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Type and usage of important studio cables

My 1st presentation for the Introduction to Music Production class.

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Type and usage of important studio cables

  1. 1. By Israel TM
  2. 2. You can watch the entire presentation or choose the topic: · Introduction · Cables · Jack & TRS · XLR-3 & RCA · Balanced / Unbalanced · Ussages · Recommendations · Reflection
  3. 3. Introduction  Hi! My name is Israel, my friends call me “Isra” and I’m not a fan of cables or connections. In my band I tried to avoid this topic for years!  Its great to know some basics for those who are interested and for those who not (like me), it is an opportunity to understand your sound engineers o technics.  Before to continue (if you didn’t realize it) my native language is Español, so I’ll do my best to teach you what I've learnt.
  4. 4. Cables  A cable is most often two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly  It is used a conductor of electric currents, generally made of copper.  Source: wikipedia
  5. 5. Jack  Called “instrument cable”, quarter inch or TS, is a single conductor.  It has to be as short as possible to prevent from noise or distortions. TRS  It can be used in two different ways:  1) Stereo unbalanced: like 2 jacks in 1.  2) Mono balanced: to minimize noise.
  6. 6. XLR-3  Xternal Live Return or canon, it has 3 conectors. The standard mic cable.  Like the TRS mono, it is balanced. RCA  The name derives from the Radio Corporation of America, which introduced the design.  3 cables: 2 audio and 1 video.
  7. 7. Balanced / Unbalanced  Unbalanced: There’s a conductor inside the cable wich transports the signal and other using the shield.  Balanced: There are two identical wires carrying the audio signal, with a third conductor (foil or braid) that acts as a shield. One wire is in phase with respect to the source signal, the other wire is reversed in polarity (180° out of phase at all frequencies).
  8. 8. Ussages Jack TRS XLR3 RCA Unbalanced Professional audio and electrical instruments. Unbalanced in stereo mode (for headphones) Balanced Unbalanced For video and consumer / personal devices. Balanced as mono. Used for microphones and show’s illumination.
  9. 9. Recommendations 1: Invest in high quality cables. 2: Use short unbalanced cables. 3: For long distances, use a direct box to convert unbalanced in balanced cables.
  10. 10. Reflection  XLR cable is named 3 because there are other numbers.  If you have some recommendation or things for me to improve, feel free to ask me or give your suggestion. It is my first english presentation, so you can help me improving a lot watching and critiquing!  Thank you!