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Agile Tour 2016 Pune -Innovation backlog by Alhad Akole


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Agile Tour 2016 Pune -Innovation backlog by Alhad Akole

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Agile Tour 2016 Pune -Innovation backlog by Alhad Akole

  1. 1. Alhad Akole, Agile Coach akole-7270095 Innovation Backlog- Engine for Growth
  2. 2. Agenda • Why innovation is required? • What is Innovation? • Innovation and Agile • Can there be space for innovation? • Innonvation Backlog Benefits
  3. 3. Why Innovation? • Can’t wait for Eureka Moment! • Stay Compétitive • Customer Needs have changed • Need better, newer, faster ways • Technologies have changed
  4. 4. What is innovation? • Innovation is defined simply as a "new idea, device, or method". • Which solves problems • Address need • “Gemba” • innovation is defined as the process of ideation, evaluation, selection, development, and implementation of new or improved products, services, or programs.
  5. 5. Agile- Challenges • Customer Journey/ Expérience is not captured • Burnout • Pivot points • Loading Over Capacity Planning • Lean Agile Leadership • Scalling has it’s own challenges – multiple touch points, ownership • Ideas are lost in sprinting
  6. 6. Agile And Innovation • Inspect and Adapt- Evolutionary Innovation – Pivot, MBSE, Set Based Design • Capacity Based Planning • DT, Customer Journeys techniques can be adapted by teams • Scaling frameworks like SAFe has place for I & P • Hackthons for 1-2 days every release/ Quarter helps validating ideas, building prototypes • Fund allocation • Intentional innovation time
  7. 7. Innovation Backlog • “Agile As A Culture”- DNA Of Organization • Create Backlog Across Organization To Capture These Ideas • Have Lean Canvas For Major/ Big Idea • Inculcate Lean Culture • Helps Build Entrepreneur Ship Skills Across Teams • Have Portfolio Kanban Board For Ideas • Interested Members Can Contribute, • Gamification Of Innovation Work- Better Engaged Members
  8. 8. Innovation Measure • Innovation Index Per Team • Innovation Fund % • Innovation Capacity Allocation • Financial savings with innovations • Percentage of innovations for customer use • Hours saved with innovations
  9. 9. Benefits • Address Customer Needs • Avoid Duplication • Healthy Environment • Entrepreneur Skills • Increased Collaboration Across Silos • Continuous Visibility • Early Pivot Points • Agile As A Culture “AaaC”
  10. 10. Thank You