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Nars Cosmetics | Social Media Analysis


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Benchmarked the brand's social media performance against MAC Cosmetics by utilizing Radian6 and supporting listening tools (Hootsuite, Social Mention, Google Blog Search...) to conduct data mining and content analysis

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Nars Cosmetics | Social Media Analysis

  1. 1. NARS | SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS | 12.02.13
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ★  Key Findings: I. Our current social media strategy looks alright; however, compared with our main competitor, MAC, there’s still room for improvement II. Our signature cosmetics products (i.e. blush & brush) are well-recognized and widely-mentioned; however, our skincare product line seems unknown to the audience ★  Main Recommendations: I. We need to rethink about our unpopular product line, NARSskin II. We should develop more social media events to drive online engagement
  5. 5. VOLUME OF CONVERSATION – NARS & MAC 11.17.13 – 11.27.13 ★ Our social media presence is weaker than MAC
  6. 6. WHAT DO CUSTOMERS THINK ABOUT US? Brand Sentiment 1% negative 10% irrelevant 22% neutral 68% positive Sample Size = 10,000 posts
  7. 7. SAMPLE POSITIVE SENTIMENT ✔ Soooome adorable person has brand new cute hurr and a new #NARS lippy to play with! ✔ Just ordered myself NARS love at first sight for under $26 thanks to @ASOS 20% off. Once again, you guys are fantastic. ✔ That awkward moment when someone asks you what your fave Nars blushes are and the answer is Deep Throat and Orgasm #awks #makeupaadict ✔ thank you! how do you think day dream compares to orgasm? ✔ NEW POST! NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette! #bbloggers
  8. 8. SAMPLE NEGATIVE SENTIMENT ✖ Why is Nars so ridiculously expensive? Just wondering #beautytweets ✖ It could be b/c I've heard the same complaint w/ Nars blushes as well. ✖ NARS satin lip pencil? Arghhhhh ✖ WTH i am glad to mention that i will not not ever buy NARS cosmetics #notonars #shameless ✖ Why is Nars shipping so darn expensive? Money just goes away :(
  9. 9. TOP TOPICS THAT DRIVE THE MOST ENGAGEMENT AROUND NARS 7632 Product Attributes 2237 Review In Association with Competitors Holiday Contest @davelackie Recommendation @NARSissist 1536 1501 New Soho Boutique Love 1843 483 205 Sample Size = 10,000 posts 698 our official Twitter handle needs more attention!
  10. 10. TOP MENTIONED NARS PRODUCTS AND OUR COMPETITORS ★ Top mentioned products: blush, brush, lipstick, & foundation ★ Top mentioned competitor in association with Nars: MAC Cosmetics
  11. 11. WHERE DOES CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TAKE PLACE? ★  Mainly on Twitter & blogs (Note: a great amount of Twitter posts contained links of photos, YouTube tutorials, and blog reviews )
  12. 12. TOP TOPICS THAT DRIVE THE MOST ENGAGEMENT AROUND MAC ★ Top topics look similar to ours; however, ‘Nars’ is NOT associated with “MAC” by those who mentioned “MAC”
  13. 13. SAMPLE POSITIVE SENTIMENT (MAC) ✔ I'm using these gorgeous maccosmetics pigments for the holidays #makeup #mac cosmetics #mac … ✔ Love the look Mac makeup gives! #CakedUp ✔ I'm not a Black Friday shoppe but if there was a good sale on sephora/Mac makeup and Rebecca minkoff bags I would be all over that ✔ Has been WOOED by Ruby, FINALLY. Sexy lips. #rubywoo #mac #makeup #shopping #mall #NYC ✔ All I want for Christmas is another MK bag, some black tall boots & MAC Makeup. I'll love you forever Santa
  14. 14. SAMPLE NEGATIVE SENTIMENT (MAC) ✖ she shouldn't be working at mac. She clearly knows nothing about makeup, ugh! ✖ Tired of paying "MAC"prices for make up and im not to impressed with the make up in general. I know I have some very talented make up artists friends. Any thoughts? PM if you like :-) ✖ so excited for the makeup set I ordered from Coastal Scents. All the reviews I read about the 22 brush set said that they put MAC and SEPHORA to shame ! EXCITTTIIIINNNGGG :) not to mention the glitter. GLITTER GLITTERY GLITTERNESS J
  15. 15. WHERE DOES CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TAKE PLACE? (MAC) ★ Mainly on Twitter, Facebook & blogs
  17. 17. SWOT ANALYSIS ★Signature products are well-known & mentioned ★Only a few negative posts; most of them are just personal opinions ★Organization’s expansion is widely welcomed ★Customers are engaged with brand’s important events and sales S ★The emergence of photo sharing sites (i.e. We Heart It) and innovative technology (i.e. mobile apps & share buttons) are beneficial to us ★Key influencers are engaged with our brand O ★NARSSkin is not a well-known product line ★The official Twitter handle, @NARSissist, is not well-recognized & mentioned ★Relatively weak social media presence compared to MAC   W ★MAC has more social media audience and engagement than we do ★MAC customers don’t tend to mention us; however, our customers are likely to either mention MAC or compare our products with MAC’s   T
  19. 19. RECOMMENDATIONS ★  Keep our current social media strategy; it only needs some improvements ★  Rethink about our unpopular product line, NARSskin: 1) Gradually eliminate this product line and focus on cosmetics only 2) Devote more advertising budget to NARSskin promotion ★  Enhance our online customer service and improve communication with customers to increase their interaction with @NARSissist ★  Develop more social media events to drive online engagement ★  Improve online interaction with MAC customers; they might be our potential customers ★  Keep an eye on key influencers; retweet and help promote their popular posts and online events to stay involved ★  Expand our social media activity to Pinterest & We Heart It
  21. 21. SOURCES & METHODS TRANSPARENCY •  Timeframe Analyzed: November 17 – November 27, 2013 •  Research Leads: Isis Joyun Hung, Michigan State University •  Channels Analyzed: Blogs, comments, Twitter, forums, videos, images, Facebook, mainstream news, MySpace •  Data/Content Sources: Radian6, HootSuite •  Analysis Depth: Representative sample set (95% confidence level, confidence interval of 5) •  Search Language: English •  Sentiment Coding: 4-pt scale (positive, neutral, negative, irrelevant), hand tagged based on representative sample •  Spam/Bot Filtering: Hybrid •  Metrics Calculation: > Post Volume: Total relevant posts across blogs, comments, Twitter, forums, videos, images, mainstream news and comments to admin posts on the brand Facebook page(s) > Potential Twitter Reach: Aggregate Twitter followers for all posts that mentioned the brand (via Radian6) > Engagement: Social posts and Facebook likes, comments, clicks, views or plays > Influence: Determined by an analyst based on readership, comments, retweets and relevancy > Search Parameters: A spreadsheet of all keywords is available upon request