Water - sustainable development


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Water - sustainable development

  1. 1. Access to fresh water. Water is essential for every living creature on the planet. The access to water is related with the food supply. 1,2 billion people lack freshwater.
  2. 2. The percentage of the population in some countries that lack fresh Distribution water.100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
  3. 3. What creates an increased waterconsumption? Population growth. Economic growth based on agriculture and industry. Increased standard of living.
  4. 4. Four threats against the watercycle. 1. Deforestation and overgrazing. 2. Contamination of water resources. 3. Overuse of groundwater. 4. Global warming.
  5. 5. • Virtual water (also known as hidden water and embedded water) is the amount of water that is used in the production of a good or service.• For exampel: to produce one kilo of meat you need approximately 16 000 liters of water.• This means: people and countries that have plenty of water can make a difference on a global scale.
  6. 6. How to improve the situation andcreate a sustainable development. Rainwater harvesting in arid climates (for agriculture). Wastewater treatment for reuse, particulary in agriculture. Improve methods for watering. Processing and venture in drought tolerance crops. More efficient water use in the industry. Improve the legal protection of water resources.
  7. 7. Water conflict Our most important recourse Self explanatory that the lack of water leads to conflict
  8. 8. The Jordan river Its springs are located in Lebanon The countries along the river directed the flow so that they could have the water for them self. Six-Day War
  9. 9. The Nile Egypt controls most of the water coming from the river A partnership was entered between the countries along the river This was made as an effort to avoid conflicts In 2010 Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania singed an agreement to start use more of the Nile’s water This has created discord among the other nations along the river Nile
  10. 10. Israel och Palestina Israel controls the water in the area To avoid any bigger conflicts than the one already in existence Palestinian and Israel entered an agreement over the water resources Showing the importance of water What Israel on the other hand do is that they cut of the flow of water when there is a drought
  11. 11. Avoid conflicts Countries need to learn to cooperate and think ahead
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