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Published in: Technology, Education, Business
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  1. 1. With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility!! Unleash the PO Skillz that Killz Prerna Kale
  2. 2. PowerabilitiesPO the single wringable neck
  3. 3. Skillz that KillzStory Writing SkillsAgile Modeling SkillsPrioritization SkillsCollaboration SkillsProduct Evangelism SkillsProcess Skills
  4. 4. Story Writing SkillsStory Splitting Cheat Sheet Independent Negotiable Valuable Estimable Small Testable
  5. 5. Story Writing SkillsSplittingPatternSimple Complex
  6. 6. Story Writing Skills Story: As a user I want text box for client type that is reusable, so that Acceptance if not needed I can specify a Criteria different type. Acceptance Criteria: Change the client type from Current Client toTest Scenarios that validates the story Prospective Client and validate the same in the database and the report.  Coded  Unit Tested Done List  Bugs Severity determined  Regression Tested  No Spilling Stretches across the Product Backlog  Refactored
  7. 7. Agile Modeling SkillsAgile Modeling Disciplined Delivery
  8. 8. Prioritization Skills ClassicalExhaustive
  9. 9. Prioritization Tools contd..KANO Model
  10. 10. Collaboration Skills Collective Ownership Peer to Peer feedback Mandatory Team Time
  11. 11. Process SkillsProduct discovery process
  12. 12. Product Evangelism Skills Learn to give a demo Let the client test drive Provide a safe first step Never Tell a lie
  13. 13. Be a get things done guyProduct OwnerScrum MasterBusiness Analyst Tester
  14. 14. With all these skills you will definitelyKILL.. Conflict Bugs Noise ..anything and everything that comes in the way of done.. Ego’s challenges Chaos
  15. 15. Thank YouContact me: