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  • I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on how Nokia is engaging at a global level with the Developer Community and how we see some great business opportunities for developers.I also wanted to give you some context and a recap of what we announced at Nokia World in October to put into the broader picture of Nokia and our approach to developers.
  • Before we move on to the next part of our agenda for this afternoon, lets look back briefly at what we’ve discussed here. You heard about JP talking in the beginning about these new, fantastic full touch devices that will drive app consumption and it will strengthen the Series 40 opportunity for developers targeting the platform even further Series 40 platform and developer ecosystem is very important and in the core for Nokia to deliver against it’s Next Billion strategy. We have right revenue tools available for you to monetize your innovation and Developer productivity on the Series platform has improved dramatically during last 12 months, stay tuned to hear more later today about our cool new Nokia IDE for Java! CLICK
  • Lets start by talking about Nokia’s strategy and how our newly announced Asha Touch devices fit the picture. We announced our new strategy in Feb 2011 which was built around working closely with MS and launching our Lumia range of device. The second pillar is around Connecting next billion and this is what today is about.CLICK
  • Our Next Billion strategy in build around 3 key pillars that are: A great product portfolio – which is now expanding to include the Series 40 Asha Touch devices that blur the lines between Smart Devices and Mobile phones and have great functionality. The best access to internet and information on the go – the devices are equipped with 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth allowing flexible access to data – which is particularly important for Asha consumers who will change their connection method to the most cost-effective possible. By combining great products with hyper local approach and right development and business tools, Nokia is enabling developers to bring great experiences to consumers all around the world and not just the Smartphone segments – this is a fantastic opportunity for DevelopersCLICK
  • In summary, we’re already starting to see really strong momentum gathering around Windows Phone and Nokia’s Smartphone opportunity for developers. We believe that this is a really strong value proposition and we’re already seeing developers commit to the platform through increased SDK downloads, app submissions to Marketplace and general developer buzz.But Nokia has been in the business of apps for a long time and so I’d like to show you where we have come from and just how well we are doing today.
  • We’ve broken the 13 million downloads per day milestone.. That’s 300% growth in just 12 months! The Nokia store is available in over 190 countries in over 30 languages.From this, you can see how we will scale the WP ecosystem across the globe.And let me point out something else to consider as well – Nokia offers another strong opportunity for developers to reach consumers through our Mobile Phone product range – Whenwe look at the current momentum of Nokia Store for Mobile Phones - we can see significant growth in the demand for apps and games over 2011. It currently stands at 1/3 of all Nokia Store downloads.This growth is driven by great apps and better Nokia Store UX (for example registration-less app downloads) and removing monetisation barriers by implementing such initiatives such as Try and Buy and also offering operator billing.
  • NokiaAsha 200, Asha 201, Asha 300, and the Asha 303 Nokia has a broad portfolio of Series 40 devices already in the market to cater for different consumer tastes all around the world. Since the launch of the Asha range we’ve also introduced better device capabilities such as faster processor speeds, better screens, QWERTY keyboard devices for the socially and textually addicted consumer and simpler devices for the more cost-conscious consumer. But they all have one thing in common – they share the same platform – Series 40, which, as many developers have already discovered, is building into a huge opportunity for apps .CLICK
  • And just recapping on ourannouncements just last week, we’ve expanded this portfolio to bring better capabilities to the Series 40 platform with the Asha 305/306 and the Asha 311.These devices bring greater processing speeds, full 3inch screens and better APIs for sensors and other features of the platform.Essentially, this allows you as a developer to get more creative in a market that is boomingWe’re also introducing a raft of new monetisation APIs along with a new SDK and Toolchain together with Remote Device Access so you can test your apps without having to have a physical device.CLICK
  • The Asha 305, 306 and 311 are the latest additions to our portfolio and are designed to bring consumers the best possible apps experience, with fast and easy content consumption at the core of their design. Today’s consumers want the benefits of a smartphone and our Asha devices are getting smarter and smarter. We’re bringing wide-ranging access to the mobile Internet so users can readily discover, play and share.So what does this mean for you, developers? How can you access the expanded opportunities that exist today, and how you can create great apps and grow your business with Nokia.CLICK
  • The Qt opportunity continues to grow with an increasing addressable market for Qt devices.We have exciting new devices powered by Qt – five new devices in the past few months.The stunning N9 is shipping – the best Qt powered device ever.Great new store UI built using Qt Quick – easier discovery… great for developers… we use our own tools.App consumption is growing in all segments of the market, and Qt will be at the core of bringing great applications to the next billion.Apps are consumed globally, and we’re investing to win in growth markets – opportunity for our developers.
  • And Qt remains the powerful core of our strategy to connect the ‘Next Billion’ … Its popularity is higher than ever…We’ve seen more than 2 million library downloads in the past year from Nokia sites aloneAnd its importance is once again underlined here, today …Look at the new Nokia 808 Pureview … put simply, it has an incredible camera!So what’s this got to do with Qt? The camera application and gallery were built, from scratch, using Qt. It’s got 41 mega pixels. In your pocket!Amazing stuff there!!! Think about the fun developers could have building for optics like these!? We have already been approached with some great ideas from Developers around using the features of this phone for specific apps… It’s really great news for us.CLICK
  • As you have just heard from Chris Weber and Jo Harlow, today has been a great day for us as we launch the Lumia 900… a very high specification phone that compliments our existing Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 devices launched at Nokia World back in October.These devices are hugely exciting when it comes to developers.... A consistent experience across all price points,
  • As you have just heard from Chris Weber and Jo Harlow, today has been a great day for us as we launch the Lumia 900… a very high specification phone that compliments our existing Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 devices launched at Nokia World back in October.These devices are hugely exciting when it comes to developers.... A consistent experience across all price points,
  • And when it comes to windows phone specifically, the number of apps submitted to marketplace has grown from 7.000 to 80.000 since we announced our partnership with Microsoft.And more than 3.0m copies of pre-release SDK’s have been downloaded. And since our announcement of the first wave of Lumia devices at Nokia World, we have seen a step change in the number of apps submitted to the Marketplace… proving that developers from all over the world are now putting their efforts into Windows Phone.We also know from research that windows phone customers, on average, download more 10 apps per month, compared to an average of 6 for iPhone and Android users. Again, think about the developer opportunity here…
  • As an example of a Developer that has really understood the reach that Nokia offers to developers, we can take a brief look at FourSquare They are a perfect example of a partner who has reached completely new markets and users for their cloud service: using all of our platforms from Windows Phone, Qt and Series 40 they have distributed their apps to new users, in new markets – therefore adding new users to their cloud.
  • We have operator billing in place with 190 operators across 52 countries.Why is that important to developers? Because our data shows that purchases increase up to 5 times with operator billing versus credit card only. We’re removing the barrier of payment for billions of consumers.We offer micropayments and subscription-based models, and to help developerstruly monetize theircontent, we offer In-App Purchasing for Qt and Series 40 as well as In-App advertising through 3rd parties such as Inneractive.[NOTE TO RICHARD] – Please note that we don’t have specific Subscription API available through Nokia right now but most developers who want this functionality have developed their own code in combination with APIs for Operator Billing and In-App purchasing to achieve the same result.
  • This slide shows how many developers are breaking major milestones within Nokia Store and how it is helping them to succeed overall – given their combination of innovation and the right monetisation tools.CLICK
  • Create for Millions contest Winner: Emotional Closeness Category “Social Sport” (ShaiIfrach)EyeSight: Ninja StrikeMumblefish: Agente Secreto, BabySchoolFring:videochatmSonar (MailBIt): Games, FB apps, 47M DownloadsSkiller: classicalgamesInneractive: IADSBSH: SafeWallet, VoiceQ, Calendar
  • And we strongly believe and have seen evidence that everyone wants apps, not just Smart phone users.Our friends at Strategy Analytics have shown that there is significant pent-up demand from mobile phone users for apps.The wider global population who ismore cost-conscious and wants to ensure bestvalue for their money is ready to consume apps.  The study demonstrates clearly that Mobile Phone usersare also consumers of apps and their findings show that 90% of feature phone owners want access to apps.. We believe we have the right devices and the right local presence to reach out to this consumerbase with the right local content. So there is a large market opportunity. And this opportunity complements and adds to the well understood Smartphones apps opportunity. Now let’s look at what is already happening in the marketplace…
  • And in a recently commissioned survey undertaken by TNS and commissioned by Nokia, we KNOW THAT SMARTPHONE USERS LOVE APPS.Increasingly apparent that everybody loves apps.We know that the next billion will connect to the web mainly via apps.
  • Your opportunity to be a successful developer - Oscar Guiterrez, Nokia

    1. 1. Nokia is your opportunityto be a successful developerOscar Gutierrez IsiegasDeveloper Experience: Technical Ecosystem Support, Nokia@Oscar_DRM
    2. 2. We’re delivering our strategy… Great Great Great Business Products Platform Opportunity
    3. 3. Nokia’s Strategy Win with Connect the Microsoft next Billion
    4. 4. June 2012Nokia Store:More than 14 milliondownloads a dayJune2009
    5. 5. Nokia Asha Range
    6. 6. Nokia Asha Range
    7. 7. ASHA 305/306 ASHA 311
    8. 8. A range of new Qt powered devices 180m Qt Devices in-market
    9. 9. NOKIA808 PureView
    11. 11. Marketplace 80,000+Strong growth 3M
    12. 12. Local and Global Revenue ToolsEssential tools for developersOperator Micro- Subscription In-AppBilling payments Models advertising145 In-App purchasing52
    13. 13. Developers with over 1Mdownloads on Nokiaplatforms globally
    14. 14. Israel Developer Success by the Numbers… 1 4 10 Israeli Developers Israeli Developers Israeli Developers has 40m+ have have 1m+ Downloads 10m+ Downloads Downloads
    15. 15. Create 4 Millions Winner: Social Sport (Shai Ifrach)
    16. 16. ...everyone wants apps, not just Smartphone users
    17. 17. The Next Billion will experience web via appsDesirability Source: TNS 7 6 5.7 5.8 5.5 5.5 5.5 5 4 3 5.6 5.7 5 5 5.3 5.3 4.8 4.7 4.9 4.9 2 1 0 Device 0-50 $ 51-100 $ 101-200 $ 201-300 $ 300+ $ Price High quality applications Connect to internet Access my email
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