Big data making complex things simpler


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MIT Sloan Executive Education Program information slides for corporates.This presentation was used to answer questions about "Big data making complex things simpler" course

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Big data making complex things simpler

  1. 1. MIT Sloan Executive Education Işıl Tabağ Top Global Education August 2012 Open Enrollment Programs FileIşıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  2. 2.  Institution: MIT Sloan Executive Education Dates: Oct 30-31, 2012| Apr 02-03, 2013| Oct 15-16, 2013 Certificate Track: Management and Leadership Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts Tuition: $2,900 (excluding accommodations) Program Days (for certificate credit): 2 Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  3. 3.  Today, businesses can measure their activities and customer relationships with unprecedented precision. As a result, they are awash with data. This is particularly evident in the digital economy, where clickstream data give precisely targeted and real-time insights into consumer behavior, but leading edge companies in every industry are using big data to replace intuition and guesswork. Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  4. 4.  This new executive program prepares you to understand and lead this revolution in your organizations by: Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  5. 5.  collecting many different forms of information gathered from inside and outside your organization Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  6. 6.  developing new knowledge from that information, for example, discovering patterns of customer behavior Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  7. 7.  using this information in a collaborative way to improve both productivity and strategic decision making in real time. Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  8. 8.  Based on research in MIT’s Media Lab and the MIT Center for Digital Business, Professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Sandy Pentland will explore how big data changes the way IT interacts with the rest of the organization, cutting across business units and functions to create new value, and how it can have a huge impact on business results. They draw on the world-leading research that has made the big data revolution possible. Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  9. 9.  Through examples, case studies, and discussion in buzz groups, participants will learn how organizations are using big data effectively in fields as diverse as marketing, retailing, branches of government and healthcare. Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  10. 10.  The program will encourage participants to apply these concepts in the context of their own organizations—including defining problems that could benefit from the application of big data concepts, brainstorming sources of data, and designing experiments to collect and analyze data in ways that are acceptable to customers—to create new value. Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  11. 11.  Senior management CTO Chief Marketing Officer Customer relationship people Business Intelligence Government Security Entrepreneurs Web Analytics Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  12. 12.  How several key technologies and applications are driving the big data revolution. How nanodata and nowcasting can be used to improve forecasts and predictions Common pitfalls in using big data Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  13. 13.  The design of controlled experiments to sort out causality Specific case examples from retailing, marketing, real estate, human resources and other applications How to recognize opportunities in your own industry or function Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  14. 14.  The organizational and cultural complements and inhibitors to the data-driven decision-making. How to use the Matrix of Change tool to plan and executing a transition to a data driven organization The roles of privacy and data ownership Develop a concrete action plan Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  15. 15.  MIT SLOAN EXECUTIVE PROGRAMS Open Enrollment Programs Tel: 617-253-7166 Fax: 617-253-6773 Website: ment E-mail: Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education
  16. 16.  Işıl Tabağ E-mail: SKYPE: isiltabag Işıl Tabağ - Top Global Education