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O.P.I. | Digital Strategy


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A comprehensive digital strategy, including social media marketing, PPC advertising and campaign budget for the launch of OPI's 2013 summer limited nail set, "Couture De Minnie."

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O.P.I. | Digital Strategy

  1. 1. SUMMER 2013 COUTURE DE MINNIE 08.10.13 Digital Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW July – September, 2013 Social Media Marketing Budget PPC Advertising
  3. 3. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR 1) Grow revenue by 3% in the third quarter 2) Increase new iPhone app downloads to 300/mon (July – September, 2013)
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE (I) Buyer Persona I. •  Young and energetic college students who are fashion-conscious, driven, studious, and involved on campus. •  Like to paint their nails to gain a sense of self-satisfaction. •  Tend to share their fashion ideas and everyday outfits with theirs friends on Facebook and Twitter. 18 – 24
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE (II) Buyer Persona II. •  Young professionals who are enthusiastic toward their first or second full-time job. •  They want to look professional, fancy, and neat. •  Painting nails is not only a part of their everyday outfit, but also is a way to look professional and always well-prepared. 25 – 34
  6. 6. BEFORE THE BIG IDEA Girls change their hair style every day, wear different tops every day, switch from one bag to another every day, and even wear different earrings every day. EVERYDAY vs. EVERYDAY ? Plenty of girls wear the same nail polish for days, wait until it finally chips, and change it to another kind of polish.
  7. 7. OPI is now telling girls that nail polish is no different to any other part of your everyday outfit!   Girls, change your nail polish as how often you change your jeans and purses!
  8. 8. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY 1) In light of “Minnie's Closet,” we are communicating with the TA to add our product to their “everyday summer outfits.“ 2) All digital practices will relate to “everyday summer outfits,“ and online events will be conducted to encourage the TA to share their summer outfits with OPI and their social clusters.
  9. 9. TACTICS & TOOLS Your EVERYDAY Summer Outfit
  10. 10. FACEBOOK POST I: Different nail styles created by Couture de Minnie POST III: Recommendations and reviews by key influencers POST I: POST II: 2013 trendy summer outfit, including nail styles POST IV: POST II: Promotion for online contests
  11. 11. TWITTER I. Monitor related keywords II. Respond and interact III. Target right users by keywords & bio IV. Hunt down new followers every week V. Generate ~7 posts every day
  12. 12. PINTERST OPI Pinterest Contest #OPIminnie2013 •  Fashion is a visually presented idea •  Style and fashion board is the third most popular category
  13. 13. INSTAGRAM #OPIminnie2013
  14. 14. GOOGLE ADWORDS OPI Minnie Mouse 2013 Check out Minnie's runway now! summer limited nail polish set OPI summer nail polish See OPI 2013 Minnie collection! voted as #1 best nail polish brand Best Nail Polish 2013 Try OPI Minnie Mouse summer set Your everyday summer fashion! — STEP I — 7/1-7/15 keyword test 30 AdWords — STEP II — 7/16 campaingn starts 15 AdWords
  15. 15. ESTIMATED BUDGET July – September, 2013 1) Agency Service Charge: $5000/mon Ÿ Comprehensive strategy Ÿ Hold contests Ÿ Generate posts Ÿ Weekly campaign updates Ÿ Monitor & manage social media accounts Ÿ Professional consultants (3hr/week) 2) Google AdWords : $45,000/mon total keywords (15) × cost per click ($1) × minimum clicks (100/day) = $1,500/ day
  16. 16. CAMPAIGN SUMMARY As world's leading nail polish brand as well as the number one voted nail polish brand in the USA… “INFORM” RATHER THAN “PERSUADE” •  Utilize existing social media accounts well •  Continue enhancing brand image online •  Always to inform customers “what’s new”