ATC2013-F C Bandukwala - Agile Jugaad


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  • Good Afternoon. Today we will be exploring the concept of jugaad in an agile environment. Let us understand what are the principles of Jugaad and how they align to the values and principles of Agile. I have 45 minutes with you and we will keep the last 20 minutes of this session for Jugaad games.I hope to have an interactive session with you so please feel free to comment or ask questions anytime during the presentation.
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  • Jugaad has its roots in thinking out-of-the-box, implementing non-conventional solutions, following non-linear processes with a high level of disregard for impediments. Has Agile been around for longer than we think?
  • Unsafe practices in the name of JugaadNegative connotation of Jugaad – a hack or a cheat solution (missed call)
  • Make doPoor man’s approach to innovating? Lack of R&D budgetsWestern developed countries have moved on after the industrial revolution to more process oriented innovation
  • ATC2013-F C Bandukwala - Agile Jugaad

    1. 1. Chennai Agile == Jugaad?
    2. 2. Introduction • Fakhruddin J Bandukwala (FJB) – Certified Scrum Master, CISA, CA – IT Architecture Design & Development @ TCL – Blogger – – @fjbanduk Chennai
    3. 3. Tata Communications Ltd • • • • • • • • • VSNL was formed in 1986 Launched internet for public access in India on 15th Aug 1995 First Indian PSU to be listed on NYSE in 2000 Part of the $100bn Tata group since 2002 VSNL International launched in 2004 Acquires Tyco and Teleglobe in 2005-06 Becomes world’s largest provider of submarine cable bandwidth Re-branded as Tata Communications in 2008 Offices in 80 cities in 40 countries Chennai
    4. 4. Acknowledgement Chennai
    5. 5. What is Jugaad? Chennai
    6. 6. Do not try this at home Chennai
    7. 7. Global Jugaad Jugaad Chennai
    8. 8. Jugaad Principles Chennai Opportunity in adversity Do more with less Passion Inclusive Flexibility Based on principles described in the book - Jugaad Innovation
    9. 9. Chennai Challenges to Agile and Jugaad
    10. 10. Interlock with Agile Jugaad Necessity Frugal means Unpredictable situation Multiple iterations Trial and error Empirical Improvisation Flexible thinking Innovative Quick reaction Subject Matter knowledge Empowerment Courage Adaptability Chennai Agile Deliver Value Customer satisfaction Changing requirements Early and continuous delivery Working software Collaboration between users and developers Motivated individuals F2F interactions Sustainable Technical excellence Simplicity Self organizing teams Adaptability