E-book for the New York International Gift Fair 2013


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E-book for the New York International Gift Fair 2013

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E-book for the New York International Gift Fair 2013

  1. 1. The Israel Export &International Cooperation Institute New York International Gift Fair Winter 2013 Javits Convention Center General Gift Hall ▯ January 27-30, 2013 Handmade Hall ▯ January 26-29, 2013
  2. 2. Anat Mayer • General Gift, Booth 2381Anat hand-made work is characterized by the use of Israeli motifs suchas those mentioned in Deuteronomy (8,8): Israeli motifs have become hertrademark and she successfully combines Jewish tradition with the Israelispirit of current days.Lately, Anat designed a new series of Seder Plates: 7 Species, Miriam andJerusalem.Anat uses a unique method to create those Seder Plates, and basicallycreates a very light product as opposed to the Seder Plate size.Anat’s work brings the spirit of Israel to your heart and home.Mrs. Anat Mayer ▯ CEO ▯ +972 3 642 5677 ▯ +972 3 6419284amayer@bezeqint.net ▯ http://www.anatmayer.com/
  3. 3. Azoulay Art • General Gift, Booth 2385Daniel Azoulay is a prolific Israeli artist who hasbeen creating Judaica for over twenty years. Aprize-winning graduate of the prestigious BezalelArt Academy in Jerusalem, he has exhibited ingalleries and museums in Israel, Europe and the USAAll of Daniel’s art reflect traditional aspects of therich Jewish experience, with a careful attention todetails of design, color and execution.Mr. Daniel Azoulay ▯ +972 2 992 4202 ▯ +972 2 992 4404azoulayart@bezeqint.net ▯ http://www.artofketubot.com
  4. 4. Cheinit • Handmade, Booth 342Cheinit Distribution LLC has earned the reputation as a trustworthysupplier of high quality fashion jewelry worldwide. As an experiencedexporting company familiar with U.S. quality standards, specifications andrequirements it is appreciated by its business partners both in the U.S. andworldwide.Excellent service, reliability and innovation are key words that characterizethe company.This value-added access to a wide spectrum of competitively priced fashionjewelry collections benefits the entire supply chain.Our goal is to establish a successful long lasting partnership with ourcustomers (expertise in chain stores, department stores and mail ordercatalogues).Ms. Cheinit Sharoni ▯ CEO ▯ +972 9 749 8899 ▯ +001 212 843 5890cheinit@cheinit.com ▯ http://www.cheinit.com
  5. 5. Gabrieli Hand Weaving • General Gift, Booth 2387Gabrieli Tallit - “Gabrieli Weaving” was founded in 1964 by Malka Gabrieli.Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shops located in Old Jaffa and downtownJerusalem creating hand-woven, hand-loomed Gabrieli tallit sets in silk, wool& cotton. Gabrieli Tallit is the No1 manufacturer of Tallit in Israel. We alsomake beautiful Judaica products, wedding presents, Bar & Bat Mitzva giftsand unique art work.Mr. Arik Gabrieli ▯ CEO ▯ +972 2 623 3938 ▯ +972 3 623 3938jill.gabrielistore@gmail.com ▯ http://www.gabrieli.co.il
  6. 6. ITHIL Metal Works Ltd. • Handmade, Booth 344ITHIL began its operations in 1998. The company designs and manufacturessilver jewelry and silver & gold combinations.ITHIL Metal Works presents an artistic range of modern handcrafted jewelryinspired by movement and colorThe company target markets are Israel, U.S.A., Canada, UK, France, andAustralia.Mr. Israel Ben Haroush ▯ CEO ▯ +001 866 682 1944contact@ithilmetalworks.com ▯ http://www.ithilmetalworks.com
  7. 7. King Solomon Wisdom • General Gift, Booth 2377King Solomon Wisdom TM is delighted to introduce an ancient source ofwisdom – the Seals of King Solomon.A complete collection of 44 Seals, containing different mystical codes thatare intended to guard, protect, relax, heal people and help in difficult timesin life.Fourteen of these seals are made of 925 Sterling Silver.More in the collection are the Key of Soul, Kabala Treasures, new collection2013 of Israel Tribe pendant &combine with Astrological signs.Mr. Joseph Kefir ▯ CEO ▯ +972 3 686 9999 ▯ +972 54 492 4110info@kingsolomonseals.com ▯ http://www.kingsolomonseals.com
  8. 8. Richard • General Gift, Booth 2389In the “Richard” company, we put all our love in working with silver metal; aunique and noble material.Our products collection includes premium unique products, yet useful andmeaningful. “Richard” items always transmit a message of prestige.Our products, which are uniquely designed by “Hazorfim” home designers,include gifts that represent the land of Israel, unique Judaica items, luxuriousgifts for premium customers, retirees presents and prestigious promotiongifts in lower budgets.Mr. Elad Navama ▯ Director of Operation, USA ▯ +001 646 714 9318elad@alphanyc.com ▯ http://www.Richard1952.com
  9. 9. Tzuki Art • General Gift, Booth 2379Shay Peled is the artist behind the name Tzuki Art beautiful creations.Peled’s handmade designs combine humor and spirituality. Tzuki’s extensivecollection includes unique Judaica art and modern pop art sculptures.Tzuki’s work is sold to galleries, museum shops and boutiques all over Israeland around the world. Tzuki Design Studio largely contributes to Israelisociety by providing various elderly organizations with different types oftherapeutic work. All the artwork is handmade and manufactured in Israel.Mr. Shay Peled ▯ Artist ▯ +972 3 682 3576 ▯ +972 52 559 4713info@tzukistudio.com ▯ http://www.tzukistudio.com
  10. 10. The Israel Export &International Cooperation InstituteThe Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI)The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by memberfirms, Private-sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances businessrelationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses andorganizations.By providing a wide range of export oriented services to Israeli companies andcomplementary services to the international business community, the Institutehelps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnershipsaround the world.Mr. Roy Vigodsky ▯ Business Development Manager, Jewelry and Giftware29 Hamered St., Tel Aviv 68125, Israel ▯ +972 3 514 2862+972 3 514 2985 ▯ royv@export.gov.il ▯ http://www.export.gov.il This publication is for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct, The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute assumes no responsibility for damages, financial or otherwise, caused by the information herein. © January 2013 The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Production: IEICI Media & Production Division ● Editing: Tally Yogev ● Design: Nava Gur