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Growing Happn from scratch to 70M users - Didier Rappaport, Happn


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As presented in the Israel Mobile Summit 2019

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Growing Happn from scratch to 70M users - Didier Rappaport, Happn

  2. 2. Brand / Identity Our goal is to bring the real world to online dating by facilitating real-life meetings
  3. 3. “ A very powerful and meaningful brand to turn happy coincidences into beautiful connections and experiences
  4. 4. REAL-TIME Within minutes of crossing someone, they appear in the app HYPER-LOCAL Closer proximity than any other meet- up app – you may have seen these people in real life happn is uniquely differentiated in the dating space
  5. 5. simplicity relevance immediacy gamification ANYWHERE ANYTIME Mobile Pillars & DNA
  6. 6. 2014 2017 2019 Communication evolution
  7. 7. Do you believe romance is dead? At happn, we don’t. We think that we have to fight for love. To never give up on love. Because at the end of the day, only love matters.
  8. 8. Privacy & Security Security Google services: security guarantee Internal security audit Internal training and information Data Protection Officer Internal legal expertise Regulatory lobbying Audit Compliance Data is an asset Privacy is part of happn product GDPR Roadmap
  9. 9. Product
  10. 10. User experience
  11. 11. DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 TOMORROWDAY 0 (R)evolution 2014 2015 2017 2018
  12. 12. Serving multiple goals Product innovations • Performance of service (retention, conversion, satisfaction) • Monetisation • user-oriented evolution (gaming / privacy / new trends) • brand purpose enhancement
  13. 13. • No more empty timelines due to a lack of crossings. • New users systematically showcased in the suggested profiles. First results for new registered users: + 180% likes received by new users - 18% new users with 0 likes + 27% liked new users Smart Innovation Suggested Profiles
  14. 14. The map is the way to fulfil our promise “Find the people you have crossed paths with.” Retention (d+7) performance improvement: +12% Global retention (d+7) improvement +30% Women retention (d+7) improvement Smart innovation happn Map
  15. 15. ▪ Platform internally built ▪ Native mobile app development for maximum performance and OS compliance ▪ Best technology for each of the platform’s services ▪ High availability and performance of our data ▪ Worldwide distributed infrastructure ▪ Data science and AI integration supported by the latest technologies ▪ Open source, cloud-based and 100% scalable Scalable Platform happn is supported by a platform, which is internally built, entirely cloud-based and scalable without limits Production In-house Development Cloud- Based Scalable without limits Data
  16. 16. Markets
  17. 17. Western 1,9M MAU Emerging 1,9M MAU India 1,9M MAU ROW 0,8M MAU Revenue: Top Five Marketed Countries Other Marketed Countries Marketed Cities (Past & Actual) Global Footprint happn is one of the most internationally distributed dating apps. 70M User Base 6,5M MAU 2 M DAU
  18. 18. Happn is confirmed as one of the biggest challengers to Tinder worldwide Tinder Badoo Happn Bumble POF Lovoo OK CupidMeetMe Jaumo Zoosk Match .com Par Perfeito 3 365 1 505 1 165 950 744 564 421 408 342 311 262 AppAnnie last 5 months - Average Monthly kdld IOS/AN over 10 countries US/GB/FR/IN/BR/AR/NO/NL/AU/TR MONTHLY VOLUME OF DOWNLOADS PER DATING APP (JAN-MAY 2019) 562
  19. 19. Total Downloads (AppAnnie) • Strategic presence in India (market size, potential of growth & happn next steps) • Strong brand awareness supported by Bollywood megastar Hrithik Roshan • Profitable country Geographical Expansion India HAPPN VS TINDER IN INDIA Happn Official Launch
  20. 20. Talents and team
  21. 21. Management Team with strong Mobile, Dating & International experience Didier CEO and Co-founder Benjamin Chief Marketing Officer Karima General Counsel, HR Data Protection Officer Camille VP Finance Julie Product Director Sébastien SVP Engineering Orianne Chief Data Officer
  22. 22. Marketing & Acquisition
  23. 23. happn Demographics -35 years Women iOS Devices 79% Western 30% 51% 77% Emerging 34% 27% % MAU last 12 months
  24. 24. 1 2015 2016 2014 2017 2018 2018 2015 Track performance of marketing channels Automate social campaigns Vizualize and explore data Compare with market and competition Measure TV performance Adserve and manage advertising Monitor Social Media 2017 Engage our users across push, email, in-app and more
  25. 25. Business overview
  26. 26. REGISTRATION SUBSCRIPTIONDOWNLOAD Single Purchases Premium Subscriber happn Business Model
  27. 27. 4 Years Overview REVENUE, EBITDA & ACQUISITION COSTS 2 740K€ Revenues Acquisition Costs EBITDA JAN 15 APR JUL OCT JAN 16 APR JUL OCT JAN 17 APR JUL OCT JAN 18 APR JUL OCT JAN 19 APR MAY New Registered Users Subscribers
  28. 28. Unit Economics - Conversion Improvement Western + Emerging Countries: AR, AU, BE, BR, CA , DK, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, SE, TR, US USER TO SUBSCRIBER CONVERSION RATE - 30 DAYS x% 3,1x% JAN 18 FEB JUL SEP OCT NOVMAR APR MAY JUN AUG DEC JAN 19 MAR
  29. 29. JAN 17 MAR MAY JUL SEP NOV JAN 18 MAR MAY JUL x6 x4 Unit Economics - Lifetime Value Improvement LTV PER REGISTERED USER (LTVR) – 30 DAYS Western Countries: AU, BE, CA , DK, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, SE, US / Emerging Countries: AR, BR, TR SEP Western Emerging x € X € NOV JAN 19 MAR x € x €
  30. 30. Unit Economics - Payback Improvement LTV per Registered User B2C only for the following countries: AR, AU, BE, BR, CA , DK, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, SE, TR, US CPR: Cost per registered user - LTVR: LifeTime Value per registered user LTVR OVER TIME - WESTERN + EMERGING COUNTRIES LTV of the latest cohorts are reaching CPR after 3 months when it took 6 months for older cohorts 2018/19 2017/18 CPR OCT 17 NOV 17 DEC 17 JAN 18 FEV 18 OCT 18 NOV 18 DEC 18 JAN 19 FEV 19MAR 18 MAR 19
  31. 31. Find the people you’ve crossed paths with Thank you. #fightforlove