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Killed ideas


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Killed Ideas: Targeting a Highly Specific B2B Audience by Engaging Them Around Their Passions

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Killed ideas

  1. 1. Targeting a Highly Specific B2B Audience by Engaging Them Around Their Passions Robin Goldberg & Andrew Strickman
  2. 2. TODAY • Killed Ideas Encapsulated • 7 Key Insights ‣ Leave the Surprises At Home ‣ Marry The Offline With The Online ‣ Set Objectives, Optimize Throughout ‣ Don’t Lose Momentum ‣ Know Your Target, Know Their Influencers ‣ The Last Thing To Remember ‣ Provide Value to Those Who Matter
  3. 3. Our Target: The Agency Creative
  4. 4. KEY CAMPAIGN DRIVERS Advocacy Amplification
  5. 5. Entry/Title Entry/Title Spongeman The #1 Celebrity News Magazine Category/Medium Category/Medium Advert/TV Commercial Online Classifieds Creators Creators Marco Kaye/Marcio Kelmanson/ Peter Bossio/Julie Filippo Euro RSCG New York Location Location Woodside, New York Brooklyn, New York Stop the Presses We’re All Sponges on the Inside This gossip magazine holds a Our bodies are made up of 65% reputation for sensationalism, and water. Do you really want yours this tongue in cheek ad campaign from the tap? Enter Spongeman. turns that reputation on its ear. This playful ad campaign illustrates Turning allegations and accusa- the need to refresh and replenish, tions into the strongest brand naturally. We all try to do what’s position ever, this mock up cover healthy for our bodies—why screams “Bring It” to whiny should choosing our water be any naysayers with ethics everywhere. di erent? Spongeman—he’s just like us, only more porous. Curator Note Sometimes a brand needs to Curator Note embrace the reality it’s been Once we all get past the notion dealt—rather than trying to paint bottled water is nothing more Entry/Title an otherwise unrepresentative than a means for companies to Crash and fictitiously rosy picture. We charge people for something that’s all know what this magazine is otherwise free, we can appreciate about and so does this campaign. Category/Medium this water campaign. Spongeman It’s about attorneys, restraining Advert/TV Commercial is an adorable creature who loses orders and informants. When it’s water, as we all do, while he goes that simple, there’s no need to through his daily activities. He is Creator(s) sugarcoat. very generous with his water, but Jeremy Chin/Marcio Kelmanson since this is an ad campaign, there SFX: SIREN BLASTING THE VOLV is a bottle at the end of his travels Location and yes, he hydrates. OPEN ON A SHOT OF THE VERY FIRST Brooklyn, New York VOLVO IN THE U.S. STARTING TO MOVE INSIDE A CRASH TEST SITE. SFX: Siren Blasting The car crashes into a wall. I Brake For Safety Open on a shot of the this company’s first car in Entry/Title This kinetic TV ad uses clever the U.S. starting to move inside a crash test site. Co ee Cola editing to announce big advances Category/Medium in car technology. It highlights this Print Advertising car’s pre-emptive braking feature that makes the impossible… Creators possible. A “crash-less” crash test. Ryan Landels/Christina Ferguson/ Andrew Waruszewski/Matthew Inspiring consumer confidence by Gilna/Bear McCreary/Michael contrasting the flurry of advances Frederick/Blaise Hossain/ with the calmness of a nonchalant Jeanine Hass engineer, this TV spot accents the Location brand message. Culver City, California Liquid Crack SFX: SIREN BLASTING Curator Note THE VOLVO CRASHES INTO A WALL. THE CAMERA FOLLOWS THE NOW What’s wrong with Cola? Not For years, automobile manufactur- CRUMPLED CAR AS IT CRASHES THROUGH enough ca eine. This thirty- OPEN ON A SHOT OF THE VERY FIRST ers have subjected us to clinical THE WALL AND EXPLODES OUT THE second commercial introduces a VOLVO IN THE U.S. STARTING TO MOVE THE VOLVO CRASHES touting WALL.vehicle’s crash tests INTO A their The camera follows the now crumpled car as it THE CAMERA FOLLOWS THE NOW OTHER SIDE AS A 1959 VOLVO. The camera now follows this car as it explodes SFX: SIREN BLASTING unique “eye-opener” of a beverage. THE CAMERA NOWcomes out the other side as INSIDE A CRASH TEST SITE. crash-worthiness. Boring, right? crashes through the wall and explodes out the CRUMPLED CAR AS IT CRASHES THROUGH through the wall and FOLLOWS THIS CAR AS It follows a sleepy young woman as ITEXPLODES THROUGH THE WALL AND OPEN ON A SHOT OF THE VERY FIRST she mistakenly makes her morning Wouldn’t it be more interesting otherWALL AND EXPLODES OUT THE THE side as a 1959 model. a 1966 model. VOLVO IN THE U.S. STARTING TO MOVE OTHER SIDE AS A 1959 VOLVO. COMES OUT THE OTHER SIDE AS co ee with cola instead of water. if the creative idea were all about A 1966 VOLVO. INSIDE A CRASH TEST SITE. Instead of relying on dialog, this spot uses sound design, domestic how the vehicle could avoid a visuals, and a heavy voiceover collision in the first place? That’s allowing viewers to discover the what this historical compendium product as the character does. of this company’s crash test history Curator Note: accomplishes. While highlighting Most everyone has had that early the vehicle’s safety record, the morning moment when, in a state commercial also introduces a new of bleary-eyed grogginess, we’ve fumbled about the kitchen shaking feature that eliminates the need salt instead of sugar or orange juice for crash tests once and for all. instead of milk onto our cereal. So it’s entirely conceivable a person could, instead of a bottle of water, grab a bottle of cola with which to make her co ee. And that’s why this commercial works so well. That and the not-so-unattractive THE CAMERA NOW FOLLOWS THIS CAR AS SUDDENLY THE PACE OF THE CRASHES Eventually, the car explodes through the wall as an EVENTUALLY, THE CAR EXPLODES EVENTUALLY, THE CAR EXPLODES SFX: A A SE SFX: SER model playing the bleary-eyed, ITEXPLODES THROUGH THE WALL AND SPEEDS UP TO A FERVENT RATE. immaculate 2007model. AS AN IMMACULATE THROUGH THE WALL AS AN IMMACULATE THROUGH THE WALL CUT TO TH CUT TO T groggy person in said scenario. COMES OUT THE OTHER SIDE AS GENERATIONS OF VOLVOS PASS US BY. 2007 VOLVO S80. 2007 VOLVO S80. SHOULDER SHOULDE THE CAMERA NOW FOLLOWS THIS CAR AS A 1966 VOLVO. SUDDENLY THE PACE OF THE CRASHES DRESSED M DRESSED ITEXPLODES THROUGH THE WALL AND SPEEDS UP TO A FERVENT RATE. WE SEE A A WE SEE W COMES OUT THE OTHER SIDE AS GENERATIONS OF VOLVOS PASS US BY. A 1966 VOLVO.
  6. 6. KILLED IDEAS SCORECARD Forecasts Actual Low: 556,000 Campaign Reach High: 846,000 834,000 Low: 24,500 Traffic, Uniques High: 31,000 35,800 Direct Referrals To 11.2% Sources: Traffic data from Google Analytics, & Coverage: Google Analytics, agency estimates
  7. 7. So What Did We Learn?
  8. 8. The Content Concepts
  9. 9. Plan Well, Leave The Surprises At Home...
  12. 12. REPEAT
  13. 13. Set Objectives, Optimize Throughout
  14. 14. WOM IN ACTION: SWISS-MISS, A K.I. FAN Personalized Blog posting Outreach 44,000 uniques/ from our month Agency multiple onward tweets from followers... tweets KI to 3,300 followers
  15. 15. Know Your Audience, Know Their Influencers
  16. 16. @killedideas Follower Bios: On Target Word Cloud generated from bios of @killedideas followers using Twittersheep
  17. 17. Follow You, Add Value, Follow Me
  18. 18. Your Ide a Deserve s Better
  19. 19. Marry the Offline With the Online
  20. 20. Votes Due KI’s Due Extended Vol. 1 Due Vol. 1 Release Extended 00 00 00 00 0 24-Feb 28-Feb 4-Mar 8-Mar 12-Mar 16-Mar 20-Mar 24-Mar 28-Mar 1-Apr 5-Apr 9-Apr 13-Apr 17-Apr 21-Apr 25-Apr 29-Apr 3-May 7-May 11-May 15-May 19-May 23-May 27-May 31-May 4-Jun 8-Jun 12-Jun 16-Jun 20-Jun 24-Jun 28-Jun 2-Jul 6-Jul 10-Jul 14-Jul Source: Google Analytics,
  21. 21. Build Momentum, Don’t Squash It...
  23. 23. The Power of a Story Should Never be Underestimated
  24. 24. THANKS! * Robin Goldberg Andrew Strickman *formerly Ammo Marketing