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Isha Arogya Introduction


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Isha Arogya’s comprehensive approach to health represents a paradigm shift in healthcare. It is an approach that is not just about combating disease, but about creating a sense of wholeness in the individual. Isha Arogya enables people to cultivate their body, mind and energies in such a way that health is a natural way of being, and the question of chronic disease simply does not arise. In addition to its holistic therapies for specific ailments, Isha Arogya also offers massage therapies, nutritional supplements, yoga programs and rejuvenating therapies that bring an individual’s system into balance and harmony.

Another unique facet of Isha Arogya’s approach is that it is not limited to any one system of medicine. Isha Arogya is fundamentally oriented towards bringing together the best and most relevant approaches to human wellbeing – irrespective of the system – and providing the most effective healthcare to the individual.

India’s indigenous systems of medicine – Siddha and Ayurveda have been appreciated the world over for their understanding and insight into the human system. While Allopathy is recognized for its ability to quickly cure infectious diseases, the traditional systems of medicine are noted for their ability to strengthen the human body’s innate ability to resist disease. Combining the strengths of these two methods of healthcare therefore results in an effective and comprehensive approach to an individual’s health – an approach that is no longer about just combating disease, but about creating a sense of wholeness in the individual. Isha Arogya is actively involved in making a combination of these healthcare systems available to the public.

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Isha Arogya Introduction

  1. 1. We are the most comfortable generation ever in the planet! But… Can we claim we are the healthiest generation?
  2. 2. Global Scenario Every 10 seconds, someone dies from diabetes related causes and 2 new cases are diagnosed – World Diabetes Foundation An estimated 5 crore adults in the USA reported having some form of arthritis - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDCP), Atlanta, USA About 1 out of 3 U.S. adults(31.3%) has high blood pressure and it is one of the primary or contributing cause of death - CDCP Throughout the world 19 lakhs children died from Acute Respiratory Infection, 70% of them in Africa and Southeast Asia -WHO Per Capita Health Expenditures, 2007 (in US$) - • United States - 6,096 • United Kingdom - 2,560 • Germany - 3,171 • France - 3,040
  3. 3. Indian Scenario  India - “Diabetic Capital of the world’’ , accounts for one sixth of the world’s diabetic population.  A steady increase in hypertension prevalence over the last 50 years. Hypertension is 25-30% in urban and 10- 15% in rural subjects.  Arthritis affects over 1.50 crore people in India.-  Estimated Disease burden of Acute Respiratory Infections is 39 lakh deaths (WHO, 2002).  Estimated no. of patients with heart disease - 4.50 crore. One fifth of the deaths in India are from coronary heart disease.-WHO India
  4. 4. in  One out of 10 people in Tamil Nadu is diabetic.  Every two persons in a group of 25 are in the pre-diabetic stage - Indian Council of Medical Researchs INDIAB (India-diabetes)  A recent study in Chennai (CURES) showed that every fifth individual was a hypertensive.  There is also evidence of increased consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol and refined carbohydrates.
  5. 5. World Health Organisation (WHO) Forecast For India  By 2015, 31% of men and 29% of women in India would be overweight.  Over next ten years, death from chronic diseases is predicted to increase by 18%, most markedly; deaths from diabetes will increase by 35%.  The number of people with diabetes in India which is likely to raise to 8 crore by 2030.  By the year 2020, heart disease will account for one third of all deaths. Sadly, many of these Indians will be dying young.Diabetes would do to India what HIV had done to Africa in socioeconomic terms. - Chennai-based principal investigator Dr V Mohan
  6. 6. Allopathy Healthcare SystemEffective for acute illnesses and emergencies. But limited only on the planes of body and mind Disease oriented approach providing only temporary solutions Not geared at detecting imbalance at an early stage They control rather than help the body, not addressing the root cause of the problem.
  7. 7. Siddha, Ayurveda & Yoga Health Systems Conceived and developed by Yogis and Siddhars based on their deep understanding of body, mind, energy and spirit. Take human and nature as part of closed system Addresses the root causes of disease considering the environment, lifestyle, socio-economic situations Cost effective in providing holistic health Focuses on health instead of treating the disease alone
  8. 8. The DifferenceCurrent lifestyle demands for a holistic healthcare system which empowersone to remain healthy in all levels.
  9. 9. Our Initiative... Takes into account ones body, mind, emotions, and spiritual life Combines the best of modern scientific diagnosis and monitoring techniques with both ancient and innovative health promotion methods.The holistic approach to healthcare focuses on wellness rather than mere lack of disease.
  10. 10. Facilities • Siddha/Ayurveda / Allopathy consultation for free of cost • Pharmacy • Therapy centre • Yoga
  11. 11. Ayurvedic Therapies
  12. 12. Abhyangam Rejuvenating & Detoxifying A full body, medicated herbal oil rub.It is performed by two therapists in synchronized movements. The therapytreats the whole person, body mind and spirit, while balancing the doshas.The rhythmic motion releases joints and relaxes muscles for greaterfreedom of movement. It increases blood circulation and encourages theelimination of metabolic wastes. There is significant relief fromanxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatic and arthriticproblems, backaches and injuries.Can be done generally for everyone.
  13. 13. Mukha lepam Ayurvedic Facial Mukham means face and lepa, lepana or lepanam means application of a paste. An Ayurvedic facial that combines grains, herbs, and oils personalized to balance your unique skin type.It prevents aging of skin, avoids wrinkles and gives a goodskin tone. It avoids pigmentation or discoloration of facialskin, and is beneficial in treating dryness, pimples, excessoil, sun burn related conditions.
  14. 14. Udwardhana Obesity, Skin & Joint care A dry massage procedure using herbal powders for your body constitution. Useful for weight reduction or to purify tone and exfoliate the skin cells for a luminous glow.This specific massage reduces cholesterol, helps curb obesity, resolves skinproblems, imparts mobility to the joints, strengthens muscles andrefreshes the body.Effective for obesity, skin dryness, skin problems,numbness, rheumatoid arthritis
  15. 15. Kadi vasti Spine CareA dam made of dough is built on the lower back, and the reservoir isfilled with warm medicated herbal oil.Effective for low back pain, muscle aches, stiffness
  16. 16. Janu vasti Knee CareA dam made of dough is built on the knees, and the reservoir is filledwith warm medicated herbal oil.Effective for knee pain, stiffness, swelling, arthritis of the knees
  17. 17. Nasyam ENT CareMedicated oils are administered through nose for 7 to 14 days.This treatment is highly effective for sinusitis, nasal block, all kindsof headaches including migraine, insomnia, paralysis, mentaldisorders and skin diseases also.
  18. 18. Pathra Pothrathi Svedam Disease SpecificA full body massage where warm cotton cloth bundles filled with herbsare vigorously stroked or rhythmically pounded along the energy lines.Effective for neck stiffness, back stiffness, muscle aches, joint pain, backpain, neckpain, arthritis, obesity, headache, migraine, tiredness, difficulty sleeping
  19. 19. Nethra lepam Eye CareA dam made of dough is built around the eyes, and the reservoir is filledwith medicated herbal oil.Effective for burning sensation in eyes, dimness of vision, eye pain, eyedryness, dark circles under eyes
  20. 20. Pashpa Svetham Detoxifying steam bath Medicated Steam created with detoxifying and balancing herbs surrounds your body from neck to toes.Relieves from obesity,arthritis, muscle aches, body pain, bodystiffness, asthma, allergies, coldsCan be done generally for everyone.
  21. 21. Padha abhyangam General Rejuvenation A foot massage using herbal oil or cream stimulates acupressure points in the feet and lower legs.Relieves from foot pain, burning feet ,difficultysleeping, stress, hypertension, diabetesCan be done generally for everyone.
  22. 22. Siro abhyangam Head and Shoulder Care A soothing massage of the head, neck, and shoulders using calming herbal oils.Effective for headache, migraine, hypertension, difficultysleeping, stress, asthma, hair fall, dandruff, stress
  23. 23. Siro dhara Enhances mental functionA deeply relaxing, stress reducing oil application. Lukewarm herbal oil /milk / buttermilk is repeatedly poured onto the forehead. It soothes awaymental stress and results in a profound sense of relaxation and innerpeace.This therapy aims at curing diseases of the hair, sleepdisturbance, depression, anxiety, migraine & otherheadaches, hypertension and other neurological malfunctions.
  24. 24. Pizhichil Nerve & Spine Care Warm herbal liquid is poured in continuous streams over the entire body.Effective for body pain, joint pain, back pain, muscleaches, arthritis, numbness, diabetes, hypertension, stress, headache, migraine, tiredness, difficulty sleeping
  25. 25. Uro vasti Chest & Respiratory careA dam made of dough is built on the chest, and the reservoir is filledwith warm medicated herbal oil.Effective for asthma, colds, respiratory problems, muscular chest pain
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  27. 27. Title • Lorem ipsumSpecial Programs: dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.• Arogya Pariksha – Health Camps Vivamus et magna. Fusce sed sem• Thaimai – Pregnancy Care Educational Programme sed magna suscipit egestas.• Yoga – Isha Kriya, Inner Engineering, Hata Yoga • Lorem ipsum dolor sit•Diet amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. & Life style awareness sessions Vivamus et magna. Fusce sed sem sed magna suscipit egestas.
  28. 28. Spreading ancient wisdom
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  31. 31. 48A, Medavakkam main road, Union bank complex,Near mount station, Adambakkam, Chennai - 88Ph: 94425 90099, 044-421288477/1, Adhwaidha ashram road, Fairlands, Salem - 16Ph: 94425 48852, 0427-2333232232, T.V. Samy Road East,RS Puram, Coimbatore – 216, Sengundhapuram main road,(1st floor, Aarthy Eye Hospital Campus)Karur - 2