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Nas Foundation Assembly Powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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Nas Foundation Assembly Powerpoint

  1. 1. + The NAS Foundation The SK LAUL Foundation
  2. 2. + What Is The NAS Foundation?  The NAS Foundation is a family set up non-profit organization that has been serving underprivileged school children on the outskirts of Delhi.  We have one purpose, our goal as an organization is to facilitate and promote education & we hope that by doing this we get children excited about education and learning.
  3. 3. + Statistics??? Talk about abismal literacy rates…
  4. 4. + Why Do We Want To Help  To us education is more than just a numbers game we are here to make a change. Approximately 7 million children in India Under the age of 14 don’t have the means of a quality education and approximately 50% of children drop out before they finish their elementary education.  We are looking to create a quality, inclusive, educationally promoting environment for children in India, but we are taking it one step at a time.
  5. 5. + Our Success Stories  Till date the NasFoundation has been running for over a decade now primarily supported by my family and close relatives. We have done a number events at the school and constructed a few classrooms and playgrounds for the children that will in future benefit the children's learning abilities and help them in life.
  6. 6. + Our Success Stories (cont.)  In recent years we have introduced sporting events like sports day, cricket matches & cross country events.  Not only have we hosted sporting events we have also events requiring intellect like essay competition, art competitions and many other events.
  7. 7. + Our Success Stories (cont.)  To go along with these events we also have prizes for the winners to give the children some incentive and to push them to try harder.
  8. 8. + What Are