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So what’s this “Teal” Organizations thing?


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This talk is inspired by work of Frederic Laloux.

We look at how Teal Organization looks like –

The Teal paradigm refers to the next stage I the evolution of human consciousness. When applied to  organization, this paradigm views the organization as an independent force with its own purpose, and not  merely as a vehicle for achieving management’s objectives.

And the journey to become Teal Organization –

There are many principles that come into play when we know what we are starting with. Knowing the colour make-up of a team helps us to see who would embody the qualities of the next stage in such a way to be the most capable change leader.

Knowing the Values we are presenting to about possible changes, helps us craft messages that are most effective for the audiences concerned.

And above all, it’s a continuous cycle of learning in which everyone is involved, a constant evolution toward maturing to teal.

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So what’s this “Teal” Organizations thing?

  1. 1. SO WHAT’S THIS “TEAL ORGANIZATIONS” THING Rohit Arora 1st – 3rd December, 2017 | Westin, Hyderabad, INDIA
  2. 2. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  3. 3. History of Organization Development TealGreenOrangeAmberRed
  4. 4. Red Organization Constant exercise of power by chief to keep troops in line.
  5. 5. Amber Organizations Highly formal roles within a hierarchical pyramid.
  6. 6. Principles Processes and Tools over Individuals and interactions Comprehensive documentation over Working software Contract negotiation over Customer collaboration Following a plan over Responding to change
  7. 7. Orange Organizations Beat the competition; achieve profit and growth
  8. 8. Principles • Fast! Fast! Fast!
  9. 9. Green Organizations Culture driven organizations
  10. 10. Principles • Shared Values • Responsibility • Inspect & Adapt • Servant leadership
  11. 11. Teal Organization Living Organism
  12. 12. Principles • Evolutionary Purpose • Self Management • Wholeness
  13. 13. Teal Organizations
  14. 14. Behaviors How can I use my power to dominate? How can I use it to enforce the status quo? How can we win? How can we empower more people? How can everyone pursue a purpose that transcends us all?
  15. 15. Behaviors The boss shares the spoils as he or she pleases Same rank, same pay Reward star performers Team bonuses You define your worth
  16. 16. Summary Source – Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux
  17. 17. If Agile is culture, what color is it?
  18. 18. Let’s look at your Organization What examples for red, amber, orange and green characteristics for organizations do you know?
  19. 19. Ideas to improve What could be the ideas on how to make your organization Green or Teal?
  20. 20. References
  21. 21. Rohit Arora Agile Coach and Trainer +65 92311831 @growAgile Thank You