Kosher fest 2013


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Kosher fest 2013

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Kosher fest 2013

  1. 1. We invite you on a culinary journey: A trip where all senses enjoy a world of aromas, a world of colors, and a world of flavors… brought to you all the way fromIsrael. WELCOME
  2. 2. The Israeli Food Pavilion brings you a unique variety of products with a unique variety of advantages… TASTE THE ADVANTAGES
  3. 3.  Exclusive innovative products  Melting pot effect – unique combinations  Ideal forworldwide trends: health, organic, etc.  Suitable forpremiumand ethnic demands  Range of industrial production and artisanal products  Perfect for"private label" products  Flexible in tailoring flavorand packaging forlocal markets :TASTE THE ADVANTAGES
  4. 4. Let’s taste each Israeli product one by one. Let’s experience each product waiting foryou at the Israel Pavilion… ---------------- andNOW!
  5. 5. Baron Int. Trading Products: Specialty and frozen foods Why visit Baron Trading: Baron International trading is a single-source supplier that offers a comprehensive line of food products from Israel for private label with the flexibility to satisfy retailer's specific needs. The company also imports to the U.S.A a line of fine foods from Israel under the "BARON'S" & "RUSTIC FARMS" brands.
  6. 6. Cohen-Or Products: Frozen pastry products Why visit Cohen-Or: Cohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredients fashioned from original blends of regional cuisine – Balkan, Arabic and Mediterranean. What emerges are unique pastry varieties not found anywhere – pastries that promote the healthful food trend. (under construction)
  7. 7. Eliad Olive Oil Products: Olive oil Why visit Eliad: Eliad produces the finest extra virgin olive oil from its own hi-tech plantations in northern Israel. The state-of-the-art press and plant allow strict quality controls to preserve the unique characteristics of the exquisite, aromatic and full-bodied olive oil from the Holy Land.
  8. 8. Kvuzat Yavne Products: Pickles and olive products Why visit Kvuzat Yavne: Kvuzat Yavne is a leading kibbutz enterprise, renowned for its product line of cucumbers in brine / vinegar, green and black olives, pickled vegetables and olive oil. Its products are manufactured under exacting quality standards and packaged in a range of sizes of cans and jars.
  9. 9. Maadaney Yehiam Products: Meat products Why visit Maadaney Yehiam: Maadaney Yehiam produces more than 450 tons monthly of high quality ready-to-eat kosher delicatessen meats and sausages in a state-of-the-art facility. Maadaney Yehiam sees innovation as a key to its growth in the years to come.
  10. 10. Matzot Aviv Products: Manufacturer of high quality matzot, flat breads, cookies and biscuits Why visit Aviv: Matzot Aviv is a leading manufacturer of Matzot, crackers, cookies and biscuits. The company combines a 125-year-old baking tradition with state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce superior quality matzot and cookies. Products are sold in Israel & exported to over 35 countries under the "Aviv", "Hagada" and "Aviva" brands.
  11. 11. Meal Solutions Products: Shelf stable meals Why visit Meal Solutions: This state-of-the art, product offers home cooked with a wonderful taste meals, with 3-5 years of shelf life and innovative self-heating package. Perfect for the office, camping or home.
  12. 12. Pereg Gourmet Products: Spices and natural foods Why visit Pereg Gourmet: Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods, one of Israel's leading spice blenders and marketers of specialty and natural foods, offers the consumer a cornucopia of spice options from the traditional to the exotic.
  13. 13. Pri-Chen Products: Canned vegetables Why visit Pri-Chen: Pri-Chen has produced top quality pickled and canned vegetables for the last three decades. A combination of modern technology and expertise is combined with traditional recipes inspired by Middle- Eastern flavors.
  14. 14. Products: Wine Why visit Recanati: Recanati Winery creates an elegant Israeli wine that reflects Israel’s perfect grape growing conditions. With its skilled winemaking team and careful selection of fruit sources, Recanati produces wines with an enormous amount of love, while continually striving to enhance its products. Recanati winery
  15. 15. Products: Olive oil Why visit Saba Habib: Saba Habib olive oil ltd. is located at the Galilee hills of Israel. They produce over 100 tons of olive oil a year, using the newest automatic line while keeping the traditional way of cold press. Careful site and olive selection assure the highest quality, rice aroma and flavors. As such our olive oil is well known for its superior quality & taste in Israel. Saba Habib
  16. 16. Teperberg Winery Products: Wine Why visit Teperberg: Teperberg Winery 1870 was founded in 1870 by Zeev Zaide Teperberg in the old city of Jerusalem becoming the first family winery founded in Israel in the new era. Ever since then the winery has been privately owned by the family. Teperberg is the fourth largest winery in Israel.
  17. 17. Ta’am Vareach Products: Spices, Herbs, and Mediterranean blends Why visit Ta’am Vareach: Ta'am Vareach produces and distributes herbs, spices and special blends to enhance and enrich the full range of cooking traditions.
  18. 18. See you at the Israel pavilion @ Kosher Fest! Booths: 406-413, 500-511
  19. 19. ThankYou For further information please contact: Ms. Michal Neeman Business Development Manager, Food & Beverage Tel +972 3 514 2859 Cell +972 54 457 8648