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מכון היצוא- ישראל בתערוכת קוסמופרוף בולוניה 2012


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מכון היצוא- ישראל בתערוכת קוסמופרוף בולוניה 2012

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מכון היצוא- ישראל בתערוכת קוסמופרוף בולוניה 2012

  1. 1. For the For theSENSES PAMPERING• Softness • Spa• Scent • Clinic• Splendor • Salon• Smoothness • HomeCOME TO BEAUTY BY ISRAEL
  2. 2. Look better, feel better, be better Natural, organic and conventional formulations For premium and mass markets Hot and sunny climate: skincare excellence Dead Sea ingredients with curative properties Local plants and herbs
  3. 3. Make your business look better too Industrial and boutique production Advanced research and laboratories Modern manufacturing methods Superior container and package designs Meet Ecocert and other international standards Private label production
  4. 4. Chains like Target , Sephora and Boots feature Israeli cosmetics and toiletries. Come see why.
  5. 5. ActiveHall 14 A7 Products: Aesthetical and dermatological equipment Why meet Active Active Optical Systems develops and manufactures intense-light and RF- based technology for aesthetic and medical applications. Actives products are designed to achieve optimal results in acne treatment, hair removal, skin rejuvenation & tightening, body contouring, cellulite reduction, vascular treatment, tattoo and pigment lesion removal.
  6. 6. ActiveHall 14 A7
  7. 7. B4UHall 29 B36-C35 Products: Advanced skin care and certified organic products Why meet B4U B4U Ltd. is a well established manufacturer of advanced anti-aging skin care and Ecocert certified organic cosmetics. We supply our house brands and create private labels for other firms, even in small quantities, direct from Israel or through our subsidiary in Holland.
  8. 8. B4UHall 29 B36-C35
  9. 9. Chic Cosmetic IndustriesHall 29 B23F Products: Dead Sea and organic cosmetics, hair care and spa products Why meet Chic Cosmetic Industries Chic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products (Dead Sea – Canaan skin and body care, SPA, Canaan Organics and Mogador hair care, make- up & nail products). Chic provides private label manufacturing services, including research & development and quality assurance.
  10. 10. Chic Cosmetic IndustriesHall 29 B23F
  11. 11. Dan MorHall 29 B23E Natural & Chemical Products Ltd. Products: Specialty wet wipes Why meet Dan Mor Dan Mor develops and produces impregnated wipes for cosmetic, personal health and medical use. We are a global private label specialist, offering a wide range of products, quality control, advanced artwork technology, Ecocert and CE approvals, diversified packaging and production flexibility.
  12. 12. Dan MorHall 29 B23E Natural & Chemical Products Ltd.
  13. 13. Jenoris – Hair PerfectionHall 29 B23D Products: Professional hair care products Why meet Jenoris Jenoris hair care products hold a revolutionary concept, based on natural qualities and selected raw ingredients. Jenoris entire product line is enriched with Pistachio and Borage oils. Those luxurious and highly effective essences provide the hair with essential Omega 3, 6 and 9, nourishing the hair with health and strength and accelerating the regeneration of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Jenoris stands for dynamic pace of life and vitality.
  14. 14. Jenoris – Hair PerfectionHall 29 B23D
  15. 15. LeorexHall 29 B23C Products: Dermo Cosmetic Products Why meet Leorex Leorex Ltd. has been developing, manufacturing and selling unique dermo-cosmetic products since 2004. Leorex has developed a skin treatment, registered patent technology based on micro silica particles network that physically lifts and flatten the wrinkles.
  16. 16. LeorexHall 29 B23C
  17. 17. NatureScent – FaranHall 25N B74 Products: Natural, organic, Ecocert certified, face & body care products Why meet NatureScent – Faran Inspired by the Ramon Crater, FARAN/NatureScent offers effective natural products created to promote a better feeling and appearance for men, women and children. Treating bodies from head to toe, Faran’s pure and natural products have been formulated using only the best ingredients nature can provide.
  18. 18. NatureScent – FaranHall 25N B74
  19. 19. Pharma CosmeticsHall 14 A11 Products: Dermaceutical and cosmeceutical skin care products Why meet Pharma Cosmetics Pharma Cosmetics Ltd. formulates and manufactures dermaceutical skin care formulations blending scientifically proven ingredients and botanical extracts for result-oriented treatment products. Its portfolio includes Holyland professional cosmeceuticals, organic certified products as well as customized private label services.
  20. 20. Pharma CosmeticsHall 14 A11
  21. 21. Secret of YouthHall 29 B23B Products: Cosmetic & derma-cosmetic products Why meet Secret of Youth Botanic Synergy – derma-cosmetic products containing active ingredients from fruits & vegetables with healing properties for various skin problems. Eco-Natural – natural skin care products for all types of skin. Certified under ISO-9001 ISO-22716 and ISRAEL M.O.H. We will continue to develop, manufacture and sell cosmetic products from natural ingredients.
  22. 22. Secret of YouthHall 29 B23B
  23. 23. Spa CosmeticsHall 29 B23A Products: Dead Sea and organic cosmetic products Why meet Spa Cosmetics Spa Cosmetics offers 14 lines of its own labels as well as private label manufacturing. Our factory, certified to produce organic products by Ecocert Greenlife France, is ISO 9001 & 22716 (Cosmetics GMP) certified. Each item has been carefully formulated and packaged to reflect the quality of our products.
  24. 24. Spa CosmeticsHall 29 B23B
  25. 25. Stak PlastHall 19 B4 Products: Plastic packages for cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceutical industries Why meet Stak Plast Stak Plast provides flexible services by accepting both small and large quantity tailor made orders and by registering new products and special orders in short periods of time. By providing full service packaging under one roof, customers save time and effort in acquiring high quality products. The decorating department offers three different processes – Silk-screen Printing, Tampon Printing and Hot stamping.
  26. 26. Stak PlastHall 19 B4
  27. 27. You want the best for your customers.You want the best for you.Come visit the Israeli pavilionAt 2012.
  28. 28. Contact Information:Ms. Eti PrishBusiness Development ManagerCosmetics and ToiletriesThe Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteTel: +972-3-514-2993Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: