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  1. 1. MythBusters :Product Owners Myth vs Realities Geeta Pahalajani
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis presentation is meant for edutainment purposes only.All characters appearing in this presentation are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely and actually incidental.The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are solely of the author based on personal project experiences and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any company. After all Perception is Reality !! or Is Reality a Perception ??
  3. 3. A Product Owner is A Tester Project Manager Product OwnerScrum MasterSuper Hero
  4. 4. Tester Myth : There is no title like a “Software Tester” in Scrum teamsReality : Product Owner is the unofficial tester of the team.
  5. 5. PO vs Tester Team Member Product Owner Team Member Get Business sign off on the  Write the test cases for QAacceptance criteria Identify Test Scenarios after  Implement code andgathering requirements. execute the identified test scenarios Manual testing  Automated Testing, Unit testing, Regression Testing
  6. 6. Project Manager Myth : A Product Owner is a Project Manager.Reality : A Product Owner is a collaborator, mediator, negotiator.
  7. 7. PO vs Project Manager Product Owner Project Manager Collaborator , Negotiator.  MicroManager.Relationship is trust based.  Relationship is control based.
  8. 8. Product Owner Myth : “The Product Owner is the one and only person responsible for managing the Product Backlog and ensuring the value of the work the team performs. This person maintains the Product Backlog and ensures that it is visible to everyone” Reality : Reality Bites !! Different flavors of a Product Owner The Underpowered Product Owner The Overworked Product Owner The Proxy Product Owner The Partial Product Owner The Distant Product Owner
  9. 9. Scrum Master Myth : Scrum has three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team.Reality : A single person performs the role of a Product Owner and Scrum Master at times.
  10. 10. PO vs Scrum Master Product Owner Scrum Master Product Owner protects the  Scrum Master protects thecustomers interests and team interests and coachesensures ROI Mindset: External  Mindset: Internal Focus: What/When  Focus: How Main exceptions: Scope  Main exceptions : Generalchanges (internal or external) impediments (internal or external).
  11. 11. PO vs Scrum Master
  12. 12. Super Hero Myth : An ideal Product Owner would be a super hero, complete with cape and spandex.Reality : Alas! Super heroes are extremely difficult to find, perhaps even mythical.
  13. 13. Debate There is a conflict of interest that is beautifully separated when PO and SM roles are performed by different people. VSPutting one person in charge who owns the entire value stream unites authority and responsibility, helps remove impediments and waste such as handoffs.