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TuneFork - Winner of the IMS2019 Startup Contest


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As presented in the Israel Mobile Summit 2019

Published in: Technology
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TuneFork - Winner of the IMS2019 Startup Contest

  1. 1. Each of us has a unique hearing “Earprint” No sound system is optimal for everyone
  2. 2. 400MHearing impaired 1BElders
  3. 3. TuneFork is an audio personalization technology software What is TuneFork?
  4. 4. How it works? SELF HEARING TEST Requires only the app and personal earphones TAILOR-MADE SOUND Including music, phone calls, videos etc. TuneFork Algorithm
  5. 5. Regular Audio
  6. 6. TuneFork Technology
  7. 7. Main competitors Hardware Solution Amplified Phone Clinical Accuracy Inaccurate Software Solution Hearing Aids
  8. 8. Comparative advantages Clinical Accuracy Simplicity Embedded Software Solution Availability 01 02 03 04
  9. 9. Business model - B2B License model Audio apps Smart devices Annual Fee / Pay-Per-User
  10. 10. Current status CooperationCustomers Patents Funding 2 competition 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 2Nd Place 100finalists
  11. 11. The team Yoav Blau - CTO 8200 Alumni MSc in Electrical Engineering Gabriel Roth CEO of Gal Hearing Systems Yehonatan Roth VP at Gal Hearing Systems Medical Experts Ido Iungelson Former Director at Viber Dr. Alain Wiesenthal Chief, Department of Otolaryngology, Brantford General Hospital Julian Weiss 30-years experience as PM in the tech industry David Olodovsky - VP R&D MSc in Electrical Engineering Oran Stern - Data Scientist 8200 Alumni , Officer & team leader Bar Federbusch –Administrative Assistant 8200 Alumni Tomer Shor - CEO 8200 Alumni Data analyst
  12. 12. We would love to hear from you li.oc.krofenut@rohsremoT +972-50-755-6512