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טכנולוגיות למצבי חירום ואסונות טבע


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טכנולוגיות למצבי חירום ואסונות טבע

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טכנולוגיות למצבי חירום ואסונות טבע

  1. 1. Israels Emergency Relief Technologies Presented to the UN
  2. 2. Company Name Category Website Brief DescriptionAmiad Filtration Systems Water Technologies Amiad is a producer and global supplier of water filters and filtration systems used in two key markets, namely the industrial & municipal market and the irrigation market. The company specializes in automatic self-cleaning filters that require low maintenance and that can be adapted to provide bespoke solutions to a wide range of application in industries including, inter alia, steel, power, oil and gas, pulp and paper, in addition to a wide variety of other applications in the irrigation market. Netafim Water Technologies Netafim offers Plug & Play Irrigation & Fertigation system kits for farming area of 100m² to 4000m² with or without diesel operated water-pumps, foldable water tanks for drinking water or for general use 600l/1000l, mobile (car-trailer) water-treatment-systems for drinking water with capacity between 2500L/H in case of sea-water, and 5000L/H for river water, small scale (225m²) greenhouse for farming, water filters for any water capacity, and technical support for installation of water related systems by our Japanese team in Japan. Nirosoft Industries Water Technologies Nirosoft provides a wide range of solutions while applying advanced technologies in the field of water and waste water treatment. Each system is designed according to the specific request of customers and taylor-made to their exact needs. Nirosoft provides solutions for remote locations which have access only to poor quality ground and surface water. Mining camps, power stations, and construction sites require advanced water treatment systems to utilize these sources for the supply of drinking and general purpose water. Nirosoft is able to provide mobile water purification units which supply clean drinking water to World Health Organization standards. The mobile units have a capacity of 10-80 m3 per day and can treat water from any source (sea, surface or brackish water). Up to 20 mobile purification units can be supplied within a 7-14 working days. The mobile units can be transported by air and put into operation within hours. Odis Filtering Water Technologies Odis Filtering specializes in design and manufacturing of automatic water and wastewater treatment systems for environmental and industrial applications. Odis Filtering manufactures a broad range of filters, automatic filters and water treatment equipment. CheckLight Water Technologies CheckLight supplies its customers with innovative methods, testing kits and continuous biomonitors for early warning of drinking water 1
  3. 3. contamination. CheckLight’s solutions are used as critical components of contamination warning systems in order to detect, as early as possible, a wide range of contaminating sources in drinking water, as well as the potential for bacterial re-growth. Ommyx Water Technologies Ommyx offers Flood warning & effluent systems monitoring and in addition Decision Support Systems - Powerful tools that gives, the utility real-time control over water network events.PURETEC WATER ENGINEERING Water Technologies Puretec designs, produces and Provides water treatment products, for Agriculture, Industrial and Municipal customers. Their products include membranes, filters, and deionization units, for high purity and process water treatment. The company provides services such carbon and resin regeneration, mobile water treatment unit. Water Sheer Water Technologies WaterSheer is developing easy-to-use, affordable multi-use systems for personal water purification that can convert unsafe water into safe drinking water. WaterSheers vision is of a world where all people have access to safe drinking water. Whitewater Security Water Technologies Whitewater Security provides comprehensive, turnkey water security solutions in several applications, such as: sensitive facilities, national & municipality authorities and more. The companys solutions based on advanced technological systems and proven methods for Prevention, Protection, Detection, Crisis Management and Recovery of accidental and intentional contamination events, natural disasters and terror attacks in water supplies. YAMIT E.L.I. Water Technologies Yamit ELI develops, designs and manufactures high quality water treatment systems and water filter solutions. The company specializes in sector-targeted applications such as Steel Mill and Metallurgy Industry, Municipal Drinking Water Treatment systems and Water Filter, and Agriculture / Irrigation. Aqua Tal Drinking Water Solution For over 30 years AQUA TAL has been working to meet the growing need for better quality, cleaner water by developing, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of water treatment systems. With extensive knowledge and vast experience, AQUA TAL has positioned themselves as international pioneers and innovators in the area of water. Providing optimal solutions for all filtration and water purification needs. AquaLife Drinking Water Solution AquaLife All-in-one Emergency Drinking Water Solution is built and designed to relieve international organizations of the cumbersome 2
  4. 4. burden of improvising on water solutions on-site and under the chaotic conditions of emergency situations. Assisting organizations to quickly stabilize disaster situations, AquaLife helps save time and as a result, precious lives. EWA Tech Drinking Water Solution EWA (Extraction of Water from Air) is unique patented technology developed by EWA Tech Ltd. Based on the EWA technology, the Company developed and produces various apparatuses and water production plants in various capacities, from few liters and up to hundreds of cubic meter of water per day. The EWA technology combined adsorption with solid desiccants and condensation with capability to recover and return more than 85% percents of the energy invested for the water production. The EWA technology was developed to be effective almost at any RH, by using all kind of energy sources, including renewable energy sources. EZPack Water Water Storage EZPack Water presents EWS – the world’s most advanced water storage and supply system. EWS is the easiest, most effective, and most convenient option for storing, transporting, and distributing water in various situations including emergency and disasters. EWS can be placed either on a platform or on the ground. It supplies water effectively with and without gravity. EWS is the perfect solution for states, organizations, municipalities, councils and water corporations, ensuring a rapid and reliable water supply. Kal-cad Water Storage The Kal-Cad Ltd. Company was established during the year 2000 and it specializes in production of flexible Kal-Cad-containers, in volume size range of 500 ml- 5000 ml, produced of plastic laminates films with different composition of layers. These products are designated for filling with low or high viscosity liquids. The Kal-Cad Company provides comprehensive solutions, starting from the initiative development stage until a finished product, all under one roof.AnyWay Solid Environmental Cleantech AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a global leader in Solutions providing soil stabilization products to the infrastructure and development sectors. AnyWay products are based on a unique technology patented worldwide. AnyWay’s Natural Soil Stabilizer (ANSS) is recognized as an extremely cost effective method of converting poor quality soil into a strong impermeable layer. It permits construction of pavements, embankments and reinforced earth structures in areas where they were not previously 3
  5. 5. economically viable. In addition to roads, AnyWay has developed a new line of products designed to be mixed with soil to meet a variety of needs in the building process. This new line of products includes Soil Block, for the manufacturing of compressed earth blocks, Soil Mortar for block laying, Soil Plaster for walls, and Soil Bond tile adhesive. Solarian Cleantech Solarian Specialize in Designing and Manufacturing Solar & Wind lighting systems for various uses: Solar Street Lights for Public, Commercial and Residential areas, Marine, Security lighting, In-house, Backyards & Outdoor area, Rural area lighting, Dock lighting, Park Lighting and more. There is no need for Trenching and/or Underground wiring, No Ground, Nature and Animal disruption, Zero (0) Pollution, totally Recycle Green product thats makes Solarians Solar & Wind Lights an economically and clean solution. Solarians Polaris "All-In-One-Box Solar Lighting System" is high quality, low maintenance and competitive price product. Polaris can be installed on a 4-8 meter pole depending on your needs. Polaris Light covers 8x18 meters, has a long lasting working life time, easy shipment and installment. Comarcom Communications Comarcom offers a cellular radio coverage solution to cellular service providers, including development, production and marketing of very high gain antenna family for cellular radio coverage.Siklu Communication Communications Siklu develops revolutionary, milimetric-wave Gigabit Ethernet systems for service providers’ backhaul networks. The company’s next-generation, carrier-grade solutions are ideally suited for providing Carrier Ethernet services as well as mobile backhaul – in particular serving 2G/3G/3.5G and future WiMAX and LTE networks. Offering fexibility, scalability and easy installation, solutions from Siklu reduce Total Cost of Ownership by an order of magnitude – helping providers mitigate the backhaul burden. Optiway Communications Optiway has developed an optical device for the Communication Infrastructure Industry utilizing its proprietary OTDMLL(TM) technology. The OTDMLL technology is either an alternative or a complement to the WDM technology, being utilized today. The Optiway components in the Turnkey Solutions, allow Communication Integrators to provide more capacity, quality and efficiency. GoNet Systems Communications GoNet Systems provides outdoor Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions for 4
  6. 6. urban, 3G offload deployments. Leveraging the company’s xRF adaptive beamformingsmart antenna technology, GoNet MBW base stations are optimized to operate in noisy environments alongside 3G networks. The MBW base stations’multi radio mesh architecture enables cellular operators to build large-scale networks and deliver high data volumes. Mer Telecom Communications Mer Telecom offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for wireless network infrastructure that precisely meet the evolving needs of cellular network operators including telecom towers supply, wireless construction and wireless professional services. In the last decade Mer Telecom has deployed over 20,000 cellular sites worldwide enabling their professional telecom teams to gain the experience needed in order to enhance their expertise while successfully implementing every stage of a client dedicated project. RADWIN Communications RADWIN develops, manufactures and markets wireless broadband solutions in the sub-6GHz spectrum bands for Fixed operators, Mobile operators, Carriers and ISPs firms. The solutions support both traditional TDM and IP services and are used for backhauling and access applications. RADWIN’s WinLink(TM) 1000 wireless broadband solutions deliver carrier-class performance. WinLink(TM) 1000 products power multiple applications including cellular backhauling, broadband access and enterprise connectivity.Runcom Technologies Communications Runcom specializes in the development of innovative and state-of- the-art end-to-end solutions for the fixed and mobile Broadband Wireless Access market. It focuses on OFDMA technology for WiMAX , DVB-RCT and LTE wireless market. NICE Systems Hardware NICE is a provider of Insight from Interactions(TM), offering sector comprehensive performance management and interaction analytics solutions for the enterprise and public safety and security markets. Advanced interaction analytics are performed on unstructured multimedia content – from telephony, web, radio and video communications. NICE brings the power of Insight from Interactions to IP contact centers, branches, and command and control centers. Serving the public sector has never been more difficult. Government agencies face a multitude of challenges. They must spend the public’s money wisely while fulfilling citizens’ expectations of service. New legislative mandates and changing demographics are also driving a technological transformation of public sector call centers. Investment in new technology, once seen as a luxury, is increasingly viewed as a 5
  7. 7. way to optimize operational efficiency and provide constituents the level of service they expect. TechnoSpin Energy TechnoSpin develops and manufacturers innovative small wind turbines (up to 20 kW) that provide significant energy cost savings for Telecom base stations. TechnoSpin wind turbines can be installed on top of Telecom towers thus saving in installation costs and space. Duram Mask Industrial Technologies Duram Mask A.C. Ltd. manufactures the Duram Escape Mask - a series of special emergency escape masks designed for personal use in situations of smoke and fire, toxic gas emissions or chemical/ biological warfare. Diuk Energy Industrial Technologies Diuk Energy is a leading manufacturer of cold-formed metal products, specializing in steel profiles for the construction and building industries. The companys production lines consist of fully automated roll-forming machines with presses and punching machines. Diuk Arches, a subsidiary company of Diuk Energy, is one of the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of pre-engineered, easy to assemble steel structures for a variety of uses. DuCool Systems Industrial Technologies DuCool Systems provides innovative, efficient air treatment solutions to industrial and commercial customers across the globe. For more than twenty years, Advantix Systems has helped customers raise their productivity by optimizing their climate solutions while reducing their energy consumption. One of the pioneers in harnessing liquid desiccant technology for air treatment applications, Advantix Systems is a leader in humidity and climate control technologies.PRS – Professional Reinforcement Industrial Technologies PRS – Professional Reinforcement Solutions– is the world’s leading Solutions provider of Neoweb® soil stabilization and reinforcement solutions for infrastructure and transportation. The Neoloy generation of Neoweb is the strongest ground and basal reinforcement solution for any structural pavement. With performance and design life aligned to the needs of today’s transportation infrastructure Neoloy is driving the transition of Neoweb to large-scale highways, railways and port projects. These properties extend Neoweb’s design life well beyond conventional geocell technology and provide a clear value proposition compared to any other geocells, geogrids or other reinforcement 6
  8. 8. geosynthetics. Rolan Industrial Technologies ROLAN is the leading Israeli company in industrial construction, which is also known as prefabricated or light construction. Prefabricated construction that uses industrialized methods enables erection of mobile buildings at the companys factories by employing advanced technologies that save you money and time. Icaros GeoSystems Miscellaneous Icaros has developed hardware and software that creates a Technologies geographical database that delivers accurate three dimensional photomaps. It also has developed a three dimensional change detection technology that enables a user to monitor spatial phenomena. Unlike the current industry solutions, which have one group of companies taking aerial mapping photos and another group of companies that process the maps into a digital format, Icaros system does both in one A to Z system, producing results more rapidly and economically.Ofek Aerial Photography Miscellaneous Ofek Aerial Photography is the largest company in Israel, and one of Technologies the leading companies in Europe, in the field of aerial and satellite mapping and geographical applications. The company was founded in 1987 and since then maintains a strategy of investing in extensive technological infrastructure to ensure its customers around the world enjoy a variety of the most advanced and best quality products in the fields of mapping and geography. The company owns four aerial photography airplanes with state-of-the-art mapping cameras that enable to acquire a range of photograph types, both vertical and oblique. 7