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Isha arogya pariksha


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Isha arogya pariksha

  1. 1. AROGYA PARIKSHA DEC 11, 2011
  2. 2. ISHA AROKIYA PARIKSHA- A COMPLETE HEALTH CHECKUP USING OUR TRADITIONAL SCIENCESArogya Pariksha, a complete health scan using our traditional indigenous system of medicines andawareness events on the same. This is the first of its kind that happened in the Isha Arogya, Salem, acentre committed towards holistic health care of the individual.The program happened in two batches, with 47 participants in the first batch and 56 participants in thesecond batch. The day of the Arogya Pariksha marked a celebrative occasion among the participants andthe volunteers.The first batch started at 10:00 am in the morning. At the Registration counter, the participants weregrouped into teams, named after the useful herbs that had played an important role in the HerbalTradition. This is just to create awareness about the herb.There were 9 teams, Seendhil, Thavasi, Vettiver, Tulsi, Agathi, Vallarai, Thuthuvalai, Nelli, Vilva. Eachteam was taken through various events guided by the respective team leader.The duration of the session was 4 hrs. Shri.K.K. Kaushal IFS, Managing Director, SAGOSERVE and Dr. T.Vidhyasekaran M.S., (Ortho), SPMM Hospital, Salem were invited as chief guests to the Inaugralmeeting. Dr Pradeepa, Allopathic physician from Isha Arogya Center, welcomed the gathering.
  3. 3. During the introductory session, the Project Director of Isha Outreach, Shri. Sekar, delivered his valuablespeech and threw light on the need of the hour for indigenous system of medicines and the importanceof complete health scan. The interactive educational session was conducted by Dr Velayutham. He is an eminent speaker, Siddhaphysician from national Institute of Siddha and General Secretary of Indian Siddha PhysciansAssociation. He has years of experience in practicing medicine together with Dr. Deivanayakam, a wellknown allopathic physician from Tambaram sanatorium in a holistic approach. His knowledge andspeech magnetized every one and prepared the participants to take a step towards Health by ourtraditional methods.There were 6 siddha doctors who attended the camp and 1 allopathic doctor with whom theparticipants had consultation.
  4. 4. There were also 2 traditional healers from Kolli Hills (AYUSH Isha traditional healers network) with whomthe participants were made to interact with, consult and get a lot of tips and remedies using thecommon herbs.Therapies like Padha Abhyaangam, Netra Lepam were done to the participants. In addition to the abovetherapies, male participants were given Banana Leaf Bath selectively and female participants were givenMukha Abhyangam.There were Games, Health & Fitness related Tests that made each and every participant to enjoy andhave a great time.
  5. 5. A few minutes near the Ayush Isha Herbal Awareness Mobile vehicle had given the participants a lot ofrare info about the important herbs and their use in our daily life.An interesting awareness session related to the intake of healthy food and naturopathy demo waspresented by the students of J.S.S Institute of Naturopathy.
  6. 6. The session concluded with a health lunch demo which included sweets and vegetable salad whichTheexplained how daily food could improve health and drive diseases away. A kit (Arogya Kit) containingJeeva legium, Sukha balm, neem & turmeric powder, Snana powder, bath oil, books on home remedies,herbal treasure, fruits, etc., were given as complement.In an eagle’s eye point of view, the overall program was a platform collaborating the ideologies andancient simple techniques of eminent and skilled people that has been carried over ages, quenching thethirst of the modern man with the tight schedule, having a few time to spare for such events.