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Taste Israel at Anuga 2011


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Taste Israel at Anuga 2011

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Taste Israel at Anuga 2011

  1. 1. We invite you on a culinary journey: A trip where all senses enjoy a world of aromas, a world of colors, and a world of flavors… from the land of Israel.
  2. 2. The Israeli Food Pavilion brings youan inspirational variety of products with unique, diverse advantages…
  3. 3.  A wide range of gluten-free and lactose-free products Advanced, high-end technologies: growing, packaging, etc. Based on leading-edge research Compliant with international standards: HACCP, BRC, etc. Free-trade zone with the European Union High-quality ingredients State-of-the-art production processes
  4. 4. Let’s taste each Israeli product one by one. Let’s experience each productwaiting for you at the Israeli Pavilion… Hall 2.1 Stand E013 D016 8-12.10.2011 Cologne
  5. 5. 2BFreshProducts: Fresh micro leaves - gourmet vegetable confettiWhy visit 2BFresh:2BFresh introduces micro leaves, healthy greens used by topchefs serving the consumer market around the world. Withintense flavor, these young leaves come ready to serve andhave a long shelf
  6. 6. Abadi BakeryProducts: Savory cookies and crackersWhy visit Abadi Bakery:Abadi Bakery, established in Jerusalem in 1838, introducesdelicious innovative crackers made solely from whole grains,seeds, and water-100% natural ingredients, perfected fromyears of development. The crackers are bursting with goodnessand taste
  7. 7. Beth ElProducts: 100%-fruit-based jellies and saucesWhy visit Beth El:Beth El’s select jams and preserves, branded under AuntBerta’s, are produced from 100% fresh choice fruit. Orchard-freshness and top quality are preserved with Beth El’simmediate pick-to-prep
  8. 8. Beth El (continued)Products: Hand-made cookies and baked goodsWhy visit Beth El:Aunt Bertas delicate, hand-made cookies and baked goodscarry on the family tradition of quality and unique taste. Theyare produced with loving care using the family’s secret
  9. 9. Bustan AbrahamProducts: Herbs and spicesWhy visit Bustan Abraham:Bustan Abraham, an ecological farm set in the Galileemountains, produces gourmet mixed herbs and spice lines fromingredients grown in the farm’s fields. The herb mixes are thesource flavors of delicious Galilee
  10. 10. Carmit Candy IndustriesProducts: Confectionery productsWhy visit Carmit:Carmit is a major international exporter of chocolate coins andgluten-free confectionery products. The company is the numberone supplier of chocolate coins to the US market, and offersgreat quality and
  11. 11. Cohen-OrProducts: Frozen pastry productsWhy visit Cohen-Or:Cohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredientsfashioned from original blends of regional cuisine: Balkan,Arabic, and Mediterranean. What emerges are unique pastryvarieties not found anywhere else-pastries that promote thehealthful food
  12. 12. El VientoProducts: Ready-to-drink, all natural fruity margaritasWhy visit El Viento:El Viento is the worlds first ready-to-drink, all-natural frozenmargarita for automatic frozen smoothie
  13. 13. Elsa’s StoryProducts: Premium cookies and baked goodsWhy visit Elsa’s Story:Elsa’s Story cookie brand is considered one of the market’sbest by a former Harrods and Selfridges buyer. Withprofessional product development and unique commercialquantity cookie- and cake-baking skills, Elsa’s Story preservesall the authentic elements of home-made baked
  14. 14. LiveOProducts: Olive oil, olive products, antipasti and spreadsWhy visit LiveO:LiveO features a wide range of fine gourmet products based onthe purity of extra virgin olive oil. Located in the Negev Desert inIsrael, LiveO offers products that bring together east and west,tradition and innovation, culinary pleasure and
  15. 15. MaayanProducts: Pita breadWhy visit Maayan:The Maayan bakery produces a wide variety of pita breads, aswell as other breads and cookies. Made using the highestquality traditional production methods, these premium productsare great for the retail (home) market as well as for the foodservice industry.
  16. 16. Mahroum SweetsProducts: Ethnic Middle Eastern sweets and baked goodsWhy visit Mahroum:Mahroum’s delectable ethnic candies and bakery products areall handmade in Nazareth by gourmet artisans. The Mahroumfamily has earned its outstanding reputation for quality for 4generations-since
  17. 17. ManamimProducts: Wafer productsWhy visit Manamim:Manamim is the largest Israeli producer of wafer products of alltypes, including flat sugar wafers, wafer cubes, wafers with noadded sugar, coated wafers, chocolate-coated wafers, and icecream cones, both rolled and formed in
  18. 18. NeviotProducts: Natural mineral waterWhy visit Neviot:Neviot+ combines all the benefits of natural mineral water withtaste and refreshment. This delicious subtly flavored naturalNeviot mineral water is naturally sweetened and low calorie,with no food coloring or preservatives, for all the goodness andenjoyment that Neviot has to
  19. 19. OliaProducts: Highest quality olive oil and olive productsWhy visit Olia:Olia olive products are made and branded by olive variety, fromthroughout Israel: Nabali, Souri, Barnea and Askal. Oliaproducts are produced by people from a range of cultures andreligions: Arabs, Jews, Druze, and Circassians, whosetraditions and native terroir inspire Olia’s
  20. 20. Prince TahinaProducts: Premium tahini paste and halvaWhy visit Prince Tahina:Considered one of the largest, and best quality tahinimanufacturers in Israel, Prince Tahina uses only premiumingredients. This Galilee-based company produces natural andorganic tahini, rich in taste and
  21. 21. Roy ChocolateProducts: Artisan chocolatesWhy visit Roy Chocolate:Roy Chocolate creates handmade gourmet chocolatemasterpieces. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, RoyChocolate offers signature chocolate collections forinternational holidays and special
  22. 22. Ta’am VareachProducts: Spices, herbs, and Mediterranean blendsWhy visit Ta’am Vareach:Taam Vareach produces and distributes herbs, spices, andspecial blends to enhance and enrich the full range ofcooking
  23. 23. TibulimProducts: Frozen garlic and herbsWhy visit Tibulim:Tibulim produces fresh chilled garlic cloves, frozen crushedgarlic, and chopped herbs. All products are quick-frozen withinhours of being harvested, at their peak of freshness, withinmeters of the growing
  24. 24. Wissotzky TeaProducts: Tea products and tea gift boxesWhy visit Wissotzky Tea:Founded in 1849, Wissotzky Tea is the largest tea company inIsrael, producing the highest quality tea products as well asbeautiful tea gift
  25. 25. Meet us at Anuga The Israeli Food Pavilion Hall 2.1 Stand E013 D016
  26. 26. More Israeli companies at AnugaStePac L.A. Ltd Hall 05.1 Stand A092Achdut Ltd “Achva” Hall 03.2 Stand A011Avocad Oil Industries Ltd. Hall 03.1 Stand D015Berezovsky International Ltd. Hall 08.1 Stand A039Carmel Winery Hall 07.1 Stand D030D.C. Paper & Plastic Ltd. Hall 07.1 Stand A137Einat Food Industries Hall 02.2 Stand D020aGan Shmuel Foods, Ltd. Hall 08.1 Stand C048 C046Ganir (1992) Ltd. Hall 08.1 Stand C048 C046Gat Foods Hall 08.1 Stand D030 D034Segev Food Export Import Co. Ltd. Hall 02.1 Stand E035Trisun (Israel) Ltd. Hall 08.1 Stand C048 C046
  27. 27. Contact info: Michal Neeman Business Development Manager Food & BeveragesIsrael Export & International Cooperation Institute Tel: +972-3-514-2859 E-mail: