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Agility in Education System for Digital India


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Education brings in awareness which is an important surge for any growing economy and for India to be as Developed Nation. The education system needs primary focus in Rural India. How do we empower rural schools with quality education? What forces can help bring the light in every home and touch every life? What should be the agility of the approach, architecture, design and developing strategies for Digital India?

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Agility in Education System for Digital India

  1. 1. AGILITY IN EDUCATION SYSTEM FOR DIGITAL INDIA Saritha Chalumuri 1st – 3rd December, 2017 | Westin, Hyderabad, INDIA
  2. 2. Disclaimer The presentation is purely based on my personal view/opinion and does not bear any resemblance to thoughts / views of my company. Private
  3. 3. Agenda Private Facts Business Processes Case Study07 Current Education System and Challenges Impact of current Education System02 Key Challenges in Rural India03 Proposed Education System Composition05 01 04 06
  4. 4. Current Education System and Challenges • Rote learning rather than problem solving • Academics rather than value based education • Quality of teachers and training • Education mismatch with the demands of Job Market Private Education System 2-6-6-3
  5. 5. Impact of Current Education System • Urban Literacy rate is 84% while rural India is at 67% in spite of the fact that 87% schools are in rural India. • Missing Creativity, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship skills in students. • Greater lead time to implement changes and perceive results Private Source: Census 2011 – ( 36 59.4 67.867.2 80.3 84.1 0 20 40 60 80 100 1991 2001 2011 India Literacy Rate Trend Rural Urban
  6. 6. Key Challenges in Rural India Private Health….. LivelihoodRights SanitationServices Rural Citizen • Diseases and deaths • Insurance • Lack of skills • Occupational Insurance • Understanding the system • Advertisements, Campaigns, Programs • Cleanliness • Available facilities • Policies, loans, schemes and so on • Banks, Post offices, hospitals, and so on Cause:: Rural population lack awareness on various aspects
  7. 7. Questions to think Private 01 Does education mean only learning academics? Does this education help earn livelihood?02 03 Does it align in a particular way to identify the individual’s potential and assist to gain expertise in the stream? Is the system flexible to quickly adapt and grow?
  8. 8. Facts – Trend and Forecasts Private 50 67 50 33 2020 2013 Internet Users (%) Forecast Urban Rural Source:, 77% of Urban users and 92% of rural users consider mobile as the primary device for accessing the Internet.
  9. 9. Facts – Technology and its adoption in India Private Source: 638.4 684.1 730.7 775.5 813.2 850 259.8 295.26 331.77 369.01 407.11 445.68 142.2 168.1 196.1 226.06 258.27 292.4 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Users (in Millions) Mobile Internet Social Media
  10. 10. Facts - Latest Education Trends Private Open Resources Personalized and adaptive learning Augmented Reality (AR) According to a recent report by the UK-India Business Council, “India has become the largest market for e-learning after the US, and the sector is expected to receive a boost from the government’s Rs. 1.13 trillion Digital India initiative.”
  11. 11. Missing Link Private Do School Education and Awareness, together help improve the rural economy?
  12. 12. Proposed Education System Composition Private Awareness School (Value based) Education Livelihood Skills Business Vision Education must cater to the means of livelihood, and help citizens with better standard of living and grow as better civilians of the world
  13. 13. School Education- Business Processes Private School Management System Resource Management System Content Management System • Create or update school demographics • Conduct Training and Events • Induce Human Values • Conduct Special Programs- Scholarships or Rewards • Infrastructure • School Administration • Staffing • Create content • Review or publish content • Manage or reuse content Awareness School (Value based) Education Livelihood Skills
  14. 14. Livelihood Skills – Business Processes Private Demand Forecast System Skill Development System Employment Exchange System • Study market trends (Government and Industrial bodies) • Perform analytics • Publish reports • Define skills and develop content • Conduct trainings (NSDC Standards) • Conduct examinations • Analyze and map • Schedule interviews • Hire Awareness School (Value based) Education Livelihood Skills
  15. 15. Awareness- Business Processes Private Content Management System Campaign System • Create content • Review and publish content • Manage or reuse content • Create Awareness Programs • Map content to campaign • Schedule and Deploy • Collation • Analytics • Organize and Publish Rural Demographics System Awareness School (Value based) Education Livelihood Skills
  16. 16. Case Study Private Business Case: A non-profit organization aims to uplift rural education for a knowledge based economy. The organization promotes value based education and reinforces learning strategy that is insightful, inspiring, enjoyable and participative across the spaces - classroom, corridor campus and community. Expectations of the Solution/System:  Agility to respond to rapid business changes and processes.  Revisit architecture and design for each sprint/any time.  Adopt to latest market tools or solutions  Shorter lead time to adapt to changing technology needs.  Continuous development and Continuous Deployment.  Auto-scaling and optimal use of infrastructure Goal: Sustainable growth in achieving the organization goals with agility to address the business challenges.
  17. 17. Digital Architecture for Proposed Education System Private Users Presentation Channels Interfaces SMS SMTP Email Server Core Business Modules Students Forecasters Government Organizations Students ……. Mobile Phone ComputerTablet ….. Google Services WhatsApp Social Media Discussion Forums Campaign Management Skills Development Employment Exchange Resource Management Demographics Management Content Management School Management Demand Forecast Content Management Database Layer Mobility Social Cloud Big data Analytics Market Trends Database Citizens Database Trainings Database School Demographics Database Content Database …. Awareness School Education Livelihood Skills Television Augmented Reality
  18. 18. Results Private Long term Such an education system would create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, engineers, thinkers and writers who can establish the foundation of a knowledge based economy. In <2 years, • Schools grew from 50 to 163 • Training programs designed 20+ • Training programs conducted 60+ • Feedback received 250+
  19. 19. Saritha Chalumuri CSM, Certified SAFe Agilist +91 8500266894 Thank You