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Internet UK Jihobist A

  1. 1. Search Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In Thank You Occupy Wall Street! 3:34 Added: 1 week ago From: YousefRants Views: 203Sort by time | Sort by thread (beta) 0 Unsaved Playlist OptionsAll Comments (16) see all Sign In or Sign Up now to post a comment!hey Yusuf, heard from Brother Younis Muhhamed recently?AbdulMumeet1970 23 hours ago@AbdulMumeet1970 The last I heard from him was maybe 2 weeks before hewas arrested and he sent an academic pdf file to my email and asked if i wantedto post it. I have had very little conversation with Younes since I left in Dec 2009.His opinions and mine are not the same and we both understood the path we aretaking.There is nothing I can do to help him or hurt him. I do advise you to ponderon his methodology & the outcome of it.YousefRants 19 hours ago@YousefRants .The only difference is that you bailed out while the heat intensifiedand changed into the friendly Sufi type because your mug was posted on FoxNews every week and attracted a lot of heat from the likes of Pamela Geller andCo.I understand that you have a wife and kid and are doing what you have to doto survive without the FBI kicking your door down or the maghribi mukhabarat bottleraping you however let us not tarnish the reputation of Younis claiming he was ajihadi nutterAbdulMumeet1970 18 hours ago@AbdulMumeet1970 Really I never knew that. I seem to get this same explanationby many in the UK is that the official RM version? I bailed out after a tongue lashingby Younes about my Ikhwani beliefs. The real difference is in aqeedah andactions. I never crossed the line,and the USADOJ claims he did. I never saidYounes was a nutter and his words and actions speak for themselves. I quit beforeZach Chesser was on board or the MoJos took over the site. The FBI & Maroc r nutissues.YousefRants 15 hours ago@YousefRants are not issues (typo above) btw not every Moroccan prisoner istreated wrong or tortured,regardless how many protests you may have in the UKor here, not everything is bad here.FiamanillahYousefRants 15 hours ago@YousefRants so you dont remember posing in front of a picture of the statue ofliberty being cut with an axe while having a sarcastic smile on your face or the socalled "Kill the Juice" nonsense and your low budget Daniel Pearl mockery, I dontthink the ADL liked that one, .Oh how can i forget how you tortured a doll pretendingit was an American soldier.Come on man, :) looks like the JDO and Jawa reallyspooked you out.Some mujahid you were.Maybe you should have behavedyourselfAbdulMumeet1970 15 hours ago@AbdulMumeet1970 I remember and still have the the Liberty movie picture withme smiling(not illegal),Tee Juice was your buddy from Queens and another youngman that held similar views as you. I have a pic of me with a knife to a box of Joozbrand Orange Juice(not illegal),the mocking of a occupation soldier was me andthat was pre RM and that was not illegal,the Daniel Pearl video I found on Youtubeand reposted it the original is still up today (not illegal). The JDO & Jawa neverscared me.YousefRants 11 hours ago@YousefRants I suggest that you make Mubahala on your theory since you haveposted it on IA. That is the best way to conclude. So to sum up in reality the wholeRM amirship that Younes asked me to take when I did not want it was a mistake.The soldier video and repost of the Tuskin Raiders both were done b4 RM & I hadtold Younes I was to high profile & flamboyant for his academic message.Theauthor of the Juice is a member of IAforum and very well respected in ur circles. Isuggest u troll himYousefRants 11 hours ago@YousefRants My breaking with RM was b4 any JDO rally,b4 South Park,b4 theMoJos changed the RM site to there platform. All is documented online & I stillstand by all that u mentioned. I dont run from what I said,I denounce the filthyminhaj I was upon and the people I was associated with. You r welcome to sendYounes $ I dont say not 2,dont expect me to help & dont make it sound as if it wasI that assisted in his arrest.YousefRants 11 hours ago@YousefRants I was the one that as soon as chesser and that Bilal kid started topost said PULL IT and warned them,that is a documented fact. The Federalcharges against Younes are based on that incident where Chesser ADMITS guilt converted by
  2. 2. and they claim they recorded Younes in email assist in justifying the illegal actChesser confessed to. That is Younes job to answer for not me because I had noconnection to RM at the time.YousefRants 11 hours ago@YousefRants You will also note that all other cases of "brothers" being arrested& linking to RM will not state "Yousef was the blame",because most have beenrecorded mocking me when I told them to cool out,or stay away from us. I am notsuper Jew that walks away w/o punishment,but I am not the one that broke anylaws either. I am the one that went on CNN & publicly stated our message waswrong & RM,MoJO etc should be avoided, while ur ilk mocked me on IA. So there isa big difference.YousefRants 11 hours ago@YousefRants Alhumdulilah today I still speak but not on behalf of Islam.I follow amadhab,have a proper aqeedah that I can defend,and graduated from CulinaryCollege alhumdulilah. I am no longer interested in ITS,RM,IAor any strain ofWahabism. I suggest you spend your time watching ur fingers from the lies anderrors u are promoting & remember the day when ALL will be clear.FiamanillahYousefRants 10 hours ago@YousefRants doesnt matter if it was illegal or not, it was enough for the JDO tomake life very hard for you and thus the reason why you had to run away with yourtail between your legs.It was better if you behaved yourself in the begining and notset out to become an Islamic Justin Bieber seeking attention at every turn.AbdulMumeet1970 19 minutes ago@AbdulMumeet1970 Just make Mubahala on your claim that is all I ask. When theJDO came to my former home I was in Morocco. I left on Dec 20,2009 and postedthat when I fond out about knowing where I used to live. The JDO is the weakestlink. You are correct @ the end of the day it makes no difference to me.BTW you area piece of shit.YousefRants 6 minutes agoDude whats up with the sound in the back lol?ThinkingAgent12 1 week ago@ThinkingAgent12 sorry at home that was the tv playing the channel 4shababYousefRants 1 week ago View all Comments »Help About Press & Blogs Copyright Creators & Partners Advertising Developers Safety Privacy Terms Try something new! Language: English Location: Worldwide Safety mode: Off converted by