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Ishantech profile

  1. 1. ISHAN-TECH Company Profile• ISHAN-TECH offers all professional Web Designing, development , search engine optimization services and Online Reputation Management . From setting new quality standards to creating new landmarks, we are trusted for our experience and expertise.• Through our SEO program we provide customized, comprehensive and ethical search engine optimization strategies that have targeted qualified forecast to our customer website.• Our strategies help to markets and create brand visibility for your business. Advanced Web Designing, SEO, online advertising and link building strategies guarantee your top positions in natural as well as sponsored listings.• We feel it significant to share our company values with every visitor and the unique client who are concerned and agitate to get Internet Marketing solutions .
  2. 2. Seal of expertise• ISHAN-TECH creating value for its clients has team of qualified and professional experts.• Our aspiration is to deliver high quality campaigns than work on endless projects.• We help online businesses to get better profits on their marketing expenditure, e-commerce sites sell more goods, local businesses dominate their geographic areas and corporate entities have a better brand reputation.• We provide companies and individuals around the world with online tools and tutorials to help with their Internet marketing and search engine optimization needs
  3. 3. Growing with the timesThe world of internet is changing rapidly;ISHAN-TECHPvt Lt is known to offer thebest of SEO services and SEO strategieswhich includes new techniques andmethods to provide the best possible ROI ISHAN-TECHoffers the promise of expertise and quality in all its services, helping businesses with end to end internet marketing solutions. Apart from India, we also have a strong presence in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and rest of Asia.
  4. 4. ISHAN-TECH is a strong leaderoffering SEO services and businesssolutions to its clients globally. Wehave a strong presence and broadspectrum as long as SEO concernWe enjoy delivering top We offer access to the state of the art inpositions to our clients in search engine optimization, search engineGoogle, semantic HTML code marketing, website usability, internetand quality visitors to quality marketing, link building, quality webwebsites serving their target design, web development websiteaudiences well. branding, traffic generation, building
  5. 5. ISHAN-TECH delivers high quality, reliableand cost effective SEO services to itscustomers globally. We provide stupendous technology services by constantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions that drive long term value to our customers. As industry leaders, we introduced quality development and support frameworks, ensuring compressed delivery timeframes. Today, our solutions provide strategic advantage to most admired organizations in the world.
  6. 6. OUR APPROACH Our capabilities and extensiveIntegrating progressive web solutions experience in the industryalong with best Internet marketing assure our clients with highservices and creative web design helpsbusinesses touch another level of quality and economicalperformance. business solutions designed, produced and developed specifically for their needs by our proficient and expert web strategists.
  7. 7. Our commitment to the global business
  9. 9. Web Design• ISHAN-TECH stand with the aim of generating web design solutions where primarily focus on core requirements of client business,money and valuable time.• Web offer wide range of web services to its customers. Moreover, it provides web design solutions to the organizations and individuals.• ISHAN-TECH got high skilled and expert team of web designers who are capable of providing high quality and effective web solutions including web design, web development, integrated websites, ecommerce web sites and maintenance solutions
  10. 10. Web Development and Designing• Web Designing and CSS Style sheet.• Dot.Net Development• PHP Development• Joomla Customization• Wordpress Customization• Oscommerce Customization• Drupal Customization• Portal Development• Iphone Development• Game Development• Magento Customization• Zen Cart Development• TYPO3 Development
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization• Search engine optimization is an effective tool to utilize search engine which helps to generate quality traffic on the website. It is an ongoing, high maintenance and constant developing process which includes the customization of the website for better search engine ranking.• ISHAN-TECH helps to target various types of search including, image search, local search, video search, music, industry specific search etc. It is big source that potentially to improve the website ranking and helps individual to get popular with the business by offering quality traffic to the website.
  12. 12. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT• Reputation Management Kings will help you to move out of the first result pages those negative posts. All the members of our Reputation Management team are: Google Certified, Yahoo certified and MSN certified. We also work with social media to provide the most complete Reputation Management service available.• Reputation Management will help you not only to move those harmful and Reputation attacking results but it will also enrich with solid Reputation Management first page results with new Online Reputation Management constructive links and extend your site result spectrum with blogs, social-media sites, wiki pages and more.
  13. 13. Why use our services?Here are some of the reasons that intend you to use our services.• High skilled and expert SEO professionals.• Continuous focus on our clients business goals.• Clear guidelines.• High reliable services.• Amusing working environment.• Smooth planning of SEO services solutions.• Offer high quality, pertinent and best suite solutions.• Quality services at reasonable cost.• Transparent with working culture.• Complete focus and follow up on IT lifecycle.• Delivery on time.• 24x7 technical supports
  14. 14. OUR MORALSPassion• Zeal to exceed expectations by challenging each single customers need.Honesty and Integrity• Driving all actions based on openness, trust and ethical conduct.Operational excellence• Striving for excellence with an operating discipline and benchmark.Innovation• Creating innovative solutions for success.Accountability• Taking ownership and delivering on commitments.Customer centricity• Ensuring customer delight. Always.
  15. 15. Our Focus• Enable customers business.• Outstanding customers grow.• Long term customer relationship .Goal and Desire• The aspiration, goal and intention for ISHAN-TECHremains continue to maintain and build strong reputation as a valuable and reliable resource of high quality information for its customer websites.
  16. 16. ISHAN-TECH PVT LTDEmail ivinfotech@gmail.comWebsite :-www.ishantech.orgwww.seoindore.inCall :- +91 7869507188Skype :-ivinfotech