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Mahesh Varadharajan Transition from good managers to great leaders

session by Mahesh at ATC14

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Mahesh Varadharajan Transition from good managers to great leaders

  1. 1. Mahesh Varadharajan Enterprise Agile Consultant
  2. 2. What is Servant Leadership?  The servant-leader is servant first  Desire to serve, the "servant's heart," is a fundamental characteristic of a servant-leader  Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.
  3. 3. Leader First Vs Servant First Servant-first makes sure that other people's highest priority needs are being served.
  4. 4. Management Vs Leadership Focus Management Focus Leadership Focus Tasks / things People Control Empowerment Efficiency Effectiveness Doing things right Doing the right things Speed Direction Practices Principles Command Communication
  5. 5. Level 4 Vs Level 5 Leaders Personal Humility + Professional Will Reference: Jim Collin’s Book – Good to Great
  6. 6. Four Primary Duties a leader performs in the role of serving a team: 1. Shield the team from interruptions 2. Remove impediment s to progress 3. Communicate Project Vision 4. Carry Food and Water (ie) essential resources a team needs to be productive
  7. 7. Modeling Desired Behavior  Honesty - Transparency, admit mistakes openly  Forward-looking – Lead team to understand where they are going  Competent  Inspiring
  8. 8. Ten Principles of Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf 1. Listening 2. Empathy 3. Healing 4. Awareness 5. Persuasion 6. Conceptualization 7. Foresight 8. Stewardship 9. Commitment to the Growth of People 10. Building Community
  9. 9. Participatory Decision Models Look for innovative ways to engage the team in the decision making process like: • Simple Voting • Thumbs Up/Down/Sideways • Jim Highsmith’s Decision Spectrum • Fist-of-Five Voting
  10. 10. Simple Voting : For or Against an Idea
  11. 11. Thumbs Up/Down/Sideways
  12. 12. Jim Highsmith’s Decision Spectrum
  13. 13. Fist-of-Five Voting: Advantage of Speed
  14. 14. Situational Leadership Model by Ken Blachard and Paul Hersey
  15. 15. Thank You @mahesh_mkr