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ARpalus - IMS2019 Startup Contest


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As presented at the Israel Mobile Summit 2019:

Published in: Technology
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ARpalus - IMS2019 Startup Contest

  1. 1. Brands spend a lot to get our attention $500B yearly
  2. 2. People see and interact differently ≉
  3. 3. The Retail Challenge Manual cumbersome operation A lot of time not scalable Cost a fortune
  4. 4. ARpalus is an A/B testing platform to help Retailers and Brands personalize their omnichannel using AR-driven behavioral sciences
  5. 5. The flow
  6. 6. ARpalus Unique Solution AR-scene based Behavioral Data Powerful Deep-Learning Proprietary Algorithms Actionable Results
  7. 7. ARpalus works with top businesses worldwide
  8. 8. Insight as a Service (IaaS) setup IaaS /category + Enterprises seeking to understand their shoppers at scale to improve their operations MonthlyOne time
  9. 9. Unlocking AR data capabilities Behavioral Analytics SDK
  10. 10. Ofir Zilberberg CEO Boaz Gazit CTO +15 years AI / AR experience Partners Nielsen (TS) Metro AG Rotem Bennet CSO Advisory Yoni Nevo (Cimagine) Our Team
  11. 11. Ofir Zilberberg, CEO Made in Israel … Thank you!