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Agile Digital Architecture


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The Digital Technology is making the enterprises to redefine their strategies and reinvent business models. The customer and market expectations are changing dynamically forcing the organizations to adopt “Agile” processes and systems to these changing business needs. “Developing Agile Digital Architecture’” is an important element for the organizations to succeed. The speaker will address the way the digital technologies are driving the businesses to change their services and operations, and how the organizations should develop the agile digital architectures. The session also covers building business, data, and application and technology architectures in an agile way and thereby meeting the changing business requirements and eventually delivering the business goals.

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Agile Digital Architecture

  1. 1. AGILE DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE Vijaya Kumar Khaderbad 1st – 3rd December, 2017 | Westin, Hyderabad, INDIA
  2. 2. Disclaimer This presentation provides my personal thoughts only and does not represent thoughts / views of my company.
  3. 3. Agenda Agility in Architecture – Why? Digital Architecture and Agility – What? Developing Architecture in Agile Way – How? Summary
  4. 4. Agility in Architecture – Why?
  5. 5. Agile Agile is responding to the changes quickly.
  6. 6. Architecture Architecture is a blueprint of the system that enables the system to achieve its vision and goals.
  7. 7. Why Architecture needs to be Agile? Business Changes Digital Technology Customer Expectations Innovations Agility
  8. 8. Business Changes Industry Consolidation E.g. SBI New Players into the Market E.g. Reliance Jio Learned Customers E.g. Digitally Aware Regulatory Changes E.g. Demonetization, GDPR Disaggregation in Industry E.g. Insurance Industry Increased Competition E.g. Amazon, Alibaba
  9. 9. Digital Technology Advancements Mobile Cloud Social Analytics Big Data AI, ML, RPA, IoT AR, VR …
  10. 10. Customer Expectations Immersive Experience Natural Interface Any where, Any time, Any device Services Services on Demand
  11. 11. Innovations – Creating New Markets / Threatening Existing Markets Driverless Cars Electrical Vehicles Drones Fintech Companies
  12. 12. Architecture Are Enterprises Agile? Are the Business Systems Agile?
  13. 13. Architecture Are the supporting IT systems Agile?
  14. 14. Digital Architecture & Agility – What?
  15. 15. Changing Needs Volume, Variety, Velocity, … Data is the new currency (Ref: WEF) Advanced Analytics Data Driven Business Strategies
  16. 16. Agile Big Data Architecture Enterprise Systems Social Media IoT ….. Structu red Data Semi Structu red Data Unstruc tured Data RDBMS No SQL DB HDFS ……. Data Architecture should be flexible Data Architecture should be aligned to Business Needs Data Architecture should be flexible to adopt new technologies
  17. 17. Changing Needs Cost Optimizations Improved Operational Efficiencies Better Customer Services Increased Productivity
  18. 18. Analytics, RPA, AI Architectures & Agility Analytics RPA Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Deep Learning Big Data
  19. 19. Changing Needs Mobile hardware technology advancements Conversational Experience Immersive Experience with AR / VR Omni Channel Experience
  20. 20. Agile Mobile Architecture Web Services Layer (Rest / SOAP) User Experience Layer Business Logic Layer Smartphone Tablet Handheld Wearable Laptop …
  21. 21. Changing Needs Income Tax Returns Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam IRCTC Bookings Akshaya Trithiya / Dhan Teras Sales …
  22. 22. Agile Cloud Architecture Workload distribution using load balancers Dynamic scalability (horizontal / vertical) Elastic Provisioning of resources (servers, disks, storage etc.) Cloud Bursting
  23. 23. Developing Architecture in Agile Way – How?
  24. 24. Developing Architecture in Agile Way – Option 1 Architecture Sprint 0 Design Sprint 1 Development Sprint 2 Development Sprint n
  25. 25. Developing Architecture in Agile Way – Option 2 Development Sprint 0 Development Sprint 1 Development Sprint 2 Development Sprint n Architecture and Design is refined in each sprint
  26. 26. Summary
  27. 27. Summary • Business is agile • Business Systems need to be agile • Digital Technologies are changing rapidly • Organizations must build the Digital Architecture in agile way
  28. 28. Summary Business is agile Business Systems need to be agile Digital Technologies are changing rapidly Organizations must build the Digital Architecture in agile way
  29. 29. Vijaya Kumar Khaderbad +91 984 888 0821 Thank You