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Isha master health checkup


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Isha master health checkup

  1. 1. Isha Master Health Checkup Date: 04.12.2011 Venue : Isha Rural Health Clinic, Kullappanaickanoor
  2. 2. REPORT- WRITE UPIsha Master Health Checkup - a complete health analysis was done to 22 participants from thelocality. Haematological, Micro-biological, bio-chemical blood tests, urine analysis,Ultrasonogram, Chest X-ray and Electrocardiogram was done to these participants. Dr.Thirugnanasambandham M.S , general surgeon, Dr. Vivek Praveen M.D, General Physician, Dr.Selvi, Gynaecologist, Dr. Bharathi Vasanthan, Siddha Physician attended to the participants. General Consultation Gynaecologist consultation Physician consultation Siddha Consultation Surgeon Consultation
  3. 3. Lab ReportsLab Investigations Lab InvestigationsLab Investigations
  4. 4. ECGLab Investigation Participants waiting for their turn X-ray Siddha Body constitution- Self Education Questionnaire
  5. 5. Awareness on Nutrition and Balanced Diet was presented to the participants. Participants werecurious to see the Live Demo on the Balanced Diet and the use of Moringa Leaves. Theparticipants were engaged with the games and were stressed the importance of games in theirdaily Life. Nutrition Demo Awareness Live Demo Arrangements Awareness Live Demo
  6. 6. Fun Games Fun games Team spiritFun Games Fun games
  7. 7. Isha Kriya, a simple but powerful tool, a possibility for one drop spirituality to enhance theirphysical and mental well being was offered to the participants. Participants were invited to theAdhi yogi Alayam consecration and a video of the same was presented to them. Isha Kriya Adi Yogi Alayam video invitation
  8. 8. The participants were served with a complete food, including jowar and ragi reciepies, locallyavailable but least consumed amla, papaya, vegetables and Grams. After Lunch, participantsshared that it was true that complete food could be a tasty as well as nutritive. Balanced Complete Food Sahanou Bunahdu Volunteers serving food
  9. 9. The Master Health Check up was highlighted by another important aspect, the Linga BhairaviDevi Gudi, the participants soaked with her presence and grace. The entire event was not just ahealth check up, it was a memorable event guiding through the participants with various aspectslike health, awareness, Yoga and Siddha tips. Gracing Devi at IRHC ReceptionIn the evening, Compliments were given to the participants by a nine-year old volunteer. Thecompliment Kit included the Educational Materials on Fruits and Herbs, Isha Kriya Instructions,Sadhguru Photo, Sadhguru book and Isha yoga Class Brochure. ComplimentsFree Insulin Herbal Plants were distributed to the participants who suffer from Diabetes.
  10. 10. There were volunteers from local villages, involved with us throughout the program. Amidst ofactivity, there was a shine of joy in their faces showing their interest.In our experience, the overall term coined for the above program could be “A Health Festival”rather than “Master Health Checkup”. This was reflected in the overwhelming response of theparticipants that 8 of them enrolled their family members for the next event and 5 of themconfirmed their participation for the next Isha Yoga Programme.