Who is the Takfiri Abu Turab Ali Rida From Amsterdam?


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Who is the Takfiri Abu Turab Ali Rida From Amsterdam?

  1. 1. Asalam 3leikoum wr wb,Someone had posted a video of 1 of my sons reciting Tarawih prayers on SunniFourum andout of the blue this post appears:http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/showthread.php?91235-Br-Yousef-Al-Khattab-s-son-leading-Salat-al-taraweeh/page2Now alhumdulilah I replied to this descendant of Hanuman worshipers (“Untouchables”) with thefollowing:Now obviously this Shaytan wants to dirty my family name and insinuate that we are Jews,buthe can’t do that so blatantly,instead he adds the following tags to the thread on SunniForum:Then the Shaytan continues with the following posts:
  2. 2. To which I replied:
  3. 3. Well things seemed to have calm down after that post but sleaze don’t get tired evenon Ramadhan so he jumps over to Islamic Awakening Forum comparing me to a skankPusslum ‘Mufti’ that recognizes ‘Israel’ as a legit nation state. Now according to the skank AbuTurab Ali Rida the fact the mufti is pro ‘Israel’ is not his biggest sin apparently this is:http://forums.islamicawakening.com/f14/who-is-abdul-hadi-palazzi-4/Abu Turab Ali Rida of Amsterdam then posts this to stir the waters and further insinuate that Iam a crypto Jew
  4. 4. Now who is “Abu Turab Ali Rida”? Is he just another Harris Hamam/Ebrahim Patel Deobandidropout turned Takferi Wahabi Kharji? Well his site is registered to:But the email address above points to a different name on Facebook:
  5. 5. Now to show his wonderful aqeedah and simplistic Wahabi misunderstanding of the Deen hereis his website’s homepage:
  6. 6. My conclusion:Wahabia in all strains are the modern day Khawarij and this Mujasimal is no exception. I believethat all strains of Wahabis must be dealt with by either being imprisoned or under and Islamicgovt the way they had been dealt with in Masjid Ibn Taymiah(that would be something theMuslim leader would have to institute not you or I)I believe that the Islamic Awakening Forum is a link to most Wahabi radicalization and know fora fact that almost every Western Wahabi terrorist and terrorist sympathizer has/had an accountthere. I started on IA and moved up to Revolution Muslim and all those I knew from RM hadbeen IA members as where our affiliates and allied groups.I will work tirelessly to help make sure that animals like this are brought to justice in this curseddunya and the akheira.These people share all the signs of the Khwarij and thus all details that apply to the Khawarijwould apply to them.(upon the advice of Uulema)Fiamanillah,Yousef al-Khattab7/30/2012