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Isha yogabooklet


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Isha.. Isha..

Isha yogabooklet

  1. 1. ISHA YOGA Technologies for Wellbeing
  2. 2. ISHA YOGA Technologies for Wellbeing Isha Foundation, Velliangiri Foothills, Semmedu (P.O.), Coimbatore–641 114, INDIA
  3. 3. ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing CONTENTSCopyright © 2011 Isha Foundation Foreword .................................................................................................................................7First Edition: February, 2011 Introduction ...........................................................................................................................8All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the What is Yoga?written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied Yoga: Taking the Next Step................................................................................10in critical articles and reviews. Which Type of Yoga is Best for Me?.................................................................14For comments and enquiries regarding the book please Bhuta Shuddi, Cleansing of the Five Elements...........................................16contact: Health is Wholeness.............................................................................................20 Is Yoga a Religious Practice?..............................................................................22 Why do I need a Guru?........................................................................................24Cover Page: Does a Guru Test a Disciple?..............................................................................26Patanjali, the great Indian sage and scientist, is widely acclaimed as the father of Do I have to do my Sadhana for Lifetimes?.................................................28yogic sciences. In this exquisite artwork from a mural inside Isha Yoga Center’s Isha YogaSpanda Hall, Patanjali is symbolically depicted in the famous half-man, half-snakeform, indicating that he has risen above the duality of life and attained to ultimate Inner Engineering: Technologies for Well Being.........................................32oneness, and in doing so has opened the door for others to achieve the same. Inner Engineering’s Benefits..............................................................................33 Recent Neurological Study.................................................................................34This style of painting – a dying art from the temple town of Guruvayur in the stateof Kerala – uses only vegetable dyes and earth extracts. Measuring 140 x 12 ft, this Impact of Yoga on Diseases...............................................................................35mural masterpiece is the largest of its kind in the world. Inner Engineering: a Business Perspective...................................................38 Inner Engineering Sharings...............................................................................43 Isha Yoga Pograms................................................................................................47 Isha Yoga CenterPublished by: Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple.................................................................................49Isha FoundationVelliangiri Foothills, Isha Yoga Center....................................................................................................52Semmedu (P.O.), Isha Rjuvanation....................................................................................................55Coimbatore–641 114, INDIA Theerthakund.........................................................................................................56 Sadhguru..................................................................................................................58Tel: 91-422-2515345Email: IshaFoundation......................................................................................................61Website: Suggested Readings............................................................................................64
  4. 4. “I want you to know the power, the liberationof another kind of science, the inner science, the yogic science, through which you can become the master of your own destiny.” -Sadhguru
  5. 5. FOREWORD
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION What is yoga? I think it is better I technology, tomorrow if we want, we can flatten a mountain or city. When tell you what is not yoga. So much we have this much power in our hands, it is very, very important, that misinterpretation of the word has we have an inner sense, an awareness of life and that we experience life happened that speaking about and everyone as part of ourselves. Otherwise, we can create a calamity what is not yoga is more relevant. for ourselves and the world around us—which right now we are doing to some extent. This has happened only because we have attended only to the Standing on your head is not yoga, external science. We have never looked at the inner science within us. holding your breath is not yoga, twisting your body is not yoga. Yes, Just as there is an external science to create external wellbeing, there is anthese are various yogic practices, but when we say “yoga” we are referring inner science to create inner wellbeing. So, the whole science of what weto a certain state —a certain way of being. The word “yoga” means union. refer to as yoga is an inner science.Union means you begin to experience the universality of who you are. Forexample, today, modern science proves to you beyond any doubt that Yoga can be transmitted on many different levels. One is towards one’sthe whole Existence is just one energy manifesting itself in various physical and mental wellbeing which includes health and other aspects.forms. If this scientific fact becomes a living reality for you, that you Or it could be transmitted as a tool for ultimate wellbeing; in the sensebegin to experience everything as one, then you are in yoga. you can use this system as a stepping stone to go beyond. You can use this yoga just to get rid of your backache if you want or you can use this yoga toOnce you experience yourself as everything, or everything as yourself, after get better mental focus and little peace of mind and happiness in your lifethat nobody has to tell you how to be in this world. If you experience all or you can use this yoga as a way of climbing up to the highest possibilitythe people here as yourself, does anybody have to teach you morals as to how within be? Does anybody have to tell you “don’t harm this person, don’t kill thisperson and don’t rob this person?” So when you are in yoga, you experience Using yoga just for health is not wrong, but it is a crime, because it can takeeverything as a part of yourself, and that is liberation, that is mukti; that you to places where you have never imagined. It is a way of approachingis ultimate freedom. the Creator through the Creation. It can be a ladder to the divine.Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a science. As there are physical sciences to It is my wish and blessing that you should know the joy of being trulycreate external wellbeing, yoga is the science for inner wellbeing. Yoga well, not just physical wellbeing, but to know and exude wellbeing in allhas nothing to do with any particular religion; it is a science for inner dimensions of your existence.wellbeing. Love and Blessings,This yogic science is of utmost importance now, like never before, becausetoday we have tremendous power in our hands. With modern science and
  7. 7. Yoga - Taking The word “yoga“ literally means “union.“ When you experience everything as one in your You can only grow by the Next Step consciousness, then you are in yoga. To attain to that unity taking the next step, the next step, and the next step within you there are many ways, from where you are.” for example: hata yoga. Hata yoga means you start with the body. The body itself has its own life in different levels of intensity. The whole process of yoga is to take you attitudes, its own ego, its own from something that you know and take nature. Apart from your mind, do For example, somebody sees the next step into the unknown. you see your body has its own a tree. A tree is just a tree. ego? It has its own attitudes. You Most people don’t even see it. have to succumb to it, isn’t it? See, Somebody sees the tree in more you say, “From tomorrow, I want detail. An artist sees every shade to get up at five in the morning of it. Somebody else not only sees and walk on the beach.” You set the tree but also sees the divine the alarm. The alarm rings. You in it. Everybody sees. But seeing want to get up but your body says, is not the same because the “Shut up and sleep.” Doesn’t it do level of intensity with which you it? It has its own way. experience life is not the same. So we start with the body because So we start with the body. Hata that is something that you know. yoga is a way of working with The whole process of yoga is to the body, disciplining the body, take you from something that you purifying the body, preparing the know and take the next step into body for higher levels of energy. the unknown. If you talk about All of us are alive; all of us are something that you do not know, human beings, sitting here. But either you have to believe it or all of us do not experience life to disbelieve it, isn’t it? the same intensity because our energy levels are not the same. Suppose I start talking about God. Our pranic energies are not the You either have to believe my same. Different people experience God or disbelieve my God, which10 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 11
  8. 8. Which Type of Yogawill only take you into flights of you work just with the body, it isimagination, not into growth. So only preparatory in nature. So,now I talk about the body. This there is really no division as something that you know. Youknow you have a body. Now you Yoga is a union of all these. is Best for Me?take the body to its peak. Now Italk about the mind. That is also In yoga, systems have been Q: Sadhguru, there are so manysomething that you know. Take it indentified . To start with, you work kinds of different yogas, how doto its peak and then the next step. So these are the only four with the body, then you move to the I know which type of yoga is bestYou can only grow by taking the for me? realities in your life: body,next step and the next step from breath, then to the mind, then to the mind, emotion, and energy.where you are. inner self. Like this many steps have Right now, the only things that are Whatever you wish to do been created. They are only different in your experience are your body,Realizing where you are right now your mind, and your emotions. with yourself, it must be on aspects of yoga.and taking the next step is growth. these four levels.” You know them to some extent,If you talk about something not and you can infer that if theseknown to you, you are only going three things have to happen theinto imagination—imagination Now we have made this yogic way they are happening, there try to reach the ultimate, we callwill run wild. Today all that is left science almost like a physical must be an energy that makes this gnana yoga; that means thein the name of religion is stories, science. Suppose you mix two them happen. path of intelligence. If you usestories and more stories. Now you parts of hydrogen and one part your body, or physical action todon’t know which is imagination of oxygen; you get water. Even So these are the only four reach the ultimate, we call thisand which is the reality. Yes? when a great scientist puts it realities in your life: body, mind, karma yoga; that means the pathMany stories, story inside a story, together it is water. Even if an emotion, and energy. Whatever of action. Now if you transformand you don’t know where the idiot puts it together, it is only you wish to do with yourself, it your energies and try to reach thebeginning is and where the end is. water. Similarly, in yoga too, if must be on these four levels. ultimate, we call this kriya yoga; you do this, this, and this, only Whatever you wish to do youSo yoga starts like this—with that means internal action. this will happen. Whether a can only do it with your body,the body, then the breath and great yogi does it or an ignorant your mind, your emotions or your These are the only four waysthen the mind. They are not really person does it, it doesn’t matter. energy. If you use your emotions you can get somewhere: eitherbranches of yoga. In fact, we If he does the practices and and try to reach the ultimate, through karma, gnana, bhakti oraddress all of them at once. It is sadhana properly, the result is we call this bhakti yoga; that kriya—body, mind, emotion, orimportant that in a very balanced there to be seen. means the path of devotion. If energy. These are the only fourway all of them are addressed at you use your intelligence and ways you can work with yourself.once, as one unit. Otherwise, if12 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 13
  9. 9. It is just that in one person A bhakti yogi, full of emotionthe heart may be dominant, in and love, thinks all this gnana,another person the head may be karma and kriya yoga is just adominant, in yet another person waste of time. Just love God andthe hands may be dominant; it will happen. The karma yogibut everybody is a combination thinks that everybody is lazy andof these four. So you need a that they have all kinds of fancycombination of these four. philosophies; what needs to be done is work. One must work andOnly if it is mixed in the right way work and work. The kriya yogi justfor you, it works best for you. These are the only four ways you laughs at everything. The wholeWhat we give for one person, if it can get somewhere: either through existence is energy. If you don’tis given to you, may not work well karma, gnana, bhakti or kriya— transform your energy, whetherfor you because that person is so you long for God or you long for body, mind, emotion, or energy.much heart and this much head. anything, nothing is going to Everybody is a combination of theseOnly when it is mixed in the right happen. There was no other way to be four. So you need a combination ofproportion it works for you. That because it was just blasting them these why on the spiritual path there So they can not be together, from all sides. Then it became It is just that, only if it is mixed inis so much stress on a live Guru; but today they were walking very furious. There was no other the right way for you, it works besthe mixes the cocktail right for together. Then it started to rain. place; the only way they couldyou, otherwise there is no punch. They were in the forest and it for you. That is why on the spiritual get some protection was for all started raining. They started four to hug the Linga. Suddenly path there is so much stress on a liveThere is a wonderful story in running, looking for shelter, and Guru; he mixes the cocktail right for they felt something enormousthe yogic lore. One day, one there they found an ancient happening. They felt a huge you, otherwise there is no punch.gnana yogi, one bhakti yogi, one temple which just had a roof—no presence, a fifth presence. Thenkarma yogi, and one kriya yogi walls on the sides. In the center, all of them said, “Why now? Forwere walking together. Usually there was a Linga. So these so many years we have pursuedthese four people can never be people went inside the temple for Without addressing the four You and nothing happened; whytogether, because gnana yogi has shelter. The storm became more basic ingredients of body, mind, now?” Then Shiva said, “At last thetotal disdain for every other yoga; and more furious and it started emotion and energy out of which four of you got together. I haveit is the yoga of intelligence. blowing in torrents. The fury of all your present experiences are been waiting for this to happenNormally, an intellectual person, the storm was getting into the rooted, one cannot move ahead. for a long time.”a thinking person has complete temple so they went closer and You can only start a journey fromdisdain for everybody else. closer and closer to the Linga. where you are right now.14 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 15
  10. 10. Bhuta Shuddhi: In this culture, the focus aspects of prana which control the five elements in your system.Cleansing of the Five was on inner wellbeing, which naturally leads to On another level, in the Isha Yoga Center, we have created aElements the physical wellbeing of a human being.” powerful possibility in this space for the whole month, not just for that day, where you can integrate your system; you can allow the understanding that if you want of making a human being out of a There are very few health to build a clean building, you just banana —that level of intelligence have to take care of the building and competence exists here. How well the five elements are professionals, otherwise material properly. If the building The very creation of this body integrated determines everything there are only medical happens from within. When this about a person. If this body has to material is not pure, and not of professionals; people learn good quality, the structure that you body is being created from inside, become a foundation, a stepping medicine, not health.” build is bound to be of an inferior when we know that the very stone for a bigger possibility, not quality. These are technologies for source of creation of this body a hurdle, if that has to happen, wellbeing, because we always saw is within us, if you have a repair it is very important the system isThe way health is understood job to be done, would you like the body as something that we will properly the world today is very funny. to go to the manufacturer or to discard at a certain moment.There are very few health the local mechanic? Most peopleprofessionals, otherwise there In this culture, our sense of are choosing to go to the localare only medical professionals; wellbeing was not limited to five elements in your body to mechanic; that is not because thatpeople learn medicine, not health. the physicality of life, it always bind much better. From one body is what they want to do, that is focused on inner wellbeing, which to another there is a very big because they have lost the accessOver 15,000 years ago, when Adi difference as to how these five naturally led to physical wellbeing. to the manufacturer.Yogi, the first yogi, appeared in elements are integrated. How wellthe upper regions of Himalayas, If you have any problem with your So in this culture, a system called integrated determines almostwhen people sought him to know body, you need to first understand Bhuta Shuddhi is used as a everything about that person.the way of life, the first and most from where the body was made. scientific way of becoming freefundamental thing that he taught If you eat a banana, this banana If this body has to become a from the five elements. That is thethem was what is today referred goes in and becomes a human foundation, a stepping stone most basic practice in yoga. Theto as Bhuta Shuddhi; that means being. So there is a certain level for a bigger possibility, not a Shakti Chalana Kriya that we arecleansing the five elements within of intelligence, competence and hurdle, if that has to happen, it offering is also handling the fivethe system. This comes from the capability here which is capable is very important the system is16 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 17
  11. 11. properly integrated. The Bhuta the very elements, the air thatShuddhi, which is the basic form you breathe, the water that you The the most essentialof yogic practice, which people This is all it is, that the very elements, drink, the food that you eat, theare practicing in different levels of very planet that you walk upon process of yoga is Bhuta the air that you breathe,intensity and involvement, when behaves differently with you. Shuddhi; if these five the water that you drink,done properly, can purify the the food that you eat, elements behave wellelements sufficiently so that the Breathing the same air some the very planet that you walk upon people are creating illness, some within you, you will bebinding becomes better. behaves differently with you. are creating wellness. Drinking perfectly well.Being in the Dhyanalinga temple the same water some people arein the Isha Yoga Center, does a creating wellness, some peoplephenomenal job of integrating are creating illness. So if you behave sensibly within you, dothe system, not just on the surface chemical composition. You can handle the elements accidentally you have to worry about yourlevel. Health does not mean, make the same water, the same or unconsciously, they could health—physical health, mental”Oh, my pulse rate is okay, my air, earth, fire and space behave behave any way. There are health, wellbeing, joy, peace? Doblood pressure is okay, my sugar in a completely different way, conscious ways of handling it. you have to worry about that?levels are okay.” These benefits without changing the chemistryare only a consequence. The We have always known this and of the substance.real thing is if the five elements we have used this extensively, butare well integrated and they are It is a certain language of now scientists have recently comefunctioning in perfect cohesion delivering life. We can do this to out with this in the last few yearswithin themselves and within everything. In fact, that is what and they say, ”Water has memory.”the system, then there is just no makes this place different. The Without changing any chemicalneed for anybody to worry about very space, the very air that you composition, we can make thetheir health. If the elements are breathe is different in this place. same water poisonous. Todayfunctioning well and are strongly You can change the molecular scientists are clearly saying waterintegrated, it just happens by behavior of the five elements. has memory and this memoryitself. You can make them behave in a can bring wellbeing or become certain way that is conducive to poisonous. Water remembersSo there is another way of life, or you can make them behave everything that happens,conveying life, where you can in a way that is not conducive to everything that it touches.—if you have to speak modern life. This is the difference betweenlanguage—make any of the five Now your body is 70% water. If wellness and illness, peace andelements change their molecular you make this 70% of your water turmoil, joy and misery, agonystructure without changing their and ecstasy. This is all it is, that18 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 19
  12. 12. Health is Wholeness alkaline medicine into him. But why does he have excessive acids? If the energy in our system is Because of the way his mind, his properly cultivated and kept body, and above all, his energy, functions. Whatever is happening active, the physical body Right now, medical sciences are limited to knowing the on the chemistry level in your and the mental body will be physical body. If anything happens beyond that, you body is only controlled by the way in perfect health; there is no think it is a miracle.” your energies function. question about it.” When it comes to health, no human being gets to live in perfectFundamentally, the word “health” energies may be lethargic. One conditions. The pressures of life,itself comes from the root word doesn’t know why things don’t I just do it, and light appears. You the food that we eat, the air that we“whole.” What we call, “feeling happen in life the way they will call it a miracle, isn’t it? Simply breathe, the water that we drink, allhealthy,” is that we have a sense should, both inside and outside; because you don’t understand these can affect us in many ways.of wholeness within us. If we this is simply because one is not how electricity works. Similarly, The more our activities are in theare free of diseases medically, taking care of the wellbeing of life happens in many different world, the more we are exposedthat is not health. If we feel like one’s energy. ways. But you have limited to many things that can throwa complete human being in our yourself to just the physical, the For every physical or psychological our chemistry off balance andbody, mind and spirit, that is logical—physical in experience, situation that you go through in create health problems. But if thewhen we are really healthy. There logical in thinking. Right now, life, there is an energy basis, which energy in our system is properlyare any number of people who are medical sciences are limited to in turn has a chemical basis. For cultivated and kept active, thesemedically healthy, but not healthy just knowing the physical body. every problem that arises in your things will not have an the real sense because they do If anything happens beyond that, body, you are just trying to take in The physical body and thenot experience a sense of wellness you think it is a miracle. I just call it some medicine, a chemical, and mental body will be in perfectwithin themselves. another kind of science, that is all. come to some kind of balance. health; there is no question It is another kind of science. ThisIf one has to experience this If you use one chemical to bring about it. See, life functions in life energy in you created yoursense of wholeness and oneness, down one aspect, or enhance many ways. Let us say you don’t whole body—these bones, thisit is important that one’s body, another, there is also a side effect know anything about electricity. flesh, this heart, these kidneys andmind, and above all, one’s energy to this. For this side effect, there is You do not know what electricity everything. Do you think it cannotfunctions in a certain level of an antidote; for the antidote there is. This hall is dark. If I tell you to create health? If your energiesintensity within oneself. Now, is another antidote; it is an endless just press this button and the are kept in full flow and properphysically, as per medical terms, chain. If a man has got excess whole hall will be flooded with balance, it is capable of muchone may be healthy, but the acids within him, you instill some light, will you believe me? No. Now more than just health.20 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 21
  13. 13. Is Yoga a Religious accepted around the world is we have taken off the cultural trappings from the technology. Practice? So, one thing that I have personally Actually it would be very beautiful done is to take away all the with the cultural trappings, but today your modern education elements of culture from theBecause yoga as a science evolved has made you so logical that you technology. Actually it would beand was developed in this culture, in have lost the ability to enjoy the very beautiful with the cultural Yoga, is a science and athis land of Indus—this civilization dialectical nature of life. You want trappings, but today your modern technology. It is not awhich grew on the banks of river everything to be logical and dry. education has made you so logicalIndus—it was identified as Hindu. teaching, not a philosophy, You like it that way, so we present you’ve lost the ability to enjoy theSlowly, people have started not a religion, not a belief it that way. (Laughs) What’s my dialectical nature of life.identifying yoga as Hindu. system. A technology problem? You don’t want to eat a cannot be Hindu, Muslim fresh fruit; you want to eat a dryYoga is a science and a technology. fruit. What is my problem? We willIt is not a teaching, not a or Christian.“ serve dry fruits.philosophy, not a religion, not abelief system, but a technology.A technology cannot be Hindu, it does not mean that it getsMuslim or Christian. Isn’t it? identified with them; becauseBut because it is a subjective they evolved, and the nature oftechnology and evolved from this the culture is very dialectical,particular land, it is being referred not logical, they naturally woveto as Hindu in many parts of the certain elements of their cultureworld; now this is going away. into the technology.A few years ago, in many parts of So, one thing that I havethe world, people firmly believed personally done is to take away allyoga is a Hindu thing. Even now the elements of culture from thethere are certain segments which technology. We have completelyinsist on this. If yoga is Hindu, it is cleaned the technology fromlike saying because Albert Einstein cultural aspects and presentingwas a Jew Relativity must be technology just as technology.Jewish. So just because a certain One reason why it is hugelypeople evolve the technology22 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 23
  14. 14. Why Do I Need a Guru? What intention does he have for my life?” then you will only go On one level, a Guru is just mad sitting here. We are talking a map. He is a live map. If about trust, not because a Guru you can read the map, you needs your trust, it is just that if know the way, you can go.” there is no trust you will drive yourself mad. This is not just for sitting onLet us say all that you are seeking a bus or going on a spiritualis to go to Kedarnath right now. journey. To live on this planet,Somebody is driving; the roads you need trust. Right now, youare laid out. If you came alone and trust unconsciously. Let us say you am only asking you to bring a littlethere were no proper directions, are sitting in a bus, which is just To be here, to take every breath consciousness to your trust. It isdefinitely you would have wished, a bundle of nuts and bolts and in and out, you need trust, isn’t it? not something new. Life is trust,“I wish there was a map to tell me pieces of metal. Unknowingly, you Your trust is unconscious. otherwise nobody can exist to get there.” trust this vehicle so much. Isn’t I am only asking you to bring a So if you can draw your own map,On one level, a Guru is just a it so? You have placed your life little consciousness to your trust. It if you can drive your own bus, thatmap. He is a live map. If you can in the hands of this mechanical is not something new. Life is trust, is wonderful. But on an unchartedread the map, you know the way, mess, which is just nuts and bolts, path, if you go without a map, ityou can go. A Guru can also be rubbers and wires, this and that. otherwise nobody can exist here. may take lifetimes to find a certainlike your bus driver. You sit here You have placed your life in it, but place. It may take lifetimes toand doze and he will take you to you trust the bus unconsciously. cross. If you go with a map youKedarnath; but to sit in this bus The same trust, if it arises will cross easily. If you go with aand doze off, or to sit in this bus consciously, would do miracles good bus driver you will cross veryjoyfully, you need to trust the to you. When we say trust, we are easily; that’s the difference. It isbus driver. If every moment, with not talking about anything new not that you can’t do it yourself—every curve in this road, you go to life. To be here, to take every you can. We don’t know how longon thinking, “Will this man kill breath in and out, you need trust, it will take. That is the Will this man go off the road? isn’t it? Your trust is unconscious. I24 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 25
  15. 15. Does a Guru Test a Disciple?Q: How does a Guru ensure thata disciple is truly progressing on A Guru can clearly seethe path? Does the Guru put the every bag of karma fordisciple to a test? what it is. A Guru knowsI don’t know about that but how it needs to be where this question comes from. So is your Guru. He too is for adisciples definitely put the Guru handled. There is no need God would flunk all the tests that different purpose. All this testing,to a test (Laughs) There is no you have taken till today. Yes. passing-the-test nonsense, is notquestion about that. Where is to be tested.” Any test that you have passed in on the spiritual realm. Maybe ifthe time for the Guru to put a your life, if you give it to God, He I give you some work, I will testdisciple on test? He is desperately will flunk it, because what you you first. If I want to make you in-waiting, for at least one who will that one who will go beyond the refer to as God is not where you charge of the Isha kitchen, maybecreate the necessary opening for physical. If I don’t carry a smile are operating. It is a completely I will test you during the Samyamathe Guru to do something truly on my face, I will definitely look different arena. He will flunk all Program, where people are insignificant with him. When you like a vulture. I won’t blink, I am your tests. Unfortunately when silence and cannot open theirare so desperately waiting, like a just looking. So I wish I could test you go to exams you are calling mouths and complain. (Laughter)vulture, where is the time to put you, but where is the time to test God… not good company to be in. So if I have to give you some workyou through a test? Somebody you. And test you for what? You Now you are going to your math on the physical level, definitely Isaid sometime ago, “Sadhguru want an “A” grade, is that why you test and you say “Shiva”—just the would test you and appraise you.don’t look at me like that, you are asking this question? I don’t wrong guy. (Laughter) Just the For spiritual purposes there is nolook like a hawk.” (Laughter) I said, have to test you. When I see you wrong guy, he couldn’t count his need to test. A Guru can clearly“I am.” through and through where is the fingers. He is very proud—that is see every bag of karma for what it need to test you? Only if I can’t where he belongs. He is so proud is. A Guru knows how it needs toI am just constantly looking. You figure out who you are, I have to that he never even bothered to be handled. There is no need to beknow the vulture is constantly test you. count his fingers. You don’t take tested.looking for a corpse, constantlywaiting for you to fall dead? I I know this whole nonsense about such a guy to the examinationam also constantly looking for God testing you. I think that is hall. He is for a different purpose.26 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 27
  16. 16. Do I have to do my There are only certain very rare situations, because of a certain connection between a master The deeper nature within you is Sadhana for Lifetimes? and a disciple… English language does not have the right vocabulary longing to become boundless. And the only way to become boundless to say what I want to say. Because is to destroy the individuality; of certain inter-connectednessQ: I have not experienced need to mutate. If you go by the dissolve the individuality. As long in activity between a masterSamadhi in the past few months evolutionary process, it is a long as you are individual, there is and a disciple, he may choose toof practicing meditation, so do process. The monkey that you no question of boundlessness. dissolve somebody even againstI have to do my sadhana for were, you evolved into this in their will, but otherwise disciples Individual means it’s a definablelifetimes? about half a million years, and have to do just one thing: if they state. Boundlessness means it’s a now you can even meditate.When we say liberation, let’s first have for one moment really sat non-definable state. (Laughs) And half a million yearsunderstand what it is; let’s make with him, just one moment, and in the life of this planet is probablyup our minds whether we really they have known him not just like half a week.want it or not. Liberation means as a man, not just as a bundle ofobliterating you. Liberation So do you want to cease to exist? words that he vomits, but they know it right now, if you wantmeans you cease to exist. So first Do you want to be obliterated? have known him in some other to know all dimensions of life,decide whether you really want it. Do you want to be dissolved? way just for one moment, if they if before you die, you want toYou cannot seek liberation out of So if such a longing has come, it just maintain their longing to be explore every possibility that lifefrustration. The reason why there should come because you have liberated, the rest will be taken has within you—then sadhana isis so much failure on the spiritual nurtured the innermost longing care of. You don’t have to attend needed.path is simply because they are within you. The deeper nature the Samyama programs anymore. So, sadhana is a way ofnot even starting on the right foot. within you is longing to become You don’t have to meditate. establishing your constantThey are going into spirituality boundless. And the only way to If you just maintain the longing longing for liberation. As yourbecause they are frustrated become boundless is to destroy to be liberated, for one moment experience deepens, as you beginwith life, not because they have the individuality, dissolve the if you have been in touch with a to experience more and morefound life absolutely blissful and individuality. As long as you are Guru, he will invest a little bit of of life beyond the physical, yournow they want to know the very individual, there is no question energy for you, which will take longing to go beyond the physicalsource of life. of boundlessness. Individual care of it at the final moment. But becomes natural. means it is a definable state.If you really want liberation and if you want to enjoy the remaining Boundlessness means it is a non- Samadhi is not the ultimateyou want to know liberation part of your life in a completely definable state. realization but it brings you just soin this lifetime, definitely you different way than the way you close and frees you from so many28 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 29
  17. 17. Sadhana is a way of establishing your constant longing for liberation. As your experience deepens, as you begin to experience more and more of life beyond the physical, your longing to go beyond the physical becomes natural.things which rule you normally, are now by choice. Everything is So, if the question is about onlyand the compulsive nature of the by choice. So life becomes much If you just maintain the experiencing Samadhi, thebody and mind can be taken away more conscious rather than being prescription of these seven days longing to be liberated,by being in a state of samadhi compulsive. Samadhi is like, it is of program was not a big enoughfor a period of time. See, a lot like going back into your mother’s for one moment if you dose for you - just hang around aof compulsive nature has been womb, where you are life but have been in touch with little more. Just stay in the ashramdropped—most of you even gave you don’t have the problems a Guru, he will invest a premises a little more, we will getup your cell phones! You even of life. Somebody eats for you, little bit of energy for you, you there. Or make the seven-daygave up your coffee. (Laughs). You somebody does everything for pilgrimage every year for some which will take care of itwill see even after this program you, you just float around and be time, we will get you there. fine. That is Samadhi. You could at the final moment.“is over, when you get back tolife, so many things which were get addicted to it. You want to juststrong “I must do” kind of things float around and just be there.30 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 31
  18. 18. Benefits from Inner Engineering Technologies for Inner Wellbeing It doesn’t matter who you are right now, how miserable Health Experience you are right now, how disturbed you are right now. If you . Boost health and vitality . Establish a positive & open pay enough attention to your interiority, being blissful is a . Reduce stress approach towards life possibility for every human being.” - Sadhguru . Promote mental clarity and . Evaluate personal values and life emotional balance goalsDevised by Sadhguru as an . Increase and maintain high energy . Generate inner peace andintensive introductory program levels throughout the day fulfillmentfor personal growth, Inner . Reduce sleep quota . Transcend limitations and fearsEngineering offers tools to re- . Can help relieve chronic diseases . Live and experience eachengineer one’s self through the like asthma, allergies, sinusitis, moment to the fullestinner science of yoga. Once given hypertension, diabetes, obesity,the tools to rejuvenate, one can rheumatism, arthritis, epilepsy,optimize all aspects of their back pain, skin and eye ailments, and migraineslife—physical, mental, emotionaland spiritual. Through InnerEngineering, Sadhguru introduces Performanceto the public for the first time wellbeing after taking theShambhavi Maha Mudra, an . Increase ability to handle program. Daily practitioners have stressful situationsancient yogic kriya (inner energy shared experiences of greatlyprocess). . Enhance focus, concentration reduced stress and anxiety and & memory an ever-increasing sense ofTogether, the Inner Engineering . Raise productivity and efficiency joyfulness.program and practice offer a . Improve communication &complete path to peak wellbeing. Studies are currently underway to inter-human relationships quantify these and other benefits . Maintain optimum levels ofParticipants of Inner Engineering of the Inner Engineering program performance throughout the dayprograms often report revitalized and and a deep sense of32 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 33
  19. 19. Recent Neurological Study Suggests Impact of Isha Yoga on diseasesSubstantial Reduction in Stress and Anxiety Isha Yoga Health studywith Inner Engineering Diseases After attending Isha Yoga % of respondents programs, many participants Condition reporting have come out of chronic improvement ailments they had struggled Allergies 66% with for years. To gain more insight of these reports and Anxiety 86% illustrate the benefits of Asthma 72% the program, a survey was recently conducted of people Back or neck 68% who have completed the pain program in the last six years. Depression 87%Changes in Brain Wave Activity After Shambhavi Practice Over 500 respondents self- Diabetes 63% reported on physical, mental with deep relaxation and higher and emotional wellbeing asA preliminary neurological Fibromyalgia 67% levels of mental focus. Reduced well as medication usage forstudy of the Inner Engineering Gastrointestinal some of the most commonprocess conducted in 2006 at the Beta waves are associated with 67% Diseases reduced mental tension and health concerns. As seen in theDepartment of Neurology and Headache 88% following charts, the findingsNeurophysiology at Sir Ganga anxiety. Moderately reduced Alpha waves in conjunction with are quite compelling.Ram Hospital in New Delhi, Heart Disease 37%revealed a substantial increase increased Delta and Theta waves Hypertension 63%in Delta and Theta brain rhythms are associated with conscious(50% and 60%, respectively) and awareness of the subconscious Insomnia 73%markedly reduced Beta and Alpha mind. These early results support a Obesity 41%brain rhythms (30% and 25%, drop in stress and anxiety, a boost Poor resistancerespectively) measured after 21 in mental alertness and focus, and 86% to cold and fluminutes of Shambhavi practice. an increase in self-awareness as a Thyroid 51%Substantial increases in Delta result of just 21 minutes of dailyand Theta rhythms are associated practice.34 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 35
  20. 20. Medication Status in those who reported Isha Yoga Wellbeing StudyImprovement About the Study: Conducted from January to March, 2010, this online survey Stopped Reduced Medication same received over 500 responses from individuals who have practiced Isha Yoga Condition Medication Medication as before from one to six years. Respondent’s age ranged from 18–80 with 65% female and 35% male. It shows that Isha Yoga practices resulted in improvement in Allergies 42% 40% 18% the following areas. Anxiety 50% 28% 22% Asthma 56% 31% 13% % of respondents reporting improvement Depression 50% 25% 25% Diabetes 12% 13% 75% Concentration 70% Fibromyalgia 67% 33% 0% Emotional balance 87% Gastrointestinal Energy Level 79% 50% 25% 25% Diseases Inner Peace 91% Headache 46% 45% 9% Mental Clarity 80% Heart Disease 33% 17% 50% Productivity 70% Hypertension 28% 28% 44% Self Confidence 74% Insomnia 30% 40% 30% Obesity 67% 0% 33% Cardiovascular Studies on Isha Yoga Practice of Isha Yoga causes greater Poor resistance to balance of Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System. This enhances the ability of 75% 13% 12% cold and flu the heart to respond to various stressful situations effectively and improves Thyroid 9% 50% 41% the chances of prevention and better control of Hypertension and Heart related adverse events like Infarction and Angina. Muralikrishanan et al: Effect of Isha Yoga on Short term Heart Rate Variability• 87% of those suffering from depression reported improvement of symptoms (HRV) Third International Association of Yoga Therapists Symposium on Yoga after beginning the practice Therapy and Research, March, 2009.• 68% reported an improvement of back pain symptoms Selvaraj et al: Heart Rate Dynamics during Shambhavi Maha Mudra- A practice• 51% of those taking thyroid medication noted a reduction in dosage or of Isha Yoga Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Vol. 5 [2008], discontinuation of medication Iss. 1, Art. 2236 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 37
  21. 21. Inner Engineering Q: America has been prosperous close your eyes and meditate if for many, many years and yet you wish to, isn’t it? The man who it seems people have become is working from meal to meal,A Business Perspective more and more restless and even if he wants to close his eyes, depressed with their growing he cannot do it. So money is not success. Sadhguru, is this true? Is misery. Stupidity is always misery. our success, our affluence the root With what you are stupid, whether A leader is someone who takes a chance on the destiny of cause of our unhappiness? spiritually stupid or economically a large mass of people. He is a leader because he is capable stupid, it doesn’t matter. There are of organizing and directing situations to the desired goal. Does affluence bring suffering? all kinds of religious and spiritual Not necessarily. Money doesn’t But that only happens if a leader has some mastery over idiots. Do you think they are bring suffering, stupidity brings happy? Affluence has not brought himself.” – Sadhguru suffering. Money will not bring misery. The money didn’t stay suffering; money will bring in their pockets, it got into theirMany big businesses are going they say, ‘This is nice, there’s comfort and convenience. Whybeyond financial incentives, a lot of money, there’s a lot head, and then misery is sure to should comfort and convenience come. Having a lot of money inwellness programs, and pop of prestige…there’s career become suffering? We wantedculture EQ (emotional quotient) success, but there is something your pocket is good, isn’t it? If it, so why should what we want it enters your head it becomesmanagement training programs more that I’m looking for. I’m become the source of suffering?to inspire and motivate their looking for fulfillment and I misery because that is not its Just because we have one thing, place. It should be in your pocket.managers. Corporations are haven’t found it yet.’” we completely forget about thebeginning to take a more serious If it is in your pocket, there are Sadhguru frequently addresses other; that’s been the problem many wonderful things you canlook at the enduring disparity of humanity. Let us say you hadbetween professional success the fundamental desire for do in the world. It is a means, and fulfillment underlying business a South Indian meal, and you ate it is a tremendous empowerment.and truly fulfilled living. In a only pickle, pickle and pickle. Itrecent article in Religion & Ethics endeavors. In the excerpt below taken from a recent leadership tastes wonderful, but by eveningNewsweekly (PBS), Professor you will have problems—it doesn’tSri Kumar Rao of Columbia retreat, he answers some business leaders’ questions about money even wait until the next day.Business School comments, and happiness, balancing work So money and affluence is just like“Probably 90 percent or more of and spiritual pursuits, and the true that. It is beautiful if it comes inmy students have already been out mark of a good leader. certain proportions into our the business world. They have If you have enough money in yourworked for some of the largest pocket, you don’t have to worrycorporations in the country, and about working tomorrow. You can38 ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing ISHA YOGA - Technologies for Wellbeing 39