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Governance mechanism to further business agility


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Agile transformation has to be accompanied by suitable governance mechanisms such that the metrics and measures conform to newer ways of working. In waterfall methodology it is straightforward – there is a project and a plan, the metrics verify compliance with the plan on triple constraints. Change was not something seen as desirable.
How does this change for agile teams? Do we still continue with “projects”? Do we track utilization or outcomes? Last
Overall this session will delve on the lightweight governance based on #no projects theme and outcome based metrics on business value, throughput, team engagement and system capability.

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Governance mechanism to further business agility

  1. 1. Title By..An overview Firstname, Surname Date Governance mechanisms for Business Agility S R V Subrahmaniam
  2. 2. Hello! I am Subbu I am here because I love to share and learn. I am a freelance Agile coach and work in Enterprise transformations. Believe agile is not an end in itself and way to a better outcome … from Madras
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE OF GOVERNANCE? Monitoring & Control or Enabling Value
  4. 4. What do we want to measure? Vital few OR Trivial many? J M Juran on Pareto principle
  5. 5. Governing the ‘Projects’ way
  6. 6. Picture Credit: Smartsheet Governance is centered around compliance to this triangle
  7. 7. Budgets Metrics and reporting Micro- management utilization Managing resources Time-sheets
  8. 8. And Hope all of this produces value!
  9. 9. In knowledge industry where requirements Emerge and evolve Do we spend our energies on Complying to plan Or Creating Value & enhancing learning
  10. 10. Go for Agile &#noprojects
  11. 11. Metrics should help the team get better Offer insights into realization of business value Facilitate learning Easy to collect / Easy to interpret
  12. 12. What do we want to measure? Value Flow Product Quality Structural Quality
  13. 13. Feature Value must be attributable to Financial benefits Time criticality Capability enhancement Risk reduction Opportunity enablement Models like Weighted Shortest Job First would help Value Points (by Paul Ellarby) would also help All features are not equal; Some are more valuable than others
  14. 14. Measuring Flow ▪KANBAN Board ▪Cumulative Flow Diagram ▪Pruning Queues
  15. 15. Some Reflections Does throughput equal value? Is Utilization a measure of success Who makes the estimates? Why do we need estimates?
  16. 16. Thanks! ! Any questions? You can find me at @srv_subbu