Hardwarefair2012 מכון היצוא - ישראל בתערוכת


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Hardwarefair2012 מכון היצוא - ישראל בתערוכת

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Hardwarefair2012 מכון היצוא - ישראל בתערוכת

  1. 1. ISRAELInspired by innovation at International Hardware Fair Hall4.1-B31, B35, C28, C30, E10g • Hall5.1-B81, B83 • Hall10.1-B55March 4-7, 2012 • Cologne, Germany • A Home New World
  2. 2. Carmit - Mister Fix Ltd.The leading manufacturer and distributor of high-end building materials and solutions inthe Israeli market.Carmit holds the extremely popular Mister Fix brand.Carmit excels in its production facilities, QC, and operates very efficient sales and logisticsmethods.Carmit’s core business production lines and distribution arms include: A vast variety of cement- and gypsum-based products (tile adhesives, mortars, plasters, rapid concrete repair cements, waterproofing solutions, joint fillers, etc.). Liquid polymers. Manufacturing, importing and after sale services for construction machinery. Mr. Yehuda Pivin, Business Manager +972 4 617 8942 +972 54 699 6633 Hall 4.1 B35i yehudap@mrfix.co.il www.mrfix.co.il
  3. 3. combwise Ltd.Combwise designs, develops and manufactures innovative smart storage solutions.Combwise’s detachable transparent bin system offers versatile and convenient storage forhardware, crafts, toys, liquid and powder.The Combwise product line includes a variety of wall mounted base units to which multiplesized MoBins™ can be easily attached, and then removed from when needed.Additional products include a wall mounted tool organizer, and a tool box that combinesboth the benefits of the MoBins™ with a tool organizer. Mr. Tal Presenty, CEO/Founder +972 9 796 4147 +972 54 201 8162 Hall 4.1 B35a tal@combwise.com www.combwise.com
  4. 4. D.F. Omer Ltd.D.F. Omer Ltd. develops, produces, and markets high quality, innovative items for the gardenand home. From the first steps of new product creation, the company emphasizes the needto combine design creativity with flexible manufacturing solutions, to guarantee reliabilityand competitive prices. We operate with a dynamic and innovative approach, to provide afast and appropriate response to the changing needs of customers worldwide, whileensuring compliance with various international standards. We make preserving the environment our top priority. Mr. Hagai Chass, Sales & Marketing Director +972 3 644 4890 +972 52 444 8506 Hall 5.1 B83 hagai_ao@inter.net.il www.dfomer.com
  5. 5. Gator ClampsGATOR CLAMPS has generated tremendous excitement on the clamping scene.With new ideas in both products and merchandising, we have stimulated growth within thiscategory in standards, quality, relevance and exposure. We are committed to providingtruly original products whose added value is derived from our own research, design anddevelopment. Our products are inherently stronger and easier to use.We supply our products to major retailers and distributors with our own GATOR CLAMPS™brand or customer’s own brand. Mr. Shai Shechter, Marketing Manager +972 4 987 2589 +972 50 646 3799 Hall 4.1 B35d shai@gatorclamps.biz www.gatorclamps.biz
  6. 6. Heaven + EarthHeaven + Earth develops and produces innovative consumer products for the DIY and retailmarkets. Whether its environmentally-friendly products – Knock-Down Rain Barrels,Hand Tools – Clamps and Guides, or Flat-Packed Designer Lampshades, we always find away to offer added value to the customer and ultimately the consumer. We offer high visualand logistically-friendly packaging, and high visual in-store merchandising. Ms. Kim Taylor, Marketing and Sales +972 4 698 6235 +972 52 429 4343 Hall 4.1 E10g kimltaylor@hotmail.com
  7. 7. Hop Engineering Ltd.Hop Engineering manufactures the PTH Water Improver to control scale damage in watersystems. The company also markets biometric locks.The PTH was tested by the Standards Institution of Israel and was approved for use indrinking water. Hop Engineering has implemented and maintains the 9002 qualitymanagement system.The PTH is installed in private homes and apartment buildings. It is also installed forindustrial use in cooling towers, heat exchangers and boilers in factories such as CocaCola, Samsung, and others. Mr. Roni Levy, Export Manager +972 3 717 5408 +972 52 386 8523 Hall 4.1 B35b roni@hop-pth.co.il www.hop-pth.co.il
  8. 8. Huliot Marketing (1994) Ltd.Huliot specializes in manufacturing contemporary, sophisticated DIY storage products,highly durable office systems, as well as commercial storage solutions for medical,technical and industrial applications.All products are designed to maximize the efficiency and utility of storage solutionsthrough modularity in assembly and use.Huliot means interlinking elements. We design every product as an interchangeablecomponent within a flexible system. Each element is available in multiple sizes, and all aredesigned to complement and inter-assemble with each other. Mr. Yuval Kaddar, CEO +972 3 688 9980 +972 52 428 9289 Hall 4.1 B31 yuvalk@huliot.com
  9. 9. Magen eco-Energy (a.c.s.) Ltd.Magen eco-Energy has grown into a world leader specializing in the R&D, production andmarketing of ecological and economical solutions for: Solar heating for swimming pools,spas and Jacuzzi, Water Solar Heating and pre-heating, Water Purification systems (saltchlorinators) for swimming pools and Plastic Heat Exchangers for industrial andagricultural applications.All of Magen’s solar solutions (Heliocol®, Sunstar®, eco-Flare®, eco-Spark®, and Heat-Kit ®)are made of specially formulated polymeric material, stabilized against sustained UVradiation, extreme weather conditions and aging. Mrs. Dina Bernstein, Marketing +972 8 998 4664 +972 54 791 5884 Hall 4.1 C28 dinab@magen-ecoenergy.com www.magen-ecoenergy.com
  10. 10. Noga WaterCareThe company provides a variety of water treatment solutions for home and office useunder the Noga WaterCare™ brand. Temed wholesales its products in Israel to dealersnationwide. Tens of thousands of Noga WaterCare™ dispensers and other filtrationsystems can be found in the private and business sectors across the country.Noga WaterCare products are imported mainly from China, from manufacturers operatingaccording to US and European standards. The products are also manufactured accordingto the Standards Institution of Israels 1505 standard. Mr. Avi Shapira, General Manager +972 3 923 5631 +972 52 293 9742 Hall 4.1 B35e info@nogawater.com www.nogawater.com
  11. 11. Plasgad Plastic Products ACS Ltd.Plasgad, specializes in plastic injection molding, manufacturing innovative, cost-effective,fully recyclable, high quality plastic products.Based on more than 30 years experience, Plasgad’s two advanced manufacturing sites,located in Israel, offer automated, robot-assisted, leading edge technology usingsuccessfully recycled and recyclable material, backed by a pro-active R&D team.Plasgads products range from tiny parts to large, heavy duty crates and pallets. Mr. Jacob Ashdot, VP Sales +972 4 693 9485 +972 50 741 4219 Hall 4.1 C30 export@plasgad.com www.plasgad.com
  12. 12. Red Tool Box Ltd.Were an innovative DIY company whose philosophy is based on creating opportunities forparents and their children to spend time together as they work, create, and have fun. It is achance to spend quality “team-time” while building cool creations made out of wood.The brand includes a variety of specially designed tools and over 40 exciting DIY projects.The tools are specially designed to suit a child’s grip. It also offers an adjustable workbenchuniquely designed to enable a comfortable work process. Mr. Sean Movsowitz, VP Marketing & Sales +972 9 766 3803 +972 54 322 4501 Hall 10.1 B55 sean@red-toolbox.com www.red-toolbox.com
  13. 13. Spiral Supports Ltd.The Spiral Support is a patented, fine tunable shelf support. It is used exactly like anyordinary shelf support. However, whenever needed, it can easily be fine tuned in order toachieve perfect shelving. Pin Size: 5 mm or ¼”. Colors: Clear, White, Light Brown, Dark Brown,Black. Mr. Shimshon Fischer, Sales and Marketing Manager +972 77 934 3396 +972 54 520 2066 Hall 4.1 B35f shimshon@spiralsupports.com www.spiralsupports.com
  14. 14. Sycamore Israel (1994) Ltd.The Sycamore Group is focused on the development and marketing of specialist cleaningwipes. All our wipes are produced in cutting-edge facilities that are dedicated to theproduction of wipes. This provides us with the unique ability to develop specific solutionsand to manufacture specialist wipes across all sectors, including Industrial & Institutional,Automotive, DIY and Household, while being mindful of the environment. Sycamore strives,to the best of its ability, to reduce environmental impact through its environmentalmanagement system. Ms. Meirav Peled, International Market Manager +972 3 923 7333 +972 54 668 8889 Hall 5.1 B81 meiravpeled@sycamoreisr.com www.sycamoreisr.com
  15. 15. TRMG BH LTD.Gripo Tools was established by two partners in order to introduce new and creativesolutions for both the professional user and the private customer. The companys productsbring a new and refreshing perspective to tasks that are mandatory for the professionaland private sectors. We make it easier to paint, coat, clean, tile and more. We have a list ofpatented products that are scheduled to come out next year. Mr. Shay Luria, CEO +972 4 858 3148 +972 50 776 1541 Hall 4.1 B35c shay@trmg.co.il ; shay@gripotools.com
  16. 16. W.P.W. Engineering Ltd.Founded in 1959, WPW is a leading manufacturer andexporter of professional quality tungsten carbide woodworkingcutting tools.Designed for quality cutting, efficiency and long tool life, WPW cutting tools are used in thewoodworking industry worldwide.Our lines: Professional Carbide tipped and Solid Carbide Router Bits Boring Bits and Plug Cutters Countersink Bits with innovative depth adjustment "Woodpecker" – economical line of Router Bits "Click & Drill" Quick-Change system for drilling, countersinking and screw driving Mr. Michael Ravid, General Manager +972 4 998 9482, ext. 103 +972 +972 57 490 6677, +972 54 490 6677 Hall 4.1 B35 michael@wpw.co.il www.wpw.co.il
  17. 17. Inspired by innovation • Partnering for successIsrael Export InstituteThe Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by member firms, privatesector bodies and the government of Israel, advances business relationships betweenIsraeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations.The Institute is committed to bringing together Home Improvement & DIY buyers with theproducts they seek and the manufacturers that suit their needs, ensuring that peoplethroughout the world benefit from the innovation, quality and market adaptability of Israel’sHome Improvement & DIY industry. Ms. Caroline Nave, Business Development Manager, Home and Family Products +972 3 514 2982 +972 54 457 8127 Hall 4.1 B35a nave@export.gov.il www.export.gov.il