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Does Kid-Friendly Monetization Exist?! - Eldad Ben Tora, Kidoz


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As presented in the Israel Mobile Summit 2019

Published in: Technology
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Does Kid-Friendly Monetization Exist?! - Eldad Ben Tora, Kidoz

  1. 1. Does “Kid-Friendly Monetization” Exist?! Eldad Ben Tora Co-CEO, Kidoz
  2. 2. Kids: Why Are They Our Business? The Fastest Growing Category 170,000 kids go online for the first time every day. Kids Account for ~25% of App Traffic and Revenues Kid-Focused Digital Advertising is Now Over $1B And growing 25% year over year COPPA & GDPR fines
  3. 3. Breaking News from Google! Must Use These Networks Only Apps for: Apps for: Apps for: 100% of Traffic ~25% of Traffic (Under 13) Children Children & Older Older Users
  4. 4. Breaking News from Google! - Every app that may appeal to kids will need to differentiate between under & over 13 (Age Gate) - And no, setting a default adult age is not recommended
  5. 5. Public Company in Canada (TSX) Most Popular Kid-focused Ad Monetization SDK (Over 3000 Apps) 90% of demand comes from top kids brands: So what is Kidoz? Certified by Google Play
  6. 6. Pessimistic No Change Optimistic Google Play Google Play leads with ad revenues What Drives Most Revenues? iOS Which Platform Is #1 in Revenues? Kids Apps Revenues (Google Play) The Annual Survey for Kids App Publishers
  7. 7. Pessimistic No Change Optimistic iOS revenues are varied What Drives Most Revenues on iOS? iOSiOS Kids Apps Revenues (iOS App Store)
  8. 8. Mistakes to Avoid (by Publishers) Not blocking doubtful categories & inappropriate content on Certified Networks Showing demand from non-certified networks (for users under 13)
  9. 9. 41% COPPA is Enough Best Practices (for Publishers) Building a rewarded flow into all apps experience WIN - WIN – WIN - WIN Diversifying your portfolio age focus towards older ages. Advertisers look for 6+ only
  10. 10. 41% COPPA is Enough Best Practice (for Ad Networks) - Ensure a Fully COPPA Flow - Apply for Google certification Exclude kids apps from connecting to your offers NoYes Are kids important to my business?
  11. 11. Thank You :-) Eldad Ben Tora