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Augmented & Virtual Reallity Market Trends for 2016



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VR market for GI s 15
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Augmented & Virtual Reallity Market Trends for 2016

  1. 1. Augmented & Virtual Reality MARKET TRENDS for 2016 ISIDRO NAVARRO #ARVRTRENDS
  2. 2. 542 members @AR_BCN #ARVRTRENDS
  3. 3. Exhibition at CES AR 5K sq. (new) VR 22K sq.
  4. 4. “VR and AR headsets salesvwill grow from approximately 200K in 2015 to over 1.2 million in 2016, which marks a 500% increase.” Shawn DuBravac, chief economist for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
  5. 5. 7 ways VR and AR to change technology in 2016 From Virtual to Reality (Contents are the scope) A Virtual Reality Holiday 2016 (summer 2016 half of 1,2 Million sales) Video Games Key VR Driver (consoles will include VR Headsets) 360-Degree Video Cameras Will Flourish (professional and consumers) Drones Enter Virtual Reality (Drone Racing League) Virtual Reality Tourism (VR booking) Early Augmented Reality Will Be Driven by Auto Industry
  6. 6. Latest news Virtual reality will make $5.1B in 2016 mostly from mobile, not Oculus Rift or Vive, JEFF GRUBB January 5, 2016. LINK Vuzix Announces Deployment with Bechtle, Germany's Largest B2B IT Service Provider, Vuzix Corporation, January 14, 2016 LINK Lenovo's open to making a HoloLens competitor, Agam Shah, IDG News Service, January 9, 2016 LINK These are the signs Apple is working on the next major computing platform, Steve Kovach, January 17, 2016 LINK
  7. 7. “Our Kids Are Going to Get Really Weird” David Holz on AR/VR in 2022
  8. 8. MILITARY PREPARES AIRMEN FOR BATTLE WITH AR/VR By blending physical and virtual assets
  9. 9. Miami Doctors Use Cardboard Virtual Reality Tech To Save Baby’s Life
  10. 10. Isidro Navarro @inavarrod