Israel automotive industry


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Israel automotive industry

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Israel automotive industry

  1. 1. Why Israel?
  2. 2. There have only been two serious attempts at developing a local vehicle production base in Israel. Israel’s story in the automotive business started in Haifa, in 1951, when Kaiser-Frazer opened a major assembly line; the factory built Kaiser- Frazer cars & Mack trucks under license. In 1968 Kaiser-Frazer was sold to Autocars Ltd. The company manufactured Sussita, Carmel, Gilboa &Sabra models in the 1960s. Their car bodies were made of fiberglass. Autocars was bought by Rom Carmel Industries in 1974 and the last full year of production was 1980.
  3. 3. Automotive companies Exporting companies (2012) Export turnover Leading Export Markets: • USA • Asia Pacific • Europe
  4. 4. Suppliers to OEM & Supplier Tiers Electronics, Software , Driver Assistance Systems & Technological Innovations Production Support & Services Vehicle Assembly, Body Building & Trailers Suppliers to the Aftermarket
  5. 5. 50+ companies supply to the Global OEM & Supplier Tiers Diversified supply base; wide array of technologies implemented in production: • High pressure & gravity die casting • Forging • Cold forming & stamping • Turning & milling • Metal injection molding • Plastic (injection & blow molding) & polyurethane • Rubber-extrusion, molding, compression, injection • Plating & coating Cooperate closely with major OEMs & supplier tiers Provide customer-oriented services Just-In-Time supply Provide broad flexibility to fulfill customer requirements Strong R&D departments
  6. 6. A sector experiencing impressive expansion A growing number of electronic & high-tech companies are involved in the automotive industry Israeli companies are focusing on designing, producing & supplying: • Driver assistance & safety systems • Telematics & biometrics • Tracking technologies • Manufacturing control software & diagnostics • Navigation & control systems • Vehicle connectivity • Sensors • Testing & measurement solutions • On-board driver assistance systems & infotainment • Cyber security • Voice & speech recognition
  7. 7. • Tourist coaches • City & inter-city buses • Armored buses • Minibuses • Custom-made VIP buses • Military 4X4 heavy-duty jeeps • Armored vehicles • Riot control vehicles • Fire fighting vehicles • Tankers • Vehicle conversions • Trailers 16 companies Development, design & manufacturing of:
  8. 8. 20+ companies Line of products includes: • Manufacturing control software • Testing & measurement solutions • Diagnostics • Packaging products that prevent corrosion • Power quality solutions • Metalworking tools • Software solutions for superior supply chain management • 3D printing solutions for rapid prototyping & rapid manufacturing • Inspection programs • Engineered thermoplastic compounds • Automatic welding solutions
  9. 9. 60+ companies Manufacturing & supplying spare parts, components, accessories, equipment & services to the secondary market (partial list): • Batteries • Accessories for off-road vehicles • HVAC systems • Fleet management systems • Air brake diaphragms • Heavy commercial vehicle suspension components • Electric starters & alternators • Lubricants, oils & special petroleum products & related fluids • Gaskets & seals • Rubber profiles, hoses, tire rethreading materials • Engine thermostats & radiator caps • Gears & gear pumps • Fuel injection, carburetor, oil, air & cabin filters • Engine bearings & valves • Voltage regulators & rectifiers
  10. 10. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) - Mobileye is a global leader in the development of monocular vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), providing system- on-chip & computer-vision algorithms. Recipient of several prestigious awards including the Best Telematics Safety & Security Solution Award, International Fleet Industry Award 2011, the Red Herring Top 100 Innovators Award & the Frost & Sullivan 2006 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in the Automotive Industry Battery Tray Assembly - Challenge: One part required to fit four different sizes (lengths) of batteries. Arkal Objectives: To convert tray from metal to plastic & cut costs. Arkal Achievement: 60% overall weight savings; 40% overall cost savings. Fabless Semiconductor Company - providing a comprehensive solution for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to infrastructure (V2I) communication for vehicle safety and its applications. The only solution satisfying all requirements – communication, security, processing, positioning and RF.
  11. 11. Investment encouragement for companies in the field of alternative fuels for transportation Administered by the Prime Minister’s Office Total budget - 400 million NIS to be allocated during the period of 2012-2020 The administration has promoted several programs within its framework: • Academic & Applied Research: two inter-university research centers, one center focuses on biofuel research & the other on batteries & fuel cells • Technological Clusters: (1) Biofuels & Energy Agriculture Cluster (2) Electric Vehicle & Energy Storage Cluster • Venture Capital Investments: promote large investments in venture-backed companies
  12. 12. Manage patents & commercial applications that are the product of the academic research of seven Israeli universities Automotive Related Technologies & Projects (partial list): • Commercialize an on-vehicle hydrogen production system for use in a fuel cell-powered lift truck application (Exxon Mobil & BGU) • Image processing for peripheral monitoring-Driver's Vision Enhancement • Machine Learning Systems/Man-Machine Interface Unmanned Ground Vehicle Platforms • Super-light alloys for structural & energy-absorbing applications: • Consolidated light alloys with nano/sub-micron structure • Cellular magnesium foam for special energy-absorbing applications
  13. 13. General Motor’s Advanced Technical Center - Established in 2010 a world- class R&D organization that guides creative thinking into unique innovations in areas of strategic importance to the automotive industry. Lab groups at the center include smart sensing & vision systems; human machine interface; prognostics & diagnostics; wireless technologies; & manufacturing. Ford Motor Co. - Extensive research activity in Israel since January 2012. The company is employing two full-time technology scouts in Israel, one in the field of product development & the other focuses on IT related technologies. Toyota Info-Technology Center - Senior researchers from Toyota ITC have been conducting annual research missions in Israel since 2007. Purchasing-Sourcing Office in Israel
  14. 14. (partial list)
  15. 15. Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd. - leading provider of Manufacturing Process Management & Product Lifecycle Management software. In 2005, Tecnomatix was acquired by the UGS Corporation for $228M; In January 2007 UGS was purchased by Siemens AG. Telmap - Telmap provides unique end-to-end mobile location-based services. Intel acquired Telmap for $120M in 2011. CogniTens - provides three dimensional optical measurement solutions for measuring sheet metal parts & assemblies. CogniTens was acquired in 2007 by Swedish technology group Hexagon Metrology for an estimated $100M. Objet Geometries - Developer & manufacturer of ultra-thin layer, high resolution 3- dimensional printing solutions & materials for rapid prototyping & rapid manufacturing. In December 2012 Objet merged with Stratasys Inc. to form the corporate entity Stratasys Ltd. a $1.4B company.
  16. 16. 1985 1992 1997 1997 1999 2000 2007 USA EFTA Turkey Canada Mexico European Union (Association Agreement) MERCOSUR (Argentina not yet in force) QIZ Agreements Jordan (1998) Egypt (2004)
  17. 17. Source: Ministry of Finance Austria Belgium Canada China Finland France Germany Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Korea Netherlands Portugal Singapore Spain Sweden United Kingdom USA Victoria (Australia)
  18. 18. THANK YOU! Mr. Uri Pachter, Director International Projects, Tenders & Automotive Industry Department The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Tel: +972 3 514 2811 | Mobile: +972 54 457 8616 Email: