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  1. 1. Why bot? Boosting your customer's digital experience was never easier: you can setup your digital sales representative or online self-service channel right from the facebook page of your business. Among the potential benefits of your own custom chat bot: improved customer retention and satisfaction level, reduced customer support costs, positioning your brand as innovative and technology-savvy, offering added-value services to your client-base and more. IniTech integratets Chatbots into your business We are a lead provider in the field of custom bots development for Facebook Messenger and other platforms. We have rich experience in setting up chatbots of any complexity, Among our solutions are chatbots for hotel networks, insurance companies, municipal authorities and more. Initech (Initech Software Services LTD) is a tech-savvy and agile Israeli software powerhouse. We specialize in developing digital products for organizations and businesses. We are located in the heart of world’s hottest hi-tech and entrepreneurship scene, Israel. We have worked and collaborated with numerous start-ups in multiple areas. From them we learned best practices of product design, architecture, scalability and security. We have a skilled team of developers, analysts and UX experts, experienced in working with international clients. Over the past years we have performed over 200 projects for start-ups and entrepreneurs. A chatbot essentially is your virtual customer service / sales representative that is online 24/7. This is a big game changer in the field of customer communication and your business can immediately benefit from it! Custom Chatbot for your Business Send us an intro email with short description of your field of activities and we will help you to supercharge your business with a smart customer service chatbot. Initech Software Services LTD Tuval 15, 5213606 Ramat Gan, Israel | | +972-73-7969275 | +972-77-4701765