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Cosmoprof Asia Companies Presentation


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Cosmoprof Asia Companies Presentation

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Cosmoprof Asia Companies Presentation

  1. 1. Participating Companies A. Meshi Cosmetics Industries Ltd. Alona Shechter Ltd. B.4.U Laboratories CTS Canaan - Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. Dr. Wipe Emilia Cosmetics Gamila Ltd. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories JENORIS - Hair Perfection Kamedis - Bio Herbal Skin Treatments Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs PeerPharm Ltd. Secret of Youth Spa Cosmetics Ltd.
  2. 2. A. Meshi Cosmetics Industries Ltd. Products: Dead Sea & Black Caviar Products, Professional Hair Care Products Mon Platin meets the strictest demands, whether in the development of a skin care product line that enables the skin to express its full beauty potential, or our range of hair products making hair shine with health. At Mon Platin, all resources, innovative thinking and years of experience are concentrated on providing their customers products with the highest possible quality.
  3. 3. Professionals complex care for each type of hair The two-phase absorption technology for developing unique universal hair care products, enabling inclusion of a number of actions in a single bottle.
  4. 4. Alona Shechter Ltd. Products: Beauty products and health-care treatment Alona Shechter Ltd. offers natural beauty products that combine medicinal herbs, vitamins, jade powder, enzymes andminerals fromthe Dead Sea. The products are unique in their particularly high concentration of active ingredients, which creates a magical and winning combination. The products are made for men and women, especially for those with extremely delicate and sensitive skin.
  5. 5. B.4.U Laboratories Products: Advanced skin care and certified organic products B4U Ltd. is a well established manufacturer of advanced anti-aging skin care and Ecocert certified organic cosmetics. B4U supplies in - house brands and create Private Labels for other firms, even in small quantities, direct from Israel or through a subsidiary branch in the Netherlands.
  6. 6. Brightening Cream An advanced formulation for skin brightening of the entire face. Sebum Control Based on Resistem™ - Obtained by Stem Cell culture - your anti aging body guard. A complete line for oily and problematic skin.
  7. 7. CTS Products: Rx and OTC medications, derma-cosmetics and toiletries CTS, a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company, develops, manufactures and markets high-quality OTC, prescription, generic and branded pharmaceuticals, life-cycle products, dermo-cosmetic and toiletry lines. Leading lines: Femina intimate wash, Chakra cosmetics, Whitening cosmetics, skin treatment line based on lactic ingredients and specialty toothpastes.
  8. 8. A treatment line which offers immediate relief for delicate, dry and irritated skin. Based on natural lactic components. Pampering body creams with Vitamin E and cooling effect (menthol). With whitening effect
  9. 9. A New Dimension in Feminine Hygiene Based on Chakra concept - for balance and wellbeing.
  10. 10. Canaan - Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. Products: Dead Sea and organic cosmetics, hair care and spa products, nail color and nail care, sun care products Chic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products: Canaan: Dead Sea line (skin care body and SPA products) Canaan Organics: Ecocert certified linewith olive oil, Mogador: skin care and hair carewith Aragan oil, nail polish, nail care products and sun care products. Chic provides private label manufacturing services, including research & development and quality assurance.
  11. 11. Dr. Wipe Products: Specialty in wet wipes Dan Mor develops and manufactures impregnated wipes for Cosmetic, Personal Hygiene andMedical use. Dan Mor is a global private label specialist, offering a wide range of products, with specialty formulations, advanced artwork technology, GMP and ISO approvals, diversified packaging and production flexibility.
  12. 12. Dead Sea Wipes A high quality cosmetic line based on the minerals of the Dead Sea minerals Glamour girl wipes Especially soft cosmetics wipes for girls • Sensitive Make Up Remover Wipes • Facial Active Cleaning Wipes • Gym Class Wipes • Teenager Intimate Wipes Organic Wipes Wide range of wipes with Natural- Bio formulas, use all biodegradable and natural active ingredients
  13. 13. Hair Color Remover Efficiently removes hair dye from skin. Fiber Boost Professional hair building fibers. Using the product thin hair , bald spots or beginning hair loss. It provides total coverage and an ultimately natural appearance. Antigone Disinfection leader in salons, spas, and barbershops. • Spray • Wipe • Concentrate
  14. 14. Emilia Cosmetics Products: Facial Care / Anti-Aging, Spa and Body, Sun Care, Baby Care, Hair Care, OTC, Men’s Grooming, Oral Care, Fragrances, Dead Sea. Emilia Cosmetics is one of the largest producers of Private Label / Contract Manufacturing Health and Beauty Products in the world. Emilia Cosmetics offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the development, production and packaging of personal care products for leading retailers and brand owners globally. In addition to their certified private label production capabilities, they also identify high growth categories and develop uniquely positioned innovative ranges under “Exclusive Brands”, which are made available for distribution under license in each geographic market.
  15. 15. FORMULATING YOUR SUCCESS Your End-To-End Health And Beauty Care Partner for Private Label & Contract Manufacturing
  16. 16. FORMULATING YOUR SUCCESS Innovative ranges distributed as Exclusive Brands under license. Examples include:
  17. 17. Gamila Ltd. Products: Cosmetics products made of natural olive oil. Gamila Ltd. is a world leader in producing natural beauty products made out of natural olive oils and natural herbs grown only in the Galilee. With no artificial colors or fragrances involved, the Gamila's soaps and cosmetics are gentle, and boast restorative qualities that fight aging and skin diseases containing no animal derivatives. Gamila Cosmetic global products are based on Galilee herbs and olive oil, among other oils. Unique blending lean on ancient knowledge as well as clinic researches, bringing a natural products' where their touch improve both skin and soul. After 40 years of experience Gamila's natural soaps and cosmetics are found millions of homes around the world from Japan to the USA and from the UK to Australia.
  18. 18. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories Products: Professional cosmetics Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories, established in 1957, is the largest professional cosmetics producer in Israel, providing more than 400 products for beauticians, clinics, dermatologists and spas. This year Gigi Cosmetics introduces the Bioplasma line which is formulated with a new treatment complex comprising of a blend of algae indigenous to the North Sea, which treats ten signs of anti aging: Wrinkles, Dilated Pores, Coarse Texture, Dryness, Spots, Diminished Radiance, Color Change, Redness, Change in Elasticity & Pimples and Blackheads. This line is also effective in balancing oily and problematic skin. Gigi will also launch their Ester C line which reverses sun damage and restores skin to a brighter & healthier look.
  19. 19. JENORIS – Hair Perfection Products: Hair care products Jenoris hair care products hold a revolutionary concept, based on natural qualities and selected raw ingredients. Jenoris entire product line is enriched with Pistachio and Borage oils. Those luxurious and highly effective essences provide the hair with essential Omega 3, 6 and 9, nourishing the hair with health and strength and accelerating the regeneration of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Jenoris stands for dynamic pace of life and vitality.
  20. 20. Kamedis Bio Herbal Skin Treatments Products: Clinically tested skin care products based on medicinal herbs Kamedis® Laboratories is a research oriented dermatology company, which focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of clinically proven products especially designed to enhance skin health, based on naturally potent active ingredients sourced ofmedicinal plants. Kamedis® Products are clinically and dermatological tested. The products contain natural herbal extracts developed by unique extraction techniques to purify and enhance the active ingredients, demonstrating the outstanding results that can be achieved when balancing the distinct powers of various extracts. The products are proven highly effective in the treatment and prevention of various skin conditions
  21. 21. Our Mission: To provide advanced solutions For the treatment and relief of skin conditions
  22. 22. TOPICMedis Body Cream Forte Our innovative solution for long-termtreatment and relief of itchy, red, dry and irritated skin
  23. 23. Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs Products: Herbal paramedical skin care treatments and cosmetics Moraz paramedical skin care treatments and cosmetics are based on 100% natural active ingredients, healing plant extracts, mainly the Polygonum, grown organically in the Galilee. Innovative technology of high herbal extraction, provides a natural solution for an array of skin problems. Many ofMoraz’s products have been clinically proven.
  24. 24. Polygonum Most of Moraz’s products are based on the remarkable Polygonum, commonly known as Knotgrass. The rich mineral soil and unique climate of the Galilee enhance the remarkable healing power of the Polygonum.
  25. 25. Para Medical ● Derma Cosmetics ● Baby ● Pregnancy ● Sun Herbal Skin Care Remedies
  26. 26. PeerPharmLtd. Products: skin care and hair care cosmetics products PeerPharm Ltd. is a skincare and haircare developer and manufacturer. Innovative, breakthrough anti-aging & hydrating formulas are being applied in a wide range of PeerPharm brands – Frulatte, Arganicare, Mineralium, Vitalderm, Mediskin, Spa Pharma, Kreogen. Peer Pharm provides Private Label services for international market.
  27. 27. A perfect mix of fruit extracts, essential oils and an unforgettable fragrance reflects the spirit of every product. Frulatte symbolizes all the sweetness of fruits mixed with the softness ofmilk.
  28. 28. Revolutionary natural salt free haircarewith certified organic oils of argan and shea. Our innovative formulas are unmatched and provide extraordinary results. Infuses the hair with intense moisture, designed to penetrate the hair shaft, leaving it strong and soft.
  29. 29. Secret of Youth Products: Natural cosmetic & derma-cosmetic products Secret of Youth develops & produces Natural Derma cosmetic products. They offer a natural cosmetic alternative for a variety of skin conditions. All the products contain the highest level of natural ingredients. Including two series: Botanic Synergy – Derma-cosmetic products for a variety of skin disorders (psoriasis, acne and more). The products are patent protected. Eco-Natural – natural skin care products for all types of skin (anti-ageing, oily skin and more). Certified according to ISO-9001, ISO-22716.
  30. 30. SO-YOUTH – Treatment Complex for acne The products contains fruits, vegetables combining with Sepi-Control - innovative component that reduce the sebumproduction and eventually reduce the cause of Acne
  31. 31. Spa Cosmetics Ltd. Products: Dead Sea and organic cosmetic products Spa Cosmetics offers 25 lines of its own label as well as Private Label manufacturing. The factory, certified to produce organic products by Ecocert Greenlife France, is ISO 9001 & 22716 (Cosmetics GMP) certified. Each item has been carefully formulated and packaged to reflect the quality of Spa Cosmetics products.
  32. 32. Join us! Happy Hour: November 12 & 13 12:00 Noon Hall 1E, Stand L6B
  33. 33. Ms. Nitzan Paicov Manager Cosmetics and Toiletries The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Tel: +972-3-514-2993 Fax: +972-3-514-2985 E-mail: Website: