Giving advice


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Frequent expressions we use in English to give and ask for advice.

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Giving advice

  1. 1. GIVING ADVICE Photo by tychay
  2. 2. When someone has a problem, there are different ways in English to give advice and help them solve their difficulties. Notice: advice = recommendation ≠ warning
  3. 3. How many expressions do you know in English to ask for advice ? What can I do? What should I do? What would you do? Should I …? Do you think I should …? By PhotoJonny
  4. 4. Notice the pronunciation of should :
  5. 5. How many expressions do you know in English to give advice ? I think you should… Why don’t you…? Imperative If I were you, I would… You’d better...
  6. 6. Your best friend doesn’t like his job, so he’s thinking of leaving it. Can you give him some advice? I think you should change your job. Why don’t you try to find a new job? Don’t stay where you are if you don’t like it. Get a new job. If I were you, I would change my job. You’d better find a new job.
  7. 7. Remember! The word ‘advice’ is uncountable. You don’t say Give an advice  You say G ive advice or Give some advice 
  8. 8. Isabel de la Cruz