitive personal, business and social converged communications UserExperience on any device, anywhere, anytime and over any network.IPgallery’s MyContactZone family of products offers rich cloud-based converged communications compliant toGSMA’s RCS and joyn initiatives and integrating Social Communities seamlessly with resilient Grouping,Personalization, and business process interlacing capabilities for Vertical segmentation (e.g. e-Learning, e-Medicine,hospitality, government etc.).This suite of products support feature rich mobile Voice, Video, Messaging and other advanced Media services utilizingthe advantages of HTML-5 network based solution to be offered by Communication Service Providers (CSP) to theirprivate and business customers (B2C, B2B, and also B2B2C).Customers ChallengesIn order to transform emerging challenges into opportunities, service providers and operators need to performfundamental adaptations from the network core and the cloud to their app layer efficiently while leveraging theirinherited advantages.IPgallery help communication service providers maintain their competitive positioning, deliver greater value, and reduceCapEx, OpEx and TCO.Our OfferingIPgallery delivers Cloud-based Social Communicators that enable Service Providers to rapidly rollout B2C, B2B andB2B2C services including GSMA RCS, joyn and further advanced Converged Voice, Video, Messaging, andMedia/Content applications. IPgallery’s products transparently work across Mobile/Fixed, Web & Social environmentsutilizing IMS/VoLTE and WebRTC.Unique DifferentiatorsIPgallery’s uniquely implements standards to grantee greater value cross platforms and networks that ultimately providea personalized holistic user experience for all communication needs. IPgallery’s products and solutions are deployedworldwide, including in Tier-1 service providers’ networks.• HTML-5 based • GSMA RCS-e and joyn compliant • Converged voice, IM, video • Feature rich video calls, file shareand video share • Rich network address book with presence • Location based services • Personalization • Communityenabled VAS • Any network 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, fixed HSD • VoLTE/IMS and WebRTC simultaneously supported • Fasttime to market • Very low CapEx and OpExBusiness Benefits for the Client• HTML-5 reduces TCO • Monetizing existing equipment investments • Low CAPEX & OPEX • New revenue generatingfeatures, services and applications • Increased market competitiveness • Preventing loss of eyeballs to ‘over-the-top’ service-providers • Increase ARPU with centralized network-based services: VOD, nPVR, Time-Shift TV, Place-shift TV, UGC,Community TV, Personal EPGReferences and Strategic PartnersCustomers: Bezeq (Israel), MTS (Russia), Globus (Russia), Megacable (Mexico), ImproWare AG (Swiss), Melita(Malta), Globul (Bulgaria), euskatel (Spain), Telefonica (Spain) Partners: Oracle, IBM
  12. 12. LogNet SystemsWebsite: www.lognet-systems.comContact Name: Yair LezerTitle: VP SalesMobile Phone: +972-54-4930 161E-mail: Yair.lezer@lognet-systems.comCategoriesVAS and Core ServicesBilling, Customer CareSolution at a GlanceLogNet Systems is a global provider of customer management and billing solutions for multiple play service providersin the telecommunications and utilities sectors.Customers ChallengesTelecommunications and utilities service providers engage LogNet Systems to create fully integrated multiple serviceenvironments that increase their revenue generating potential, while reducing operational complexity.Our OfferingSolutions from LogNet Systems are based on a modular product portfolio that includes billing, rating, productcatalog, CRM, self care, e-billing and data analysis.Unique DifferentiatorsLogNet Systems’ innovative customer management and billing solutions serve a variety of single and multipleservice operations, creating opportunities for service providers to efficiently add new services or mergemultiple business lines, while significantly reducing the complexity of operations and associated IT costs.Business Benefits for the ClientThe customer management and billing solutions from LogNet Systems help telecommunications and utilities serviceproviders increase revenue, improve customer service and reduce operational complexity.References and Strategic PartnersRecent customers include RoutIT in the Netherlands, Tango in Luxembourg and First Utility in the United Kingdom.
  13. 13. mce Systems LtdWebsite: www.mce-sys.comContact Name: Gil KdoshimTitle: Sales Operations DirectorMobile Phone: +972-54-5651306E-mail: gil.k@mce-sys.comCategoriesVAS and Core Services Applications Handsets and DevicesMobile Content Distribution Retail Solutions Remote Maintenance, OTAMDM & BackupAppsSolution at a Glancemce Systems provides best-in-class in-store Repair and Return Avoidance software solutions for mobile operators andmobile retail channels. Mce Systems solutions (mceWoW and mceToolBox) concentrate on providing end users withthe best customer experience when interacting with in-store representatives. The products use one click operations anddo not require training, reps are immediately productive. mce Systems was established in 2005 and has over 15,000installations worldwide with leading global carriers and retail chains.Customers ChallengesMobile Operators are investing heavily in reducing Churn and increasing ARPU to support the top line while reducingcosts to boost the bottom line. Enhancing the Mobile Customer Experience has a direct and significant impact on Churnand ARPU metrics while mce’s Return and Repair Avoidance solutions using automated procedures ensure significantlong term cost savings.Our OfferingmceWoW – An all-in-one solution for full content transfer, e-mail configuration and application installation. mceWoWdoes not require previous knowledge or experience and staff can become productive immediately.mceToolBox – A comprehensive product offerings include managing devices and their content, customizing and settingup devices, diagnosing problems, and performing software repair procedures (e.g., Flashing).mce’s solutions improve customer experience in the sale, after sale and support processes while generating revenue andreducing operational cost.Unique Differentiatorsmce Solutions (mceWoW & mceToolBox) are an integrated set of content transfer & management, handset diagnosticsand software flashing tools, built in a cohesive and unified manner insuring ease of use and high productivity. The useof advanced auto-recognition technology supporting over 2,200 handsets and tablets guarantees one consolidated toolfor all handsets for content transfer, diagnostics and flashing.mce’s solutions empower retail staff in performing, best-in-class, point of sale and point of service support experience inall locations.Business Benefits for the ClientBy implementing mce Systems solutions (mceWow & mceToolBox) our clients dramatically increase end usersatisfaction and NPS (net Promoter Score) reducing churn and increasing ARPU, while realizing significant cost savings(in millions of dollars a year) with a very short ROI.References and Strategic Partnersmce Systems is rapidly expanding by an order of magnitude to over 20 countries, now serving some of the worlds mostprogressive mobile carriers including TELUS, Pelefone, Telefonica, Vodafone, EverythingEverywhere, WIND Mobile,Bell Mobility and Orange. Mce Systems have strategic partnerships with major device manufacturers and mobile devicerepair companies.
  14. 14. Mobile TornadoWebsite: www.mobiletornado.comContact Name: Claudio PinievskyTitle: Business Development ManagerMobile Phone: +972-54-7645642E-mail: Claudio.pinievsky@mobiletornado.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services Applications Handsets and DevicesAdvanced Networking,Transmission & CoverageSolutionsService Delivery PlatformConverged Communications &IMSBusiness ApplicationsVoIPCloud Computing & StorageSecurity and LawEnforcementAutomotive & VehicleConnectivityMobile DevicesComponents,Embedded Software,Pre-LoadedSolution at a GlanceMobile Tornado is the leading provider of one to one and one to many, secured half and full duplex InstantCommunication solutions over VoIP focusing on enterprise workforce management & consumer markets.Our IPRS (IP Radio Services) improves productivity and performance, enabling departments and workers to easilycommunicate at the touch of a button.Customers ChallengesWhile conventional mobile services and private mobile radio solutions once forced staff to carry multiple devices,Mobile Tornado enables services to be consolidated onto one single handset - which can be sourced from a number ofsuppliers. A company can therefore communicate worldwide with one or many employees simultaneously, locate itsremote workforce and be alerted immediately if major issues arise, whilst reducing device costs.Our Offering Instant Talk (Push To Talk & Full Duplex) Enterprise Dispatcher Instant Locate (communication based location) Instant Alert (online SOS alert for security) Instant Message (IM)Available on: 2.5, 3G. 3.5G. LTERuns on any handsets: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Brew.Unique Differentiators Lowes latency (less than a 0.5 second) Available on any terminal OS and interoperable in-between Total Instant communication solution for firstresponders and enterprises in one device Easily managed and rapidly deployed Managed Location based services High level encryption with key management Customized solution Online Presence Secured Instant Communication Cloud over publicnetwork (encryption optional) Autonomic control on service provisioningBusiness Benefits for the ClientMobile Tornado invites you to enjoy for new revenues opportunities offering Instant communication solution tosmall/mid and large organizations without significant initial invests.Our business model:Managed Services on hosted platformRevenue share or manage your own platformReferences and Strategic PartnersTelcel, G4S, Telus, Claro, BSNL, Telecom Italia, Orange, TalkIP, IVU, Honeywell, Intermec, Dynamex, HP
  15. 15. Runcom Technologies Ltd.Website: www.runcom.comContact Name: Israel KoffmanTitle: VP Marketing & SalesMobile Phone: +972-54-45303110E-mail: israelk@runcom.comCategoriesInfrastructure & NetworkAdvanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage Solutions Network Management & Offload Solutions, QOSCellular Network – 4GLTEWi-MaxSatellite BroadcastingBackhaul, Broadcast, CoverageMicrowaveRural CoverageBroadbandP2P / P2MUrban/Indoor CoverageService Delivery PlatformTV/IPTV, VideoBroadcastingWi-Fi My-FiSolution at a GlanceRuncom provides 4G Broadband Wireless Access turn-key Solutions based on its winning OFDMA technology.Runcom’s end to end solutions include all the components of a Mobile 4G Network including Base Stations, a varietyof Mobile and Fixed terminals, and the Network Operating Center ( NOC).Runcom unique offering complies with the WIMAX or LTE standards and interoperate with third party standardcompliant equipment.Runcom solutions are a perfect fit for 4G operators, Wireless ISPs; and Greenfield operators. In addition Runcomprovides vertical broadband wireless solutions for Public Safety, Emergency Recovery. Home Land Security andMilitary Communications.Customers ChallengesRuncom can respond to a variety of customers challenges/needs due to the simple fact that Runcom uses its own siliconin its solutions and also is the inventor and developer of the core OFDMA technology. This gives Runcom the flexibilityto adapt the solution to the customers specific needs.Our OfferingRuncom 4G ( WiMAX and LTE) offering includes Base Stations, eNodeB, Relays , Indoor CPEs , Outdoor CPEs ;USB dongles; ASN Gateways, EPC, NOC and a variety of Services such as Site Survey, RF planning, systemoptimization, etc. Runcom also provides Broadband MESH and surveillance systems.Unique DifferentiatorsRuncom uses its own Silicon for the CPEs and the Base Stations. This enables the flexibility to accommodate anycustomer special needs such as special Frequency bands, unusual throughput, anti-jamming, higher uplink rates, etc.As the worldwide recognized center of excellence for OFDMA Runcom can provide state of the art Broadband AccessSolutions tailored to the customers specific needs.Business Benefits for the ClientRuncom customers will benefit from its unique expertise in the OFDMA technology for 4G Broadband WirelessNetworks as well as from our competitive prices for end to end solutions.Runcom provides the most cost effective solution for Mobile and Fixed Broadband Wireless Access deployments.References and Strategic PartnersRuncom has more than 100 deployments in 30 countries including 3000 Base Stations and 300000 subscribersworldwide. Among Runcom customers are Tier2 and 3 operators, WISP, military and government institutions.
  16. 16. Surf Communication SolutionsWebsite: www.surfsolutions.comContact Name: Niv KaganTitle: VP MarketingMobile Phone: +972-54-6676694E-mail: nivk@surfsolutions.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services ApplicationsAdvanced Networking, Transmission &Coverage SolutionsService Delivery PlatformConverged Communications & IMSBusiness ApplicationsVoIPMultimedia, Video & ContentSolution at a GlanceThe Orion videoconferencing suite is comprised of the Orion MCU, and the Orion-O family of video soft-clients fordesktop (Windows, OS X), and mobile devices (iOS, Android).THE ORION MCU is a plug and play, open, standards based, HD voice and videoconferencing bridge that provides real-time, low latency, ubiquitous conferencing capabilities between different devices with different multimedia voice andvideo capabilities.THE ORION-O family of video soft-clients provides a simple and intuitive application for individuals to connectseamlessly into a videoconference from a wide variety of devices.Customers ChallengesThe main video conferencing challenge is providing simple to use video conferencing and communications to reducetravel costs and improve productivity in the work place.Our OfferingSURF is offering a family of video conferencing products known as Orion; the Orion-MCU is used for bridging and theOrion-O family of soft clients run on different desktop, mobile and tablet devices that provide connectivity to the Orion-MCU.Unique Differentiators Supporting a BYOD strategy within the enterprise by enabling videoconferences that mix room systems with desktopand mobile clients Simplifying the connection to corporate videoconferences by enabling a direct connection to an existing IP-PBX. Providing a Leader Dashboard to moderate a videoconference The Orion MCU can provide gateway functionality between the Panasonic room system and systems from othervendors (e.g. video phones), using SIP, H.323, thus overcoming interoperability issues Overcoming firewall and NAT traversal issues with built in NAT/firewall traversal capabilities Provide optimal quality of experience by delivering real time media to endpoints and clients in the quality theyrequire.Business Benefits for the Client Reduced travel costs Improved productivity in the workplace Resolve interoperability issues between different clients and networks. Simple to use and manage system Open and standards based with wide interoperability to different equipment manufacturers.
  17. 17. Telco Systems PTE Ltd.Website: www.telco.comContact Name: Irit GillathTitle: Director of Global MarketingMobile Phone: +1-781-413-6226E-mail: igillath@telco.comCategoriesInfrastructure & NetworkAdvanced Networking, Transmission & Coverage Solutions Network Management & Offload Solutions, QOSNetwork Monitoring & OptimizationNetwork Maintenance & AssuranceCellular Network – 4GLTEBackhaul, Broadcast, CoverageFiberIP InfrastructureP2P / P2MSolution at a GlanceTelco Systems designs, develops and markets leading edge telecom network solutions which enable service providers tocreate intelligent, end-to-end, service assured, CE 2.0-compliant Carrier Ethernet/MPLS networks. These solutionssupport multiple services with a high degree of reliability, assurance and guaranteed service quality to enable serviceproviders to differentiate their offering, transform the user experience and lower their overall operating expense.Telco Systems’ solutions focus around four primary vertical markets - carrier cloud networking and cloud services,business Ethernet services, mobile backhaul, and AdvancedTCA (ATCA) switching blades – and include demarcation,aggregation and edge-of-core switches and service management solutions.Customers Challenges Network migration and consolidation Cost of provisioning thousands of devices New sources of revenue and how to offer them The ability to provide assured committed SLA Lack of visibility into how services are being passed throughthe network Time to market Reduce CAPEX/OPEXOur OfferingWith a strong focus on end-to-end cost-effective MPLS/Ethernet solutions that generate value for customers, TelcoSystems solutions are focused around four primary vertical markets – carrier cloud networking and cloud services,business Ethernet services, mobile backhaul and AdvancedTCA (ATCA) switching blades with comprehensivedemarcation, aggregation and service management solutions.Unique DifferentiatorsTelco Systems’ solutions offer benefits for both the operator and the end-user, and allow them to focus on providingrevenue generating services. The main differentiator for operators are: Provide revenue-generating Ethernet/MPLS serviceswith end-to-end service assurance Lower overall cost of ownership Improve efficiencies in network infrastructure andoperations Offer a migration path to IP networks withoutjeopardizing existing revenue Future proof the network while providing cost-efficiencies and scalability to the networkTo the end-user – businesses and mobile operators itoffer: Reduce time to provision service with minimaldisruption Consolidate services Get real-time indication of service levels Reduce costBusiness Benefits for the ClientTelco Systems’ solutions offer carriers scalability, resiliency and manageability, while focusing on their business goalsto grow their businesses and offer new revenue generation services. Telco Systems’ solutions allow providers to offernew services with increased network optimization – saving OPEX and CAPEX by using field proven carrier-gradesolutions and a unique service management platform.
  18. 18. TriPlay Inc.Website: www.triplay-inc.comContact Name: Tamir KochTitle: CEOMobile Phone: +1-917-463-6330E-mail: tamir@triplay-inc.comCategoriesInfrastructure & NetworkAdvanced Networking,Transmission & Coverage SolutionsService Delivery PlatformVAS and Core ServicesMessaging OTT & IPTVMobile Content DistributionContent Delivery and AdaptationCloud Computing & StorageApplicationsMultimedia, Video& ContentMusic & GamesHandsets andDevicesComponents, EmbeddedSoftware, Pre-LoadedSolution at a GlanceTriPlay is a premier cloud services company, enabling users worldwide to easily access, manage, share and enjoy theirmusic, photos and videos across any computer, mobile phone, tablet or web-enabled television.TriPlay operates two consumer services – and, and has partnered with Toshiba,Samsung, Google, Dropbox and Pelephone, a leading mobile carrier in Israel.Customers ChallengesThe growing number of connected devices and increase in time spent online, has resulted in tremendous complexityacross the marketplace. Users are forced to deal with disjointed operating systems, device manufactures and deliveryformats, and, in turn, cannot make the most of the different devices they own.For any BlackBerry user who owns an iPad, an iPhone user who likes to use Kindle for reading, or anyone who prefersto use devices from multiple manufacturers – accessing, managing and sharing files across them is impractical, andoften impossible.Our OfferingMyMusicCloud is comprised of a website (, mobile apps on the different app stores andmarketplaces (e.g. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, J2ME, Amazon, GetJar), a desktop ‘sync agent’ that connects tothe users’ iTunes or Windows Media software and a web TV app.MyDigipack is comprised of a website ( and apps for any mobile device.TriPlay partners with mobile carriers, device manufacturers, media companies and technology vendors in variousbusiness models, including partnerships, affiliate programs and co-branding.Unique Differentiators Ability to support ANY computer, mobile phone, tablet or web-enabled television A Telco grade platform which works automatically for the end-users Multi-language supportBusiness Benefits for the Client An immediate iCloud like solution available to your audience Ability to co-brand the service Generate additional revenue from next evolution cloud services A music service which syncs the users collections across all their devices A photo and video service which backups the users mobile content and let them share it on social media No need for any technical knowledge, everything is done automaticallyReferences and Strategic Partners MyMusicCloud is the only music cloud synching service offered on Toshiba PCs and tablets. MyMusicCloud is the only music syncing service available on the Samsung Smart Hub TV app store MyMusicCloud is integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive TriPlay’s Musix is the number 1 music service in Israel with over 150,000 paying subscribers
  19. 19. TvinciWebsite: www.tvinci.comContact Name: Ido WiesenbergTitle: Co-Founder & VP Business DevelopmentMobile Phone: +972-54-2334436E-mail: ido@tvinci.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services ApplicationsAdvanced Networking,Transmission & Coverage SolutionsService Delivery PlatformTV/IPTV, Video BroadcastingMobile Content DistributionContent Delivery and AdaptationCloud Computing & StorageOTT & IPTVMultimedia, Video & ContentSolution at a GlanceTvinci’s award-winning OTT platform enables its customers – TV operators, telcos and media companies – to launchsocial, personal pay TV services across multiple devices. The company specializes in high-end turnkey solutions for themanagement of content, users, devices and user experience, and has deployed its platform for leading brands likeMediacorp, Chellomedia, Orange, Elisa and others worldwide. Tvinci’s efforts are currently focused on Asia, wherecustomers looking to launch an OTT pay TV service can use the Tvinci platform in order to achieve a fast time tomarket with a leading deployed OTT solution.Customers ChallengesStreaming content across multiple devices is in fact the simplest part of launching an OTT TV service. The mainchallenge facing players in the OTT TV market, is the question of how to monetize content and to create a social andpersonal service using a reliable backend which can be easily scaled up as the service expands its reach.Our OfferingThe Tvinci backend manages all of the components which are necessary to power a cross device OTT TV service. Themain components include: metadata management and content packaging, business rules, user and householdmanagement, device management, analytics, multi-DRM, social hub included in the extensive user experiencemanagement system, and multiple device front end applications.Unique DifferentiatorsTvinci deployments are notoriously fast to market – the most recent deployment for Singapore’s Mediacorp acrossPC/Mac, iPad, and iPhone, took less than 6 months from signing until the launch, with more devices to be added in thenear future. Tvinci’s backend is provides more than content management, managing users and devices, including anextensive user experience management which is unrivaled in the OTT space. Each Tvinci solution is bespoke andincludes any number of innovative features such as multi-DRM for live and VOD content, complex flows for parentalcontrols to comply with local regulations and future-proofing features such as the subtitles in different languages andbilling in different currencies and prices.Business Benefits for the ClientTvinci’s platform provides one centralized place where customers can manage households and their individual users anddevices with the multi-DRM solution for both live and VOD content. Tvinci’s platform allows for the bundling ofcontent to enable business models, for example customers can reduce the price of content on a particular device, or canallow for the addition of a device to a customer’s subscription for an additional fee.References and Strategic PartnersTvinci has recently signed deals with two Tier 1 customers in Asia as a result of increased efforts to bring the platformto the region. Amongst Tvinci’s customers are: Mediacorp, Elisa, Chellomedia and Orange.Tvinci works with leading partners in the OTT value chain including Deluxe Entertainment, On Demand Group,Accedo, Verimatrix, Widevine, Playready, Elemental and Anevia.
  20. 20. VascoDe Technologies Ltd.Website: www.vasco-de.comContact Name: Dorron MottesTitle: CEOMobile Phone: +972-54-4203695E-mail: dorronm@vasco-de.comCategoriesInfrastructure & Network VAS and Core Services Applications Handsets and DevicesAdvanced Networking,Transmission & CoverageSolutionsService Delivery PlatformMessagingMobile Money, Mobile BankingContent Delivery and AdaptationCloud Computing & StorageSocial NetworkingFinanceRetail SolutionsAppsSolution at a GlanceVascoDe develops and markets innovative solutions that are transforming the way simple mobile (feature) phones areused in emerging markets, driving new opportunities for citizens alongside fresh revenue streams for operators and localretailers. The VascoDe CMI patented technology enables simple mobile phone users to enjoy services such as Gmail,Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Wikipedia from any feature phone, including simple $10 phones. There is no need toinstall software clients, no data connections required, and no SMS involved.Customers ChallengesThe global market for simple phones is currently 5.4 billion strong (83% of global mobile phones) with over 1 billionsold last year and growing (Gartner and Kleiner Perkins, Dec 2012). These users need a connection to social networksand email that will enable them to join the global digital community. These users have no connection at home, no PC,and can’t afford Internet café and mobile Internet costs.Our Offering The VascoDe CMI solution is provided as a service in the cloud (no need for integration with mobile operator). It isavailable globally and can be accessed from almost any mobile network worldwide. The new social networking capabilities offered by VascoDe have gone viral forging friendships, businessrelationships, and marketing opportunities. We offer services such as Facebook, twitter, Gmail, Wikipedia Hotmail and Skype.Unique Differentiators Services such as Facebook, twitter, Gmail, Wikipedia,Hotmail, Skype and others on simple mobile devices Based on USSD; there is no need for data, no need forSMS, no installation on mobile device Proven value to users – Unique social networkingcapabilities to extend friendships, businessrelationships, and marketing opportunities Cloud based global solution - Available globally and noneed for integration with mobile operator) Partnership with a global web companies and serviceproviders (e.g. Google, Microsoft) Strong intellectual property protected and patentedtechnologies VascoDe is focused on bringing advanced applicationsto simple phones in emerging markets. This is all we doBusiness Benefits for the ClientMobile operators and local retailers:Generate fresh revenue streams for mobile operators and local partners, while creating higher retention, and drivingloyalty.Users:Enable simple mobile phone users to enjoy social network services and connect to applications such as Gmail,Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Wikipedia and others, from any feature phone, including simple $10 phones. There is noneed to install software clients, no data connections required, and no SMS involved.References and Strategic PartnersVascoDe has successfully launched the service in several countries including in South Africa. We have established apartnership with global web companies and service providers (e.g. Google, Microsoft and others).