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At2012 bengaluru architecturein_agileworld_shreemand


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At2012 bengaluru architecturein_agileworld_shreemand

  1. 1. Architecture in Agile World Shreeman Dash Lead Solution Architect Tesco 2012 Sept 29th
  2. 2. About me• Lead Solution Architect in Tesco, leading the architecture team for online grocery @• More than 14 years experience in IT Industry• I have played different roles in IT Entreprises (Developer,ProjectLead,Application Architect, Solution Architect) .• More than 5 years into Agile, certified Brainbench PMP, Certified PSP-TSP Professional,IASA member.• Contact details o Email o Twitter @sndshreeman o Blog http://thearchitectblog.wordpress.com29/09/12
  3. 3. Disclaimer• I am not going to teach you agile .• Some of the topic I am going to talk can be controversial and will be based on my view and thoughts on Architecture and Agile, you have the full rights to disagree with my views and thoughts. This also does not necessarily a complete view on Architecture or Agile.29/09/12
  4. 4. Agenda• Why We need Architect• Agile quick recap• Agile and Architecture• Case Study ( Our Architecture-Agile Journey)• Q/A29/09/12
  5. 5. Why We need Architects?• Every Software system has an Architecture, whether you planned for it or not.• You need a Solid foundation to build software.• Software is on Risk if you don’t have Architects & Defined Architecture.• Systems should be designed with consideration for the user, the system (the IT infrastructure), and the business goals.• You dont necessarily need UML or an Architecture Framework to define your Architecture.• Key Point « ARCHITECTURE IS ESSENTIAL » for any Software System.
  6. 6. Agile Quick Recap(Manifesto)• Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.• Working software over comprehensive documentation.• Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.• Responding to change over following a plan.
  7. 7. Agile and Architecture•Do we need Architects in an Agile Projects?•We are not going to BDUF , Does it means no Design?•What about the Foundation on which the Platform will be built?•Who is going to take the Design decision?•Lets talk about Code.•What about Quality behaviors (NFRs)?•How the application will be deployed & managed?•Managing Change.•Documentation•What Coming Next(impact of changes)?•Enterprise Strategy.•Leadership and Mentoring .
  8. 8. Summary• Agile and Architecture can Work together.• There is no Silver-Bullet, adopt what works for You.• Be Flexible, don’t fall into the trap.• Enhance Collaborative Decision Making• Remember we should be able to respond to changes and business demand on time• Community early and Often. Thank You-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions