Israel at Cosmoprof Asia 2012


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Israel at Cosmoprof Asia 2012

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Israel at Cosmoprof Asia 2012

  1. 1. 2012
  2. 2. For the For theSENSES PAMPERING• Softness • Spa• Scent • Clinic• Splendor • Salon• Smoothness • HomeCOME TO BEAUTY BY ISRAEL
  3. 3. Look better, feel better, be better Natural, organic and conventional formulations For premium and mass markets Hot and sunny climate: skincare excellence Dead Sea ingredients with curative properties Local plants and herbs
  4. 4. Make your business look better too Industrial and boutique production Advanced research and laboratories Modern manufacturing methods Superior container and package designs Meet Ecocert and other international standards Private label production
  5. 5. Chains like Sephora & manningsfeature Israeli cosmetics and toiletries. Come see why.
  6. 6. A. MeshiProducts: Dead Sea products and professional hair careproductsWhy visit A. MeshiThe black caviar collection bay MON PLATIN is the mostadvanced cosmetic technology.Come to our stand to find out what will be the next thingin world Hall 1E-L5D, Hall 3E-G3
  7. 7. A. Meshi
  8. 8. B4UProducts: Advanced skin care and certified organic productsWhy visit B4UB4U Ltd. is a well established manufacturer of advancedanti-aging skin care and Ecocert certified organic cosmetics.We supply our house brands and create private labels forother firms, even in small quantities, direct from Israel orthrough our subsidiary in the Hall 1E-L4D
  9. 9. B4U
  10. 10. Chic Cosmetic IndustriesProducts: Dead Sea and organic cosmetics, hair care and spaproductsWhy visit Chic Cosmetic IndustriesChic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products:Dead Sea – Canaan skin and body care, SPA, Canaan Organicsand Mogador hair care, make-up and nail products.Chic provides private label manufacturing services, includingresearch & development and quality Hall 1E-L4C
  11. 11. Chic Cosmetic Industries
  12. 12. CTSProducts: Rx and OTC medicationsWhy visit CTSCTS, a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company since 1921, develops, manufacturesand markets high quality OTC prescription, generic and branded pharmaceuticals,unique life-cycle products, dermo-cosmetic and toiletry lines.Special lines include:Femina - a new dimension in intimate hygieneBalance energy - a unique skin experience to balance body and soulFor mum - a line created especially for women before, during and after pregnancyTaftapim - for babies and infants with colds Hall
  13. 13. CTS
  14. 14. Dan MorNatural & Chemical Products Ltd.Products: Specialty wet wipesWhy visit Dan MorMINIMIZING THE MASS MARKET - Dan Mor develops andmanufactures wet wipes for cosmetic Hair Salon and Beautycenter use. A global private label specialist, offers a completerange of high quality formulations, in short production runs, JustIn Time manufacturing system and diversified Hall 1E-L5E
  15. 15. Dan Mor Natural & Chemical Products Ltd.• Full range of cosmetic wipes• Hair salon wipes• Beauty Center wipes
  16. 16. Gigi Cosmetic LaboratoriesProducts: Professional cosmeticsWhy visit Gigi Cosmetic LaboratoriesGigi Cosmetic Laboratories, established in 1957, is the largestprofessional cosmetics producer in Israel, providing more than400 products for beauticians, clinics, dermatologists, spasand consumers.Now also offering The Recovery, a para-medical line, providesolutions for skin before and after cosmetic surgery, deepchemical treatments, and peeling or filler Hall 3E-E5
  17. 17. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories
  18. 18. JENORIS - Hair PerfectionProducts: Professional hair care productsWhy visit JENORISJenoris hair care products, based on natural ingredients, areenriched with Pistachio and Borage Oils. These luxuriousessences provide the hair with essential Omega 3, 6 and 9,nourishing the hair and accelerating the regeneration of dry,damaged and chemically treated Hall 1E-L5F
  19. 19. JENORIS - Hair Perfection
  20. 20. KamedisProducts: Natural cosmeceuticals and skin care productsWhy visit Chic Cosmetic IndustriesKamedis combines thousands of years of clinical experiencethrough traditional Chinese medicine with advanced, innovativeWestern methods of extraction and manufacturing. Blending thebest of each discipline, Kamedis has created a unique family ofproducts that effectively treats common skin Hall 1E-L5A
  21. 21. Kamedis
  22. 22. MorazGalilee Medical HerbsProducts: Paramedical skin care treatments and cosmeticsWhy visit MorazMoraz paramedical skin care treatments and cosmetics are based onGalilee and Jezreel Valley healing plant extracts, including theextraordinary Polygonum Aviculare, grown traditionally and organically.High levels of herbal concentrate (65-100%) promise high efficacy andprovide a natural solution for an array of skin problems. Many of ourproducts have been clinically Hall 1E-L4E
  23. 23. MorazGalilee Medical Herbs
  24. 24. Spa CosmeticsProducts: Dead Sea and organic cosmetic productsWhy visit Spa CosmeticsEstablished 24 years ago, Spa Cosmetics is a manufacturer dedicated totransforming the Dead Sea’s wonders into beauty and health careproducts. 19 own product lines, bulk and OEM. GMP, ISO, OrganicEcocert and Israel Original Dead Sea Products Hall 1E-L4A
  25. 25. Spa Cosmetics
  26. 26. You want the best for your customers.You want the best for you.Come visit the Israel pavilionAt 2012.
  27. 27. Contact Information:Ms. Daphna SternfeldDeputy Director GeneralHead of Consumer Goods DivisionThe Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteTel: +972-3-514-2810Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: